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Made hospital gowns for my grandmother with Alzheimer’s Project: FO



u/Elizzie98 Jun 28 '22 Helpful

These are beautiful. A small suggestion from a nurse, we have buttons on the top of the sleeves that way if they have any IVs in we don’t have to disconnect all the lines every time we change their gown. Might be something nice to add :)


u/jmedk Jun 28 '22

I was just going to say this. A very dear friend added snaps to the sleeve up to the neck line to a comfy outfit my Mom wore to her chemo appointments. It was a matching t shirt material top and loose culottes that she could wear anywhere without looking like a hospital patient.


u/Semiannualpoet Jun 28 '22

That’s a great idea thank you!!


u/LongJumpingIntoNada Jun 28 '22

I absolutely looooove these! Be sure to put her name on them (somewhere obvious). The CNAs where I work write on clothing in sharpie (which is awesome 99% of the time) and I would hate to see these ruined. ❤️


u/Semiannualpoet Jun 28 '22

Great idea! It would be so cute as a little label!!


u/PenExactly Jun 28 '22

Or a strip of Velcro might work too


u/Semiannualpoet Jun 28 '22

I used the free pattern “adult hospital gown” by Sew Clever and Lazy girl Designs. I slightly modified the pattern by adding the bias trim. All fabrics are cotton prints that I bought at Joanns In 2020 I think.

These gowns are for my grandmother who has been struggling with Alzheimer’s for the past 5 years. She has very limited function now and because of that lives in hospital gowns. I made these ones because normal ones are so sad and boring. She has always been a fashionable lady and I hope these gowns help show the fashion icon she once was and still is.


u/chloebarbersaurus Jun 28 '22

These are beautiful!


u/Sthebrat Jun 28 '22

You’re so kind, your love for her shows


u/NeutralFrog Jun 28 '22

This is so nice! You are so sweet to your grandmother!


u/Ephy_Chan Jun 28 '22 edited Jun 28 '22

Normally in care homes we don't use hospit gowns as we want people to feel like this is their home and have as much dignity as possible. Instead, look into open back clothing; hospital gowns don't have the same feel and connotations of respect as street clothes, but there are loads of clothes designed with open backs that give the kind of access you need and looks exactly like regular clothing once on. You can even easily alter garments she already owns to be open back so she can wear what she feels most herself in.

For example, take a dress she owns, open the back, add snaps at the top and the waist, line the cut edges with bias tape. Alternatively take the same dress, open one shoulder and side seam, add another identical layer with snaps at both the shoulders so it can be overlapped and fastened so the back looks like it always did but it can be put on easily.

Here are some links to give you an idea of what I mean;





ETA: I worked at a personal care home for years as well as in hospitals and on palliative care wards. I love the intention,I really think this is wonderful, I only hope to give you even more ideas, especially if your intention is to create items to donate to homes.


u/Sewing-Room-Lady Jun 30 '22

What is it that makes this a hospital gown? I thought it was a tunic-length T-shirt.


u/Ephy_Chan Jun 30 '22

The way it opens at the back is very akin to a hospital gown, and hospital gowns were mentioned by op, but I suppose it could be seen as a tunic.


u/Etoilebleuetoile Jun 28 '22

You are awesome! 👏


u/Raerae1360 Jun 28 '22

Wonderful. Hope they bring a smile to her face. Bless you.


u/[deleted] Jun 28 '22

awww these are so cute, they lighten the mood of everything 😌🌼💛⭐️✨


u/Semiannualpoet Jun 28 '22

Thank you, I think so too!! I’m planning on making matching headbands and scrunchies with the leftover fabric for her caregivers!


u/WiftyOne Jun 28 '22

You are the most wholesome person and I'm sending you a nice warm Internet hug.


u/archerlady777 Jun 28 '22

You’re amazing 💜


u/KitKittredge34 Jun 28 '22

I love these! Are you able to use them in an actual hospital during your stay or are these for at-home care only? I’ve never heard of someone bringing their own hospital gown to the hospital for the duration of their stay but honestly I love the idea. It would brighten the place up for floors/units with patients staying there for extended periods of time


u/Semiannualpoet Jun 28 '22

I know that women bring their own gowns for labor and delivery and I have seen donation programs for fun and cute children gowns. I’m hoping to help start a donation program for cute gowns to go to memory care facilities and patients.


u/femaleontheinternet Jun 28 '22

Omg have you stumbled upon the sewing version of beginner-friendly NICU hats?!

I’m completely taken by this idea.


u/Pennysews Jun 28 '22

Your description made me cry. My aunt is in the early stages of Alzheimer’s and it’s so sad. I hope your grandmother loves her pretty new gowns! What a kind heart you have ❤️


u/Semiannualpoet Jun 28 '22

Thank you! Sending warm thoughts for your aunt and your family, Alzheimer’s is cruel.


u/Pennysews Jun 28 '22

Thank you and same to you! It really is cruel.You are an amazing granddaughter. 😊


u/Areyouamathematician Jun 28 '22

Just want you to know a stranger loves you for loving your grandmother


u/haleymiles1218 Jun 28 '22

This is so incredibly tender and thoughtful. I never considered having more personalized gowns for patients who struggle to wear anything else, because the gowns are just so easy to slip on. But personal cute ones?! I think there could be a wildly untapped market for this. I can’t wait to go tell my fellow memory care workers about this. Thank you so much for sharing ❤️


u/ASpyintheHouseofLove Jun 28 '22

I hope I may offer a suggestion, without being rude. Please take this with a grain of salt from someone that doesn’t sew, but did (and does) wrangle many patients out of all kinds of clothes.

I recommend metal snaps at the front. Once a family member made gowns, they were thicker than average and snapped at the front or slightly to the side. Snaps at the back may cause pressure injuries, but the front/side options were brilliant. They were easy to get off and on, plus they stayed on, which the ties tend to come undone or be a nuisance. I’ve never seen it done since, it was truly awesome and made care a much easier for the patient and us. I do think they were her own design and they left me completely in awe due to ease and creativity.

Thank you for making these wonderful gowns for her! These are a kindness!


u/Semiannualpoet Jun 28 '22

That’s a great idea! I work as emt and I’ve only ever seen the back tie ones. The front or sides snaps sound much more secure, I know I’m always trying to help cover patients backsides in regular gowns lol.

I’m hoping on making more and really like the side snap idea! I will definitely try it!


u/ASpyintheHouseofLove Jun 28 '22

I’lol be excited to see if you do, please share! I bet the ones you’ve made here are so much softer than the hospital ones washed so many times.

I truly hope the gowns of the future have front snaps!


u/Semiannualpoet Jun 28 '22

Thank you! I will definitely share, I would love to make a pattern of “the best” type of gown for people to make and donate


u/femaleontheinternet Jun 28 '22

OP I commented above but I love this so much! If you pursue this and need fabric I would love to curbside some cotton to your local Joann or send you an eGift card!

You’ve clearly got something going here, and I would love to support the spirit!


u/Curly-sue-404 Jun 28 '22

These are so beautiful. I hope they bring color and joy to her life!


u/StringOfLights Jun 28 '22

These are beautiful and this is such a wonderful act of love for your grandmother. I’m sure it will put a smile on her face every time she sees these gowns. I know it will cheer up her care team, too, which makes this extra special.

I’m sure this was an emotional project to work on, I know firsthand how hard it is to see a loved one slip away to Alzheimer’s. I wish your grandma peace, comfort, and happiness.


u/PansyOHara Jun 28 '22

Nice! Love the colorful, cheerful prints!


u/Inky_Madness Jun 28 '22

I love these! Super cute options. This is a lovely thing to do for her. Seconding that adding buttons for future ones in case of IV needs is a good idea.


u/Semiannualpoet Jun 28 '22

I agree! I also seen ones where there is a front pocket with a hole in it to allow EKG leads through and I will probably add that next time too!


u/autumn__haze Jun 28 '22

Beautiful ❤️


u/dustlustrious Jun 28 '22

Cool was she a big Disney fan?


u/Semiannualpoet Jun 28 '22

Yes! She started the love of Disney for the entire family! She doesn’t talk much anymore but on good days if we put Mary Poppins on sometimes she will sing along💕


u/dustlustrious Jun 28 '22

Aww that's so sweet. That makes it an even more special gift imo :)


u/Semiannualpoet Jun 28 '22

Thank you, your comment made me think of all the great times we had at Disneyland together (I’m from Southern California) 💕💕


u/mdaws7 Jun 28 '22

the dumbo one🥹


u/BureaucraticBuckaroo Jun 28 '22

These are really beautiful OP!!! This is going to sound silly, but your post just hit me in the feels. My grandmother loved sewing and Minnie Mouse and, idk, I know she'd love seeing your work 🥺


u/lunacyfringe87 Jun 28 '22

They are beautiful!! I made some long sleeved ones for my grandmother when she was in hospice for dementia. She passed in April but it brings me comfort to know I could do something for her in her last moments. Sending good vibes and prayers your grandma’s way!


u/zback636 Jun 28 '22

Very nice.


u/benderlax Jun 28 '22

These are so beautiful ❤️


u/Kifrank101 Jun 28 '22

This is so awesome 👏!!! Your grandma is so lucky to have someone so thoughtful in her life 🥰


u/MLiOne Jun 28 '22

Those are fantastic!


u/Hour_Jellyfish_7502 Jun 28 '22

I love this 🥹


u/Evillynn1980 Jun 28 '22

Wow… you are so amazing. That will be so nice for her to look at the patterns! 🥹very loving and thoughtful.


u/Ihavenoclueagain Jun 28 '22

So sweet of you.


u/seashellpink77 Jun 28 '22

This is so sweet!!! I miss my grandma 😔🥰


u/GoreEmpress Jun 28 '22

I'm so happy you were able to do this for her ❤️


u/goingmerry604 Jun 28 '22

Man these are cute as hell


u/4thebirbs Jun 28 '22

Not only are you a loving grandchild, you are also an EMT! I love you and everyone on this thread 🥹


u/macaroonzoom Jun 28 '22

IDK why this brought a tear to my eye that you did this for her. How could she NOT smile at these prints and colors? She gets to live with dignity and style, and that's a great gift to her. You're one of the good ones, OP.


u/Semiannualpoet Jun 28 '22

🥹 thank you


u/eigem_schmeigem Jun 28 '22

This is so sweet, I just cried a little


u/Semiannualpoet Jun 28 '22

I didn’t expect this to get so much love, thank you!

if you lovely people have any suggestions for upgrades for the next batch please let me know!


u/Any-Guest3014 Jun 28 '22

Such a thoughtful thing to do. These are really cute.


u/No-Fee-9428 Jun 28 '22

Great idea! look cool.


u/Jasmisne Jun 28 '22

What a beautiful project:)


u/jhughes57 Jun 28 '22

Well, these are beautiful! I wish I had a Granddaughter as thoughtful as you! She’s proud, I know 😊


u/Myfourcats1 Jun 28 '22

That’s sweet. I really like them.


u/CactusLetter Jun 28 '22

This is so sweet ❤️


u/brassninja Jun 28 '22

It’s really sweet and lovely to put so much care into making your grandma’s time here more enjoyable. I wish I had the chance to make something for my grandma, she loved fashion. Sadly my only chance was to make a memorial pillow out of one of her favorite shirts. I miss her every day.


u/fredzident Jun 28 '22

These are beautiful and made with love — what an honor to wear them!


u/Jesspandapants Jun 28 '22

These are beautiful! What a lovely idea.


u/AbbreviationsGreat Jun 28 '22

Well done, that's adorable and I'm sure she appreciates it


u/kyokogodai Jun 28 '22

Wow. That is so damn kind of you. As a nurse we are taught that people don’t feel “human” when in the hospital wearing gowns and patients say they feel this way too. This is such a kind and thoughtful gift.


u/marquisdesteustache Jun 28 '22

These are so cheerful. What a thoughtful thing to do💕


u/Tarheels61 Jun 28 '22

That’s very nice. I know she will love it!! You did a great job on it. Keep up the good work. 👍


u/IntergalacticCowboy Jun 28 '22

This is so sweet. They look awesome


u/imcoolerthan_u Jun 28 '22

So well made, my grandma showed me how to sew, not much before her getting sick but she would of loved these, made with love. Good job 👍


u/cookiemonstrosity54 Jun 28 '22

this is so sweet. she’s very lucky to have you taking care of her.


u/whamblamazon Jun 28 '22

This is so very sweet! I love the fabric and the contrasting trim. She’s going to feel so special.

I also showed this to one of my friends who is a nurse and worked many years in dialysis care. She mentioned that many dialysis patients wear normal clothes with shirts that have special snaps to allow for ease of IV access, but customized shirts like that can be expensive and a lot of dialysis patients are on fixed incomes. If you ever decide to expand the kind of clothing items you make to donate, that’s one option!


u/Semiannualpoet Jun 28 '22

That’s a great idea!


u/RedRapunzal Jun 28 '22

Please be sure to add a name tag with her name.


u/MiaouMiaou27 Jun 28 '22

What a sweet and generous act, OP! Even though your grandmother may not understand or remember that you made these gowns, your act of love speaks volumes about the value of grandparent-child relationships. ❣️


u/satansrubberducky Jun 28 '22

This is such a sweet, thoughtful gift!


u/HelloPanda22 Jun 28 '22

These are so sweet!!!!!


u/xbrownsugarr Jun 28 '22

omg i love this so much!!! you have so much talent, i think you should not only make them for your grandmother but make them for others as well!!! i know older women would just love these


u/Semiannualpoet Jun 28 '22

I am hoping to make a charity that helps inspire people to see cute gowns and give them to the elderly, especially memory care homes


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u/Maximum_Sundae Jun 28 '22

They are super cute and its a super kind gesture and i dont say this to ruin mearly to try to educate and I am not sure if it's the same with Alzheimers as it is with Dementia but these type of patterns can induce bug hallucinations in Dementia patients.


u/reboloke Jun 28 '22

Those look much more cheery then the standard hospital gown. If you haven’t already, I would suggest checking with her care providers if there are any adjustments you could make to your pattern that would help make things easier for them and your grandmother. You might just hear a few “I wish…” statements that would help you make even better fashion gowns. 🙂


u/Semiannualpoet Jun 28 '22

Thank you, I’m very close with her care givers and been asking for advice and adjustments 😊


u/abouttodivein Jun 28 '22

What a beautiful gift. I’m totally not crying.


u/Hot_Cat_6122 Jun 28 '22

How beautiful


u/joysews Jun 29 '22

Beautiful! Love the fabric too


u/el_bargo Jun 29 '22

You are a loving granddaughter. Thanks to all the respondents for their wonderful suggestions, too.


u/Semiannualpoet Jun 29 '22

Aw thank you!