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Crossword podcast – Fill Me In #371: 56% sugar by weight. (Tuesday, November 29, 2022)


Fill Me In is a podcast about crossword puzzles, though there's the other periodic nonsense you'd expect from two puzzle guys bantering for a while. New episodes of Fill Me In come out every Tuesday morning.

This week, Ryan and Brian discuss getting older, examine the history of cereal, and ponder the predictive powers of musical theater programming in central New York.

Want to know more about our show? Visit our wiki! And enjoy new episodes every Tuesday morning.

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Dólar cede com PEC da Transição desidratada, mas exterior neutraliza Bolsa - Estadão


B3 caiu 0,18% após falas austeras dos dirigentes do BC americano; dólar fechou o dia aos R$ 5,3661, recuo de 0,82%

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Shitpost Has another started to offer stupidly low offers on houses yet?


Iv just been looking through trade me and there’s thousands of properties, ones that have been on there for months and months. Is it still to early in the housing collapse to do this?

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Pix de Natal: Nubank está dando R$ 50 mesmo? - Seu Crédito Digital


O Pix Natalino do Nubank está sendo muito divulgado nos últimos dias por meio do WhatsApp. Confira todas as informações!

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DE-Neu WM-Analyse: So kann Deutschland jetzt noch weiterkommen

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Record Zucker Tanzclub by Estrada Orchestra (Krautrock from Estonia)

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Why is demand for bicycles decreasing in Europe?


My dad runs a bicycle manufacturing company in South East Asia supplying bicycles to mostly European buyers. At the height of the Covid Pandemic, the demand for bicycles was so high companies would order for a year in advance. Post Covid the demand has reduced so drastically that there has been no new orders since April of this year. Not only that, the companies don't want the product that we still have. Is there any particular reason for this?

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Variety 221129 Run BTS! 2022 Special Episode - 'RUN BTS TV' On-air Part 2

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Training Tuesday Training Tuesday: RTS programming


Welcome to Training Tuesdays, the weekly /r/weightroom training thread. We will feature discussions over training methodologies, program templates, and general weightlifting topics. (Questions not related to today's topic should be directed towards the daily thread.)

Check out the Training Tuesdays Google Sheet that includes upcoming topics, links to discussions dating back to mid-2013 (many of which aren't included in the FAQ). Please feel free to message any of the mods with topic suggestions, potential discussion points, and resources for upcoming topics!

This week we will be talking about:

RTS programming

  • Describe your training history.
  • What specific programming did you employ? Why?
  • What were the results of your programming?
  • What do you typically add to a program? Remove?
  • What went right/wrong?
  • Do you have any recommendations for someone starting out?
  • What sort of trainee or individual would benefit from using the/this method/program style?
  • How do manage recovery/fatigue/deloads while following the method/program style?
  • Share any interesting facts or applications you have seen/done


Top level comments are for answering the questions put forth in the OP and/or sharing your experiences with today's topic. If you are a beginner or low intermediate, we invite you to learn from the more experienced users but please refrain from posting a top level comment.


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Thank you


This game and this community has been the only thing I’ve enjoyed in a really long time and I am extremely happy I got to be here. 🤝🤘🤘🤝

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Itaú (ITUB4) anuncia pagamento de juros sobre o capital. Veja os detalhes: - Finance News


Publicado às 20h30   O conselho de administração do Itaú (ITUB4) aprovou o pagamento […]

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NSB (Straud Legacy) Gen 6 Ep. 66: 3 Birthdays and a Wedding Reception


The Story of a Family Told in Web Comic Format


After the happy wedding, everyone headed into the renovated barn hosting the reception.

Grandpa Vlad was first to take advantage of the dance floor, not being tempted by the buffet of baked goods Japer had prepared for the guests.



Old friends and new chatted over dinner. One of the newest faces in the crowd was Candor’s boyfriend Bjorn. The Vampire insisted on getting a picture with the blushing bride who had encouraged his beau to ask him out in the first place.



The other new face was Don’s wife, Jasmine. The couple had met while Don was staying temporarily with Clementine and Dal’kuran in Sulani.

In classic Don style he’d moved fast, marrying his lovely new bride within days of meeting her. The two were now living on the island themselves, in a bungalow near the water not far from his daughter.



When it was time to cut the cake Veronica decided to try her hand at knife tricks. That didn’t work out so well.

Thankfully, just like the kiss incident, no real harm was done, and the pair proceeded with the ritual.



Wedding cake was followed by birthday cake.

The plan had been to celebrate Veronica and the twin’s birthday in the Magic Realm, but their unexpected sick day pushed back the timeline and the trio instead blew out their candles and aged up at the end of the night.



Jasper gave the love of their life one final kiss before they all headed home to get some sleep.



I started this series to share my sim story, and I love hearing from you. Please consider dropping me a comment or a vote, its always great to get your feedback.

Thank you for your time!

Want To See More? View The Full Story of My Not So Berry Challenge Here

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Full Video: Dj Tira and qwabe twins video trending video story the latest news today | Dj Tira

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Supreme Court returns to immigration in test of Biden's power to choose deportation targets

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GitLab is hiring Site Reliability Engineer / Senior Site Reliability Engineer, US Public Sector Services | USD 100k-205k [Remote]

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Varun Dhawan Film Total Earning Income Report

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How To Do The Cash App Linkable Method In 2022 | Cash App Glitch | Showing $12k Balance💰| DM me on Instagram @nitroyzxe.1 or inbox me on Telegram @alwaysgreennitro for the cash app glitch💲The method going for $50 & I also load up cash app accounts for $300✅ More details in comments⬇️:

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Ele lidera movimento anticriptomoedas no mundo: 'A bolha está estourando' - Tilt


Reunidos em uma sala em Londres e sem muito alarde da imprensa, especialistas debateram, em setembro, o futuro das criptomoedas. Mas em vez de endossar a narrativa de que dá para ficar rico investindo em ativo digital, a intenção do encontro era alertar q

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Unconfirmed report that RU is expected to launch massive attack on Ukraine within 24 hours. Including 200+ missiles. Land, sea and air involved.

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Price Check Charsi? Xbox SC Ladder

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¿Deberían los adultos mayores someterse a cirugías invasivas? Nueva investigación ofrece guía

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PS W: image h: guns (mainly commando) junk and ammo

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Android mod test 29/11/2022 11:58:44


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Where can I buy small art (prints)?


Looking for something small ish, painted, nothing corny, maybe minimalistic art...is there a specific place I could find a collection of these at? I know they might be in these random posh shops with twisted candles and horoscope books, but I am looking for something more art centered.