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What are moderators able to do that users can't?

Subreddit settings

Moderators have a range of controls for configuring the subreddits they moderate through the "subreddit settings" page. There, they can change these settings:

  • title: e.g., slashdot: news for nerds, stuff that matters. This is visible on subreddit listing pages and at the top of your browser.
  • description publicly describe your subreddit for all to see. 500 characters max. This is visible on subreddit listing pages like /subreddits and on the screen shown when a subreddit is set to private, as well as in the subreddit search page used to find relevant subreddits.
  • sidebar: shown in the sidebar of your subreddit. 5120 characters max. This is always visible on the side of the subreddit.
  • submission text: text to show on submission page. 1024 characters max. This is what people see when they submit to a subreddit.
  • language: The subreddit's language.
  • type: the accessibility of the subreddit.
    • Public: anyone can view and submit.
    • Restricted: anyone can view [and comment], but only some are approved to submit links.
    • Private: only approved members can view and submit._
    • gold only[?]: only reddit gold members can view and submit. * ?Subreddits can be created as "gold only" during creation by a user that has gold. You can find more info about this feature here.
  • Content options: what type of submissions are allowed.
    • any: any link type is allowed.
    • links only: only links to external sites are allowed.
    • text posts only: only text/self posts are allowed.
    • Custom label for submit link button.
    • Custom label for submit text post button.
  • Wiki: The settings for a subreddit's wiki.
    • disabled Wiki is disabled for all users except mods.
    • mod editing Only mods, approved wiki contributors, or those on a page's edit list may edit.
    • anyone Anyone who can submit to the subreddit may edit.
    • Subreddit karma required to edit and create wiki pages.
    • Account age (days) required to edit and create wiki pages.
  • spam filter strength: 'high' is the standard filter, 'low' disables most filtering, 'all' will filter every post initially and they will need to be approved manually to be visible.
    • links
    • self posts
    • comments
  • other options
    • viewers must be over eighteen years old.
    • allow this subreddit to be included /r/all as well as the default and trending lists.
    • show thumbnail images of content.
    • exclude posts by site-wide banned users from modqueue/unmoderated.
    • make the traffic stats page available to everyone.
    • collapse deleted and removed comments.
    • suggested comment sort (all comment threads will use this sorting method by default).


Using a subreddit's MODERATOR TOOLS (located in its sidebar), moderators can

  • subreddit settings: Change the subreddit settings (outlined above)
  • edit stylesheet: Change the subreddit's look and feel
  • rules: Edit the rules page of your subreddit, this also effects the report dropdown users see
  • moderator mail: View the subreddit's moderator mail
  • moderators: add and remove additional moderators, with first added taking priority
  • edit approved submitters: The approved submitter list gives users permission to submit in private or restricted subreddits. This list can also be used in public, unrestricted subreddits to remove posting frequency restrictions, (the "you are doing that too much" message that some users get)
  • traffic stats: View graphs about how many subscribers and viewers the subreddit has
  • moderation queue: Manage both spam and user reports
  • reports: Manage items that were reported
  • spam: Manage items that were removed
  • edited: Manage items that were edited
  • ban users: Ban users from submitting, commenting, and reporting in the subreddit
  • mute users: Mute users from modmail
  • edit flair: Create flair templates and assign flair to users
  • automoderator: Utilize Automoderator a moderator ran bot that enables you to develop your own automated rules
  • moderation log: monitor all moderation actions done by other moderators and the admins up to 90 days ago
  • unmoderated links: view all submissions that have not been moderated
  • see all stylistic and sidebar changes chronologically by going to /r/SUBREDDIT/wiki/pages, clicking the appropriate link for what one wishes to see and clicking "history" on the subsequent page. For example, /r/SUBREDDIT/wiki/revisions/config/sidebar to view a list of all sidebar edits.

Moderators have specific controls for managing submissions and comments (collectively, "items"). They can

  • remove items
  • approve items that have been erroneously removed
  • distinguish official items
  • mark items "NSFW"
  • add flair to submission titles
  • turn on "contest mode" for any submission (which automatically hides all replies to top-level comments, scrambles all comments and hides the scores to all comments)
  • "sticky" any user's post so that it stays at the top of the subreddit when looking at the subreddit (any stickied submissions appear as normal anywhere outside its subreddit).
  • lock threads from receiving more comments.

What can't moderators do?

Moderators are unable to

  • move posts or threads
  • edit other users' submissions or comments
  • read other users' private messages.
  • see the IP address or any other details about a redditor that aren't visible to everyone else, except for comments and submissions removed in their subreddit
  • make threads or comments lead to a "not found" page
  • change the subreddit capitalization (casing) chosen when the subreddit was initially created without CSS tricks
  • remove any voting arrows without CSS
  • remove, delete or ban any subreddit, including their own
  • know who subscribed to their subreddit
  • know who voted on things in their subreddit
  • know who reported things in their subreddit. Report button abuse should be dealt with by the admins by messaging the mods of /r/


General questions

How do I know what subreddits I moderate?

See and/or the "Moderator of" box in your overview. The box lists all the subreddits you moderate, including private subreddits; those are hidden (unlisted) when your overview is viewed by anyone not logged into your account.

Is the proper term "reddit", "Subreddit", or "Sub-Reddit"?

For a long time the official term was 'reddit' both for reddit as a whole and for individual communities. Over time this gave way to the term subreddits and as of March of 2013 reddit has officially been replaced everywhere by subreddit.

Are there any rules I must enforce in my subreddit or can I make it a free for all?

As a moderator the only thing you must enforce in your subreddit are the rules of reddit. Those are admin written and enforced, if not followed can result in a subreddit and/or its mods being banned.

Can I be removed as a moderator of my subreddit?

Any mod above you on the moderator list can remove you at any time. If your account is inactive on reddit for 60 days or longer any mods below you in seniority can use /r/redditrequest to have you removed or if you are the only moderator any user can use /r/redditrequest to take over your subreddit. Please see the rules in /r/redditrequest for details.

Who should I contact if I feel I have users that warrant closer inspection than I can give?

if you suspect anything that breaks the rules, send a message to the admin team here with all the information.

Administration questions

How do I add or remove other moderators?

Click the 'moderators' link in the "moderation tools" box of your sidebar.

What are moderator permissions?

Moderators can be given different levels of access depending on their duties. To edit other moderator permissions, you must already be a member of the full permissions group for your subreddit, and you may only edit permissions for moderators below your name in the list.
See here for a break down of each permission level, and here for a longer explanation.

Can other moderators remove me as a moderator?

Any moderator appointed after you cannot remove you, only moderators above you that have 'full permissions' can. They can however override your bans and post removals.
The chronological order of appointment is shown vertically in the list of moderators. A moderator that is listed below you cannot remove you.


Posts that you make within your subreddit will have a "distinguish" button on them. By clicking it, you can "add an [M]" to your post to mark it as official. It's purely cosmetic, and has no effect on voting, ranking, etc.

What is moderator mail?

The modmail icon is the reddit alien's head on the top right corner of your reddit window to the right of the envelope. When a user messages the moderators (a located right above the boxed list of moderators on the sidebar), this is where you will be notified. You can also use modmail to have discussions between yourself and any other moderators.

How can I get the best use out of Automoderator?

Check out the full documentation and the library of common rules for indepth explanations. Also check out /r/Automoderator to see how others are using it or for any questions you might have.

What are best practices when interacting with users and other mods?

Check out the Moddiquette an informal set of guidelines for moderators of reddit.

Fighting spam

What spam-prevention tools are at my disposal?

There are three main queues for you to keep an eye on:

If you moderate a lot of subreddits, you should know about /r/mod, a magical shortcut that combines all the subreddits you moderate into a single place. So the ultimate link to bookmark for all your moderation duties is... (drum roll please) /r/mod/about/modqueue.

Go there as often as you can to check the spam filtered or reported items. You can click "spam" next to anything that you don't want on your subreddit. This will train your spam filter to remove those items in the future. If you don't want to train the spam filter to remove those, then click "remove." You can also click "approve" next to anything that was mistakenly flagged or reported. If you have a post or comment that is receiving multiple reports and you are sure it should remain approved you can click "ignore reports". This will stop any further reports from showing in your or your fellow moderators' modqueues.

Why are some submissions and comments in my subreddit red / yellow?

Sometimes you'll see a link or comment with a yellow "reports" badge on your subreddit. That means it's been reported by one or more redditors. The total number of reports will be displayed within this badge. See the spam section for more details on reported items.

Posts and comments that have been removed (by the filter or another moderator) will be shaded in red. Posts and comments with a strike-through formatting on the text indicate that the submitter is posting under an admin-level ban, which means these posts and comments have already been removed but you are free to re-approve them.

Why do some removed items not specify who removed them?

They were automatically removed by the spam filter. You should review them, and approve them or confirm removal as needed. Each subreddit has its own spam filter which learns from its moderators' actions. Over time, it should get better and better at doing your work for you -- but only if you correct it when it's wrong.

What does that "approve" button do?

Submissions that have not been removed by the spam filter, yourself or by the admin-level ban described above (and therefore can be seen by regular users) still retain an "approve" button. In this case, the button does two things when clicked: it removes the submission from the "unmoderated links" queue and it places a green checkmark next to the submission title, which gives you the name of the mod who approved the submission when you hover over it (the same checkmark appears when a moderator approves a removed post as well).

When a submission has not been removed, the approve button has no visible effect for regular users of the subreddit. It was designed to help moderators make sure every single submission was checked by someone.


Is there a limit to the number of CSS images I can upload?

The limit appears to be 50.

Is there a limit to the maximum file size of CSS images I can upload?

The limit is 500k. Trying to upload bigger images does not result in an error message, but simply never finishes.

Is there a character limit on my CSS?

It appears that you will begin experiencing difficulty saving the custom CSS as you approach 100,000 total characters.

Are there any restrictions on what I can do with my subreddit's CSS?

You can find the subreddit appearance guidelines here and a complete styling guide can be found here.


A user with an offensive username is posting in my subreddit! What should I do?

Moderators are free to ban any user they want in the subreddits they moderate.

A user is generally rude and/or abusive in my subreddit! What should I do?

Moderators are free to ban any user they want in the subreddits they moderate.

How many subreddits can a single user moderate and how many moderators can a single subreddit have?

A subreddit can have up to 25 pending moderation invites. A single user can moderate up to four default subreddits. The upper limits for the number of non-default subreddits a user can moderate or the upper limit of moderators for any single subreddit have not been found.

How do I create a FAQ for my subreddit?

Covered here.

I'd like to moderate an inactive subreddit. Who do I contact?

Head over to /r/RedditRequest and make a post asking to take over moderating duties. Please read the sidebar to be sure you and the subreddit qualify.

I'd like to moderate a more active subreddit. What can I do?

Lurk on /r/needamod to see if anyone posts a request for moderators from a more active sub than yours and keep an eye out for requests for moderation assistance posted in other subreddits. You can also try to make your own subreddit more active; a compilation of requests for suggestions on how to do that is here.

I have a subreddit and have an issue that that requires admin intervention, or would like to provide a suggestion to admins about better modtools. Who do I contact?

Head over to /r/modsupport, or scroll down to the about section located at the bottom of every page.

What if I have a question about moderation that's not answered here?

/r/modhelp is ready and waiting to answer your moderator questions.