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Simple Questions Simple Sewing Questions Thread, November 27 - December 03, 2022


This thread is here for any and all simple questions related to sewing, including sewing machines!

If you want to introduce yourself or ask any other basic question about learning to sew, patterns, fabrics, this is the place to do it! Our more experienced users will hang around and answer any questions they can.

Resources to check out:

Photos can be shared in this thread by uploading them to a neutral hosting site like Imgur or posting them to your profile feed, then adding the link in a comment.

Check out the Crafty Subs Discord Server for immediate sewing advice and off-topic chat.

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⭐ Happy Holidays! ⭐ ❄️ Holiday Gift Ideas for Sewists and by Sewists


Happy Holidays!

At this time of year, the r/sewing community gets lots of questions about holiday gifts to make for others and holiday gifts to give to people who sew or who want to sew. To help answer these questions, we've compiled some of the best posts into these collections. The collections feature works best in the desktop version of Reddit. We'll be adding even more to the collections in the coming weeks.

Gifts to sew for others

Gifts to make or buy for sewists

For more recent ideas, look for the posts that have a star ⭐ added to the post flair. You can click on the post flair to bring up similar posts.

Project: FO⭐ - Clothing for gifts or for holiday wear

Project: Non-clothing⭐ - Gifts and holiday projects like Christmas stockings and tree skirts

Suggest Machine⭐ - Want to buy a sewing machine as a gift? Look here.

Pattern Search⭐ - Ideas for gifts to sew

Other Question⭐ - Gift ideas for sewing supplies and merch for the sewist, new and experienced

If you are interested in buying a sewing machine for someone else, a word of advice. If the sewist has a sewing machine now and you want to help them upgrade, the best suggestion for a new machine is to ask them what they want. They know what they need. Share in the experience of finding the right machine together. Sewing machines are personal tools and the real gift is to show that you respect that.

If you are buying a sewing machine for someone who has never sewn before or for yourself, check out our machine buying guide in the wiki. It's generally easier to find available machines then research which is best, than to research the best machines and try to find them to buy.

Feel free to ask questions or add your own gift ideas in the comments!

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Project: WIP Rate my pattern matching

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Project: FO Upcycled a Laura Ashley comforter into the coziest wrap dress. WITH POCKETS.

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Other Question About to spend $$$ on a dress form: should I get one with “legs” or no legs? (price is about equal)

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Project: Non-clothing here's a little sage green bat i made 🦇🌿

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Project: FO 2nd time sewing and trying to tailor, did a plaid dress shirt this time.

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Project: FO Self-drafted oversized, heavy winter coat inspired by a music album

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Project: FO Sámi Gákti (Traditional dress), but with a cute flowery pattern!

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Project: FO [self drafted] Pencil Skirt With Every Step Done Wrong

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Project: Non-clothing I only just started sewing things other than quilts the past few months. Today I tried a treat bag.

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Project: FO My first time using a sewing machine and using it to tailor a 2XL shirt to a medium size.

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Project: FO I made myself a Venti cosplay! (pattern: 'Venti cosplay' by cosplayprintables on etsy)

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Project: FO Thrifted scarf into vest DIY

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I saw a scarf in a thrift store with amazing 100% wool fabric so I decided to turn it into a warm vest to layer over shirts etc for the cold months ahead. I basically turned the long rectangle of the scarf into a 3D cube before cutting out arm holes with a curved ruler, and V-neck that was pretty much eyeballed.

I had just enough fabric to cover my torso so there was hardly any scrap (or seam allowance? What seam allowance lmao)

I'm wondering about using some embroidery thread or something to add fringe to the back. I prioritised putting fringe at the front and sides.

I haven't worked with wool before but this fabric, despite my fears of it all unravelling, was really nice to work with.

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Project: Non-clothing Brand new to sewing. First project complete

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Project: Non-clothing ⭐ Posted about this guy a while back. Just finished him today ☺️

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Project: Non-clothing ⭐ I made my Dog-Daughter a Christmas bandana!

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Other Question Help with Boxer Shorts - they’re a gift!


So my wife’s favorite shorts to sleep in are these old boxer briefs with a colorful cats pattern on it that she bought herself almost two decades ago. They’re now finally coming apart BUT after a grueling search, I finally found the original fabric and scored a few yards…NOW…how do I turn this fabric into boxer briefs that match the original? Any tips?

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Other Question Looking for someone who can recreate my favorite santa hat


I have a really nice and plush santa hat that I got several years ago. I have no idea where I got it and the tag is completely faded. It's gotten a bit beat up over time and the last 2 years, I've searched to the ends of the earth for a replacement hat that is of equal quality. That has been a dead end. I have literally bought dozens of hats from Amazon, Etsy, and even professional santa costume stores....none of them compare. Im out of options.

So I'm wondering if there is anyone out there who would be willing and able to take my old hat, disassemble it, and then duplicate it. I think the process of copying the hat would be pretty straight forward assuming the materials can be found. The red part of the hat, the ball at the top and most importantly, the white fluffy rim around the head are very plush and thick....this is the part I can't seem to find anywhere on any other hat.

Is there anyone who would be interested in this project? I'm looking to have several copies made and willing to pay whatever amount you think is fair (of course within reason). Here are some photos:

Really plush and fluffy

The white rim is tall and thick

Picture of my hat (Center) compared to 2 of the most plush top-of-the-line hats I could find on the internet (one from Etsy and another from a Professional Santa Costume supply store). You can see the difference

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Project: FO I made a version of a German style 16th century gown

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This has many layers with pearl necklace and belt made by a friend

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Project: WIP Version number 9! Woop woop. I would like some feedback! (:

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Still drafting for the Christmas dress! Top part in the making. I'm still not 109% satisfied, but I'm getting closers and closer

Unfortunately no one to take a picture today, so I had to do it myself. I'm trying to stand as straight as possible, which is hard by having to raise your hand to take a photo.

Adjustments: - Princess seams. I hope less wobbly this time ;). I know what went wrong last draft, I tried to fix that this time. Making a nice curve without a ruler is not too easy, but I'm getting better at it. Lowered the bust/apex of the princess seams about 2cm. It seems to sit in a better spot now! Also I took a little bit of fabric off (not sure how to explain) around the belly part of the front. So it sits closer to the body. - Waist line. I made more of a dart like shape from my natural waits line direction my hips.

It's hard to take a proper picture of the back, but the back hasn't changed much since the last time. But somehow there are always wrinkles/stress lines or whatever they see called. I tried to give less space (less wrinkles, but not comfortable to move around), more space etc. But it is never perfect. But maybe I'm asking you much from myself and the fabric. When I'll make it into dress I won't be in the same position all the time anyhow. Just not sure what is actually possible to achieve since it's my first project.

Anyway, I'd love some feedback again! 😊

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Alter/Mend Question Help filling in moth holes

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Alter/Mend Question Sewing Question for desperate dude


My wife gave me a sweatshirt she would really like me to wear and I kind of upset her not wanting to because it is massive. Probably a size and a half to big for me, which is saying something because I am a fat. is there someway I can cut off several inches around the waste and such to make it fit? This is just for a one night deal so I am not trying to make it perfect. I can do very basic sewing by hand but thats about it. I have about 3 weeks to fix it.

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Other Question How to protect/keep favourite patterns


I have a few favourite patterns. I have made 4-5 of them already and know that I will keep using them. I have traced them onto butchers paper so that I don’t ruin the original. But each use seems to degrade the traced pattern. I don’t want to have to keep tracing the pattern. Does anyone have any suggestions of something more permanent than paper to trace your pattern? I have seen the closet historian uses cardboard for her most used patterns, but one of the ones I want to keep is an a-line dress pattern which is too big for card and even if I had a piece that big it would be a pain to store.

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General Promised pics of attachments!

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Alter/Mend Question Any advice on how to fix a ripped hoodie collar?

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Machine Questions Is the singer curvy good for bulky sewing?


I want to know before I kill this machine that my boyfriend's mom handed down to me, I'm considering buying something else that can handle my current project a bit better. I just don't know if it's something I'm doing wrong or if I don't have the right sewing machine.

In terms of material so far I got the heavy duty thread and needle recommend for this project.

Update it is the 8770