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K on the cops trolling in LS being labeled as "SBS"

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Birth Rates Drop Worldwide Following Mass COVID-19 Vaccination in 2021

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[Stainbrook] #Browns QB Deshaun Watson in uniform for the first time (📸: @TheMattStarkey)

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Trump Supporters be like…

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Unpopular Opinion: Inter-generational wealth is succeeding as a parent and we should be celebrating it


A lot of people in here seem to want to celebrate "self-made wealth" and put down people with inter-generational wealth.

To me, having inter-generational wealth to pass down is my personal success measure as a parent. I dont see it as being a negative at all.

As a side note, the system isn't designed to support self-made wealth, and most people have had at least some support from their parents... which is part of the role of being a parent.

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Lying on your resume works


Basically, I am a 26 year old construction worker but I was sick of backbreaking work for the past 8 years of my life. The money was good but I wanted something where I could just sit in an office and work an easy 9-5 job for good pay. However, the jobs I wanted required a boat-load of qualifications I did not have (College, Experience, yadda yadda). Therefore, I completely falsified a resume and put that I went to a prestigious university and worked at a couple Fortune 500 companies following graduation. As of today, I just landed a six figure contract working at an ACTUAL Fortune 500 company as an account manager. I have no idea what I am going to do when I actually have to do what the job entails, but I think I can figure it out. Godspeed.

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It took me so long to realize

Edit: Guess I was wrong lol. Still a cool unintended pun! :)

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Opinion Piece Terry Glavin: The Liberals are funding hate. How else to describe the speakers at this Toronto convention?

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Unpopular opinions on Stephanie McMahon?


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I got the need, the need for feet

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Before the free-agency started, the two things Lakers needed the most was wing defense and shooting. So, using their full MLE on another combo guard who can't shoot is just flatout insanity.


Look. I am not expecting top tier free agents. I realize they will cost more than just TPMLE.

But using it on Lonnie Walker who can only guard 1s and 2s and can't shoot is just so bizarre when the two things Lakers needed the most before the off-season was wing defense and shooting. Lonnie Walker provides neither.

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My bfs reaction to me playing an episode


9 minutes in..."sorry babe I have to change this I just can't listen to two bitches rambling about fucking nothing" lol. He was sadly correct

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im scared of our libraries and community being terrorized for talking about lgbtq topics,

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ANALYSIS The U.S. dollar is at a 22 year high and you’re bullish on crypto?


Inflation is horrible for bitcoin since it’s VIEWED as the riskiest asset to the market makers. People are pulling money out of the stock market and crypto since it’s a risk off environment right now. Most people don’t even have enough to survive currently or are scraping by.

I used to be a cult member that believed BTC was a hedge against inflation. When it got tested it folded like a cheap suit. It’s a leveraged bet on the stock market and a bet against the US dollar.

There’s many cult members in here that are shocked why inflation has the US dollar rising, this makes no sense! It’s because it’s a measure of how the states dollar is doing in comparison to the rest of the worlds currency.

No one has a crystal ball, I’m not claiming BTC to 0 or to discourage you from investing. But the DXY is ripping and with multiple rate hikes coming and a recession announcement, don’t be surprised if you see your investment fall way more. Now this isn’t necessarily a bad thing if you’re a true believer. The average person will be able to become a full coiner by the end of the year and if you plan on playing the long game you’ll probably make a lot of money for riding it out.

Downvote me into the oblivion for truth. No SHORT term hopium from me.

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the USA is unambiguously one of the most beautiful countries in the world


From a geographical stand point the USA is unambiguously one of the most beautiful countries in the world. you have access to the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, Badlands in South Dakota, Everglades in Florida, Mojave Desert in Arizona, Great Lakes in Michigan, California, Alaska, Hawaii, all without a passport.

You have access to the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. even states like Ohio and Kentucky have so much underrated beauty. Driving through the great plains in Nebraska is one of my greatest experiences. There's the Great Smokeys, Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Death Valley, Niagara Falls, Bayou.

Culturally it's dynamic from New York City to Hollywood to Nashville and Miami. You have so many different cultures and accents. Even in places like Indiana there's still a unique culture. We had so many cultural movements started here. From the Hippies in the 60s to the Flappers of the 1920s. Motown, Seattle Grunge, Rock n Roll, Jazz, Blues, Country, House. Multiple inventions.

I think i live in a great country with many freedoms that people would kill for. and people have killed for. there's issues but every country has their issues. no country in history has had an innocent past. doesnt mean I won't celebrate where we are now.

maybe because I grew up with post-2001 partiotism. but I'm proud to be an American. I wouldn't pick to live in a different country. We have the highest G.D.P. and a HDI above .920. everyone should be grateful for that

and I'm a gay man. we used to be discriminated in this country. but I'm still proud to live here. I'm proud that I have the freedom to love another man. I'm grateful and I think it's silly to not be even a little proud

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Unpopular Here Republicans should stop being OK with racists in their ranks if they want to stop being grouped together with racists.


Republicans should stop being OK with racists in their ranks if they want to stop being grouped together with racists.

Its’s pretty straightforward. I see very little disavowing of racists on the right. More often, it seems to be apologetics instead of disavowing (ex. very fine people on both sides when one of the sides was a white nationalist rally chanting “Jews will not replace us”)

I understand that they are a minority party and every vote counts, but there are easy connections to understand why the group is described as racist.

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Fuck Fr*nce

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Claire starts her investigation on Kyle Pred and her incident

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DISCUSSION THREAD Episode 25 (Thursday 30th June) - "Dates, more dates and a dumping"


Episode synopsis:

Our couples are getting closer over brunch and on grapes, but a surprise text puts everyone at risk 😬

Sub updates:


Previous discussion threads:

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What a minor change can do

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Just a tiny Easter egg in The Simpsons :) elf in the frame

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Discussion Y'all missing the point of the daily.


It's to socialize and admire skins, show off your titles and boobas. Sort your stash, plan out what you're going to do with with your alt or which alt to make next. Put some shit up for sale, take a few minutes to look for some good ol' fashion arbitrage.

I know most of you have ADHD and can't stand it. You want to get on with the next chore ASAP for the sake of progression.

But it's meant to be a respite from spamming G.

A short mental reset from trying to rush through the same boring sludge of "end game content"

Mostly for the boobas though

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Conversation can we please have a TW flair?


This is not meant to come off as rude, but I am in recovery for self-harm and it is hard to see scars coming across my feed. I still really love to see snps. Can we have a trigger warning flair like the NSFW so some of us don't get triggered?