r/tooktoomuch Dec 03 '22

Found this guy while walking. Some ape-like movements. Unknown Hallucinogen

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u/FilthyHeathenInfidel Dec 03 '22

I imagine when people say they saw the Mothman in a tree or some weird cryptid that it's actually just someone high af.


u/Ok_Star_9836 Dec 03 '22

Deadass for real on the skin walker subreddit there was this video of a guy who literally was acting like a demon, making demon voices, contorting body. It give me chills all across my body, it was scarier than what I could imagine a skin walker being. Turns out it was a guy super high on drugs


u/hardspaghet Dec 03 '22

He’s returning to monke


u/Myasth Dec 04 '22


u/Mrstarbeam Dec 04 '22

We were high as balls and just couldn’t stop giggling. I swear you only ever see this shit when you’re not sober.


u/blakejosh12 Dec 03 '22

He took return to MONKE literally


u/Mrstarbeam Dec 03 '22

The way he swings his arms always gets me🤣


u/08triptrippy80 Dec 03 '22

That dickhead was probably eating crabapples.

He's gonna be shiting his brains out later behind the local liquor store or library for sure.


u/n0exec Dec 03 '22

“The Lion Sleeps Tonight” should be a good music for the video


u/Mrstarbeam Dec 03 '22

I have no idea what fruit he was eating but it wasn’t apples or anything common.


u/TinyHatsSuck Dec 04 '22

Met a dude once who said his favorite things to do together was mushrooms cocaine and climbing trees.


u/HellisDeeper Dec 30 '22

That does sound very fun to be honest.