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Simple Questions Simple Sewing Questions Thread, June 26 - July 02, 2022


This thread is here for any and all simple questions related to sewing, including sewing machines!

If you want to introduce yourself or ask any other basic question about learning to sew, patterns, fabrics, this is the place to do it! Our more experienced users will hang around and answer any questions they can.

Resources to check out:

Photos can be shared in this thread by uploading them to a neutral hosting site like Imgur or posting them to your profile feed, then adding the link in a comment.

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Moderator Announcement Rule Added, Rule Dropped


We’ve added the following rule in response to many reports and requests from both the community and the mod team:

  1. Photos should focus on sewing.

Photo images need to clearly show sewing details without excessive editing. Lingerie and swimsuit projects should have a flat-lay as the first photo for the thumbnail. Adults posting children’s clothing are limited to flat-lay or mannequin only, no modeled photos.

In all three circumstances covered in the new rule, the focus is diverted away from sewing content and we would like to re-center that focus on the purpose of the subreddit. We’ve taken the additional step of not allowing adults to post images of children at all out of concern for their privacy and safety. It’s also for the care and keeping of the moderator team. We deal with homophobia, misogyny and other forms of hate and harassment on a regular basis but the comments we remove about children are a whole different level of fuckery.

The rule we are dropping is the one about face coverings. Face masks are not the source of misinformation and contention we dealt with earlier and everyone should know at this point that posts about face masks are welcome in the subreddit. There is now a general level of understanding and science literacy behind the patterns and projects being shared. Wish we could say that the rule was dropped because the pandemic is over but here we are.

We will leave this post pinned for the week but the comments will be locked after a short Q&A opportunity. Thanks, everyone!

The r/Sewing Mod Team

Edited rule to add 'or mannequin' as a second option for children's clothing

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General Pro tip: Your seams line up when you don’t have any intention to line them up

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Project: FO Finished my woolen dream jacket ☺️

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Project A little 3 piece swimsuit set I’ve made for my friend

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Project: FO Used a Fun Vintage Pattern to Make a Beach Vacation Look

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Project: FO Newest addition to the summer wardrobe!

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Project: Non-clothing Recorded the process of making a Bucket Hat for a friend


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Machine Questions Found my first sewing machine dumpster diving today! Think it will work?

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Project: FO Closet Core Elodie Wrap Dress

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Project: FO Made matching outfits for me and the dogs!

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Project: Non-clothing Half shark, half dog. Big fins, big jaws. Loves the water, loves the park. Sharkdog!

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Pattern Search Pattern search - 1920s men's coat and alternatives

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Project: FO Made a comfy summer set ! more info in the comments

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Pattern Question How did they continue a box pleat to a princess cut in this? Any help is apreciated

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Project Plushies made by me with Sew Desu Ne? patterns 🥰

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Project: FO This shirt has such a pretty neckline but for some reason it didn't make me feel pretty.

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Project Reversible overall for my baby 4mo photoshoot, self draft pattern (copied from another piece)

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Project I made a sock monkey for a little girl I babysit. My first completed project!

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Project Progress post! I cropped the top, used elastic at the bottom. (still unsure about the skirt)

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Project How to make this skirt for my Prom dress

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Project: FO Refashioned my grandma’s old and stained silk kimono into a second dress for my engagement shoot

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Project: FO I made a floor length dress out of shiny curtains!

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Tip FYI- all Simplicity patterns are $1.99 this week at JoAnns fabric


starting today! also thread buy 3 get 3 free

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Other Question Where to source hat brims?


Im looking to buy some plastic brim inserts to make snapbacks and capsupplyco.com is exactly what I need but they seem to have stopped accepting orders. Does anyone know any alternative places i could get them?

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Alter/Mend Question Is there a place I can find information on what kind of hems to do on what kind of fabrics/garments?


I decided to hem some yoga pants and I did a hem at about a quarter inch. It rolls up. Of course I don’t care about some crummy yoga pants that I wear around the house, but I’ve recently inherited some nicer pants from my daughter and I would like to hem them and it occurs to me that there may be different types of hems that one uses on different types of fabrics or garments. I have tried to Google it but nothing really comes up. Can someone direct me to a place that will describe what hemming method one uses for different types of fabrics or different types of garments?

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Suggest Machine Mini Sewing Machine Recommendation?


I sometimes do basic repairs and hemming by hand, but more often than not I end up taking things to Zips for hemming or just not getting around to a job. I'm thinking of purchasing a mini sewing machine for these small jobs, and was hoping that this sub would have some recommendations for good ones, or at least advice on what features to look for (ability to do basic stitching for example). Any advice appreciated!