r/tooktoomuch Oct 02 '22 Silver 1

State College Pa. Not sure what is going on here… could be just the right amount. She Hoola hooped next to the road for the entire 10 minutes we were loading kids and groceries. Unknown Hallucinogen


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u/ligmuhtaint Oct 02 '22

Least threatening street addict of the day. If anything it's giving the kids a good lesson in working with what you have and that with enough motivation anyone can make their dreams come true.


u/Sir_Lysergium Oct 02 '22

Looks healthy, and dressed in a coordinated sports outfit.

I think it's just someone "working out". Hoola hoop and some weird touch massaging to center your energy, or some bullshit.

But parking lot is a weird location, and it seems to be raining slightly. But maybe she's a new age hippy next to her work, on a lunch break, or something.

Idk, 70% convinced this is not substance related.


u/Fstmiddy Oct 02 '22

I was going to say that's awfully precise and coordinated for someone who "took too much".

If she's on anything at all, it's to help align her chakras or help with whatever sensory exercise that is... or whatever hippies are doing these days. I left that scene a long time ago.


u/Zendarrroni Oct 03 '22

Micro, not macro dosing.


u/CeleryQtip Oct 02 '22

Either that or we found the solution to public drug use. Imagine, its 2050, fentanyl bins around every corner, junkies hoola-hooping for miles.


u/MotherBathroom666 Oct 03 '22

Let’s make those hula hoops generate electricity and we’d solve climate change.


u/[deleted] Oct 03 '22

It’s power her/his butt plug as we watch. Him/her from the world of tomorrow!!!!


u/Horror_Ad_1845 Oct 03 '22

70% chance that’s her orange Subaru Crosstrek, too. Lots of us hippie types own a Crosstrek.


u/deeplyrouted Oct 04 '22

Might have back pain from driving.


u/jubasbadzero Oct 10 '22

There's a cognitive therapy called tapping. She is tapping. People do it for anxiety and stuff.


u/kiki_cobrafang Oct 03 '22

She is tapping - for of acupuncture I guess. EFT-Tapping


u/LittleVaquita Oct 03 '22

This actually sounds like something with the potential to be helpful. I don't believe in chakras or anything, but meditation can do wonders and this would focus your mind in a similar way.


u/weedle_juice Oct 03 '22

Hey, everybody, I've been practicing hoop dance for five years. This person did not take too much of anything. They are using an anti-anxiety technique called EFT tapping that utilizes acupressure points to lower stress levels. Sometimes, when I'm driving, if I get a panic attack, I pull over and do exactly this. Tap and hoop.

It's actually pretty laughable that someone just automatically assumed this was a drug thing. Like whattttt... are you smoking...?


u/matt_1060 Oct 03 '22

That’s a weighted hoola hoop, people use it for exercise, I just never saw some one randomly using it in public lol


u/Kellyjoline Oct 03 '22

The person posting this have obviously never done drugs before..


u/Softenthisoldarmor Oct 03 '22

I guess in all my “non-drug doing years,” I must have overlooked that hula-hooping in the rain, in the Walmart parking lot, while tapping your face and head repeatedly is considered something that a normal sober person would do. Lol


u/SekhmetTheWise Oct 03 '22

I respectfully disagree.


u/saintclair89 Oct 03 '22

I have that exact hula hoop and it’s a hell of a workout!


u/Professional_Elk1122 Oct 03 '22

She is practicing an anti anxiety method called “tapping”… it’s very effective. Look it up


u/Gordossa Oct 03 '22

She’s ‘Tapping’ - It’s an EFT for stress, PTSD, etc. She’s not a junkie, she’s using energy release.


u/wherearemytweezers Oct 03 '22

Looks to me like she is attempting to drain her lymph nodes while hula hooping. Nothing to see here.


u/LittleBitOfAction Oct 03 '22

Doesn’t look like drugs. Time to downvote OP


u/YeetSpageet Oct 03 '22

Holy shit I’m in this area lmao


u/wiseguy73 Oct 03 '22

Same lol this is very PA to me. Nothing unusual


u/gojojo1013 Oct 03 '22

Jamband or edm in town. We like to party


u/xOneLeafyBoi Oct 03 '22

Reminds me of this post I saw about a guy who lost his girlfriend because he took shrooms and did a hula hoop motion on his bed naked for hours lol


u/skrybll Oct 03 '22

Was there a festival nearby I. The last 48 hrs?


u/Softenthisoldarmor Oct 03 '22

Not that I know of. There was a PSU football game going on at the same time and that’s about all that I know of.


u/Buffness88 Oct 03 '22

Tapping technique to access chakras not drugs usage here


u/[deleted] Oct 03 '22

Getting a killer core workout


u/Stock_Advisor_2368 Oct 03 '22

Eeeek bet she’s be bumping the String Cheese Incident ….. Anyone?!!??…?


u/Rycax Oct 04 '22

What a hobby


u/FlakeyGurl Oct 08 '22

I dont think you understand the core workout this lady is getting


u/naughty_larva Oct 04 '22

She's traini g to become hoola hoop professional