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Modded - SN I'm having one of those days

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Modded - SN Subnautica C2C Modded question


So I've started a new run of subnautica 1 (again), but this time nodded, with SeatoSea (and its dependencies) being the main mods. Having great fun so far; Going through every biome to find very specific resources is very rewarding (even if some indication where mercury is, would've been helpful; I've spend hours looking through the Dunes, Grand Reef and Cragfield.) But now I'm at a point where I don't really see how to continue. I need the laser cutter and for the required azurite battery plankton. I have the seamoth and the required upgrade to collect plankton, but I don't see the "clouds" described here anywhere. Also, after trying every way I could think of (swimming fast, swimming slow, stasis rifle propulsion cannon, grab trap) I still have no idea how to cut those Alkali Vines. Does anybody know the answer to one of these and can point me in the right direction? Is there any other resource to look at to get an idea about the mod? I haven't seen anything about it anywhere but the authors own github, which is kind of weird for how big it is. I get that it's great to discover things, but in the end, I needed to go into creative to even look at the recipe of the azurite battery, before I even knew to look for mercury and plankton as needed ingredients, since it looks like no recipe gets unlocked, before one discovers all ingredients.

Edit 1: So I confirmed one can find Phytplankton in the Void, while looking for it in creative. But even after knowing wht it looked like I couldn't find it anywhere else (ore collect it, even with seamoth upgrades, but that may be because I was in creative). I'll probably give up and "cheat" by downloading a passive ghost leviathan mod, so I can collect them.

Edit 2: I also am going to start a list here with hints on where to find important items/technologies in the mod, as more people seem to have trouble with it. I'm gonna use the three hints and location format which was started in the comments. As I haven't found everything (really, I'm still missing lots of stuff, like collection of Phytoplankton, harvesting Alkali Vines, etc.) I encourage people knowing something I don't to comment it, then I'll gladly enter it into the list.

The Hint List (work in progress):


Hint 1: It's located in a region with high volcanic activity

Hint 2: Look for a cave system with lots of hot spots Also rubys are found here

Hint 3: It's hard to find early game as a lot of the cave system is covered in radiation

Location: You'll find it in the Koosh Zone caves. Most of it is covered in radiation, but you can grab few in the caves bordering the mountains without going to much in the irradiated zone.

Azurite Battery:

Hint 1: It's located near the mercury needed for its production

Hint 2: There was a research crew on a certain island with a big energy source

Hint 3: The island has a cave system

Location: Look in the cave system under mountain island. It's accesible either from the island itself, or from a cave entrance between the bordering underwaterislands and kelp forest biomes.

Breathing fluid base component:

Hint 1: We need to go deeper

Hint 2: There was a crew on the planet before you, who did go deeper

Hint 3: Not every fragment is in one place, but all are in the same biome

Location: Findable in the Degasi sea base in Jellyshroom caves. Only three of the four fragments are actually in the base, the fourth one is one of the plattforms in the biome.

Nanolathing Drones (credit to /u/TheCommander630):

Hint 1: It's in an area with Essential uses in the construction of vehicles.

Hint 2: Swiiiiimmmmm cloooooossseeerrrrrr...

Hint 3: Look near lifepod 3, there is a pda message that will guide you.

Location: All fragments can be found in a deep cave, in the Kelp forest biome, near lifpod 3. The cave goes down to 80m deep, and There are a few mesmers nearby. There is a secret hole somewhere in the main cave (entrance) that leads to the other parts of the cave that have the fragments. Watch out for the drooping stingers, I died multiple times because of my velocity into them as I was opening my PDA.

Phytoplankton (credit for finding to /u/TheCommander630):

Hint 1: Phytoplankton clouds become visible when leviathans are nearby. So look in a region with leviathans.

Hint 2: No, not the passive leviathans sadly.

Hint 3: Finding Phytoplankton is indeed very much worth it.

Location: As of now, phytoplankton was found only in the dunes (and around it) and the void. To collect it you need the corresponding seamoth module. A seamoth sonar is also recommended to see leviathans. It is dangerous to collect, because of the nearby leviathans and the fact that it's poisonous if you swim into it without a seamoth. Personally I reccomend the little voidbay in the northern part of the dunes. There it is dark enough to see it and the only normal laviathan is on the southside of it, so it is managable to escape the ghost leviathans by swimming back into the dunes after short excursions. Look into the comments for different strategies.

Harvesting Alkali Vines (credit to /u/TheCommander630):

Hint 1: Approach the vines from where it can't "see" you.

Hint 2: There needs to be something between you and the vine for as long as possible.

Hint 3: If there was only a tool you could use to move stuffe between you and such plants...

Solution: Use the propulsion cannon to take a medium sized object (I used earthen coral tubes) and swim up to the vines with it between you and the vine, and then set it down on the floor. if you do it correctly, you can easily swim around and take a sample before it shrinks.

Electrochemical Suit and liquid breathing apparatus(credit to /u/TheCommander630):

Hint 1: They are not on the surface, and not in a very safe place.

Hint 2: They are in two of 3 large wrecks in the whole biome.

Hint 3: The liquid breathing comes with a stillsuit blueprint.

Location: The suit and the liquid breathing system can be found in the dunes, in 2 of the large wrecks out of 3. be careful of the reapers nearby. You probably need the laser cutter already for this?

Autofarming Unit:

Hint 1: Well, obviously one farms on islands.

Hint 2: No, not those sweet surface islands.

Hint 3: No, not in the wreck itself.

Location: Look on a plattform under the wreck in the underwater islands biome to find it.

Bioprocessor (WIP, only 2/4 fragments found):

Hint 1: There is not a lot of biological life around where the fragments are found.

Hint 2: Yes, again in the dunes. Raika really seems to like this biome.

Hint 3: It is a new wreck.

Location: Look in the far east of the dunes to find the fragments between the void and a small wreck.

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Modded - SN Recent VR Troubles


I picked up the game on sale a few weeks ago. I immediately got online and found several mods that got the Quest 2 controllers working. The game was amazing. Within the last week the mods stopped working. (I was doing the whole Vortex/BepinEx/VR Enhancements thing) I'm not sure why they've stopped working other than a possible update somewhere that broke everything. I've tried reinstalling the mods, etc. but no dice. Anyone else have this happen? Anyone figure out a fix? Such a cool game in VR I'd hate to have to stop now.

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Modded - SN Cthulhu Mod Short

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Modded - SN Subnautica Nautilus Modding Library Update

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Modded - SN QoL mod that lets you easily move full lockers?


I'm looking for a mod that will allow me to easily move everything in my lockers to another location. I don't really care how it does it, I just want to be able to move my base without having to make 30 trips.

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Modded - SN How to keep both Subnautica versions 2.0 and Legacy on your hard drive

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Modded - SN Playing again, Autosort Lockers not working.


Hi all,

i just started another playthrough of this great game. Got all my essential mods working except this one.

I did install the old smlhelper that works without legacy but somehow this one mod refuses to function.

The blueprint, wich i gather should be available from the start, is just not showing up for me.

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Modded - SN Biome and creature mods for living large.


I havent been able to find any, does anyone know good ones that add a ton of new stuff.

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Modded - SN Base Breaking With 40 Hull Integrity


What it says on the title. I have a few mods, including:

  • Subnautica Map

  • Base Light Switch

  • Drillable Scan

  • Decorations Mod

  • Performance Booster

  • Snap Builder

  • BZ Enameled Glass

This is with the BepInEx mod manager on the 2.0 update I have no idea what causes this, I just keep getting leaks despite having 40 hull integrity on a base that's 90m down. It has a multipurpose room with a bioreactor, a moonpool, and a scanner room.

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Modded - SN I love multiplayer Subnautica.

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Modded - SN The modded multiplayer experience

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Modded - SN How do you install the FCS Alterra Hub mod


I just need a guide because when i add the folder to the QMods folder i will go in game and nothing has changed ( i am on legacy and i am using legacy Qmod and SML helper ) please help me. if anyone could comment like a link to a tutorial or walk me through it. Thanks!

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Modded - SN knife reach mod?


I'm new to Subnautica, and I finally made it to the Aurora but I got my ass kicked by all the spiders, and I couldn't hit them at all. I had read that the knife reach had been nerfed/bugged in the latest update, and I was wondering if there is a mod to work around that?

I know I can go get the blueprint for the propulsion cannon, but it's also a giant PITA to try and harvest melon seeds, so if fixing/working around it it possible that would be killer.

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Modded - SN Are there any mods to bring the seatruck into the base game?


I love the seatruck but it sucks that it's not in the base subnautica game, are there any mods that bring it over? I looked on nexus and tried searching through youtube but nothing.

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Modded - SN What are some other good mods for Subnautica 2.0+?


Currently I have

  • Geysers performance Fix
  • More Resources Discovery
  • Sea glide upgrades
  • Terraforming
  • Cuddle fish recall

It looks like a lot haven't been ported over after the update yet, so I was curious - Are there any other good ones for 2.0 y'all would recommend?

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Modded - SN More Seamoth Depth Modules


Someone still have the files of this mod for BepinEx somwhere in the hard drive? I tried to download them from the creator's github, but it's for QMod only. Thanks

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Modded - SN Mod suggestion for cyclops, seamoth, and creatures


So I am looking for mods that will UPGRADE the seamoth and cyclops because they are super bare bones I also want a few creature mods.

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Modded - SN Anyone got any good mod suggestions?


r/subnautica May 01 '23

Modded - SN Map Mod


Is there a map mod other than the one over at Nexus? It doesn't work with the latest version of Subnautica. It was fine in the legacy version using Qmod but I wanted to play with the latest Living Large update. I can't play the game without it as I never know where I am.

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Modded - SN Im in this situation, What do i do?


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Modded - SN How do you install the FCS Alterra Hub mod


I am trying to download this mod but every time i load up subnatica qmod isent there.

If you guys could tell me how to do it or comment a link to a video that would be great.

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Modded - SN Nitrox not letting me start

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Modded - SN Modding issue with Vehicle Framework


I'm using the Odyssey mod and I noticed that in the vehicle upgrade console, there isn't a way to build the Vehicle Depth Modules, yet I have the recipe. Is it somewhere else, or am I missing a mod? I have BepInEx, SMLHelper (the living large update one) and Vehicle Framework as those were the listed dependencies on Nexus. Any help would be appreciated as I would like to make the Odyssey and take it deeper.

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Modded - SN Rise of Cthulhu Mod