Post and Title Template Guidelines

Title Guidelines

Short, descriptive titles do best to gain attention and inform the community. They do not need the words ‘No Pattern’ or ‘Self-drafted’ as these are remnants of a previous flair system. If you use a pattern, please put the pattern company and number/name in the title so that the helper bot, u/sewingmodthings can add the information to our pattern database. For more information on how to format different sources so the subreddit bot can find and index them, scroll down to the bottom of the page. To learn more about our subreddit helper bot, u/sewingmodthings, look here..

Types of Posts

Posts are divided into three categories. Project-type posts, questions, and general interest content. The posting guidelines depend on flair so our helper bot, u/sewingmodthings, knows what to do.

Project-type posts

Posts that have a finished project or a project in progress must be flaired Project. Project-type posts require a detailed construction comment and will be reviewed by the helper bot, u/sewingmodthings or by a moderator. Posts that do not have a detailed construction comment or do have one but that does not include sufficient detail (outlined below) will be sent a reminder message and filtered if a detailed construction comment is not added. Once added, a moderator or the helper bot reviews the comment and the post will be approved and visible in the subreddit.

What to include in your detailed construction comment:

  • Pattern company and name or number of the pattern used OR the drafting method used if not a commercial pattern. Drafting methods include flat patterning to measurements (include source, for example, Winnifred Aldrich, The Closet Historian); draping on the body or on a dress form; following a diagram, tutorial, or other guide.

  • Fabric description including fiber content and weave, and/or other materials used and where purchased/found

  • A link to the previous post if showing a finished project previously shared unfinished

  • Construction steps and alterations along the way for fit and style

  • Tutorials or other guides used to create your project, including links (not your own)

  • Specialty tools and notions

  • Your inspiration or motivation for making the project

What not to include in your detailed construction comment:

  • Links to your own tutorials

  • Mentions or links to your social media

  • References or links to your store or business

  • Pinterest links, it’s better to link to the original so the creator gets credit

The project details must be in a top-level comment that responds to the original post. It cannot be submitted, for example, in any of the following ways:

  • In the title

  • In gallery photo captions

  • In a gallery photo

  • In the post text

  • In the text of an Imgur link

  • In multiple comments

Project details in any location that is not a single top-level comment will not be accepted. Having one standard for the detailed construction comment means that the details are searchable and visible to all users using any Reddit app, and that the helper bot, u/sewingmodthings, can find it.

Posts that have a detailed construction comment that are approved and visible in the subreddit may still be removed if they do not comply with r/sewing rules. The moderators do their best to not have this happen, but it does occur.

Question Posts

Question posts are about the process of sewing. For the best response, please give as much information as you have available. For example, if you are looking for a pattern to match a design, a link to a store listing is better than a screenshot that gives only one view and no fabric information.

The following flairs are available for question-type posts:

Suggest Machine

Machine Questions

Pattern Search

Pattern Question

Fabric Question

Alter/Mend Question

Other Question

You can read more about the subreddit flairs here.

Posts that share a finished project and have questions about the project in the text are flaired Project, as outlined above.

General Interest Posts

General Interest posts are posts that have a sewing-focus but do not fall in the other categories. This would include showing off new sewing machines or other equipment, discussions about sewing that are not related to a specific project, or (rarely) a sewing meme. Posts that are about pets in the sewing room are better suited for r/craftycats. General Interest posts can be flaired Discussion by users or General by moderators.

Posts offering tutorials or tips are also considered General Interest posts and require moderator approval before posting. Send a message to modmail if you want to post a tutorial or tip.

Posts that include links to surveys are seldom approved as they are often product or market research, or a means to collect personal data from our users. Surveys must be cleared by the moderators via modmail before posting.

Title Templates for Project Type Posts

This is an overview of how to format either your title or your details comment that makes it easiest for our helper bot u/sewingmodthings to pick it up.

Major Company Brand Patterns

Simplicity, Vogue, McCalls, Butterick - the big brand name companies that usually include a pattern number. Things to note, you have more than one pattern, or did some drafted and pattern stuff please only put the pattern information in the pattern and nothing else. It won't pick anything up if you put, say, [P4P SOS Pants & drafted]. Also please put the pattern number after the pattern company or there will end up being a lot of mis-matching :)

  • Template: [Company PatternID]
  • Example: [Simplicity S3289]
  • Example 2: [Burda 235] Bodice

Indie/Online Patterns (Pretty much patterns without a pattern number)

If your pattern is from an indie store or online store and it has a pattern number, follow the above mentioned template and if you can, after that if you know the pattern name you can put that right after. If it does not have a pattern number or you are unsure whether or not it does, instead just put the company name and pattern name in the brackets.

  • With PatternID: [Company PatternID] Pattern Name
  • ** Example 1:**[Jalie 3461] Eleonore
  • Without PatternID: [Company Pattern Name]
  • Example 1: [Swoon Stella]
  • Example 2: [Designer Stitch Clara]

Etsy Pattern Guidelines

If the pattern was purchased from an Etsy website, please do not include Etsy information. This subreddit's main focus is sharing and discussion, not promotion - trust me if someone wants to find that users etsy store they will. For instance if your pattern was the loch ness plushie that you got from CholyKnight what you would write is:

  • Example: [CholyKnight loch ness plushie]

Tutorial/How-To (via online or any source)

If your pattern is more of a 'how to' or tutorial you found online, and you are able to put that in the title awesome. If instead you want to include it in the comments please try to follow the same template concept. As an example, if you used the Malibu Satchel Tutorial by Fabric Mutt the template to use would be:

  • Example: [Malibu Satchel Tutorial by Fabric Mutt]