r/blursedimages i dont like this flair :( Jul 01 '22

Blursed handle [Removed] R5: No Reposts


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u/SeriousSamStone oops I blursed all over myself Jul 01 '22

Hello u/ChatnNaked, unfortunately, your post has been removed from /r/blursedimages:

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u/Badassbottlecap Jul 01 '22

c'mon.. crank it


u/ChatnNaked i dont like this flair :( Jul 01 '22

Everyone gets a turn..


u/Cursed-sausage11 foreskin reattachment specialist Jul 01 '22

You can touch my handle


u/Killbot_421 Jul 01 '22

He tried to put it in his pocket, only to fail miserably and have it rip and be open to the public to touch and turn


u/Auuuuuuhghgh Jul 01 '22

Hey guys look it's me whenever the teacher tells me to present


u/ALTERNATIVE87273 Jul 01 '22

My hard handle will make you horny baby~ 🤪. Lol


u/SnooJokes1401 Jul 01 '22

This is straight discrimination.


u/nexuscandy Jul 01 '22

The ladies room has a finger print unlock.


u/walmart_len_kagamine blessed and distressed Jul 01 '22

if men have this, im scared about the women's restroom


u/AJTP1 Jul 01 '22

Went to a gym where the men’s bathroom was labeled jerks and the women’s was snatches


u/OkChampionship7199 Jul 01 '22

Ima grab it and never let go

It reminds me of my uncle


u/WeenisPeiner Jul 01 '22

"Could you. Spit on your hands before you turn my handle. These old springs are getting kind of rusty."


u/MeatballllGD Jul 01 '22

I would open that door so much