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World Cup Here I made a meme for you! Thanks Qatar for all efforts 🇶🇦🌹

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Being a stay at home mom is easy


For context i have ALWAYS BEEN the husband who has worked ive had multiple manual labor jobs and office jobs i recently got my va disability and no longer need to work my wife has always wanted to join the military so she followed her dreams and did while shes been gone these last 10 weeks taking care of the kids and keeping the house clean has been the easiest low effort “job” ive ever had I cook, I clean (even on my hands an knees for the base boards) do laundry, fixing things around the house, taken them to get updated on their shots, dentist appointments, they’ve both been sick etc… besides the kids, all the household chores are done before 12. Im just sitting around watching my kids until i need to feed them again i have a 4 year old and a 9mo the only frustrating part is taking them when I get groceries and even that isn’t hard stay at home moms have it so much better and so much easier its laughable to hear them say its hard after doing my self these last couple months. I would much rather do this than go back to working on cars or fire inspections or fedex deliveries or car salesman.

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oh look, another bigoted republican.

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What do you do when your whole family is full of Trump supporters and you are not?


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Complaint Capitalist & dev abuse: Manually banning Henry


Yesterday, Capitalist called out a dev to manually ban Rawdota Henry. The next day Henry got permbanned.

Vod: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1664259889

Vod: 05:46:45

- Writing Henry's friend ID down. Saying, "now we just need the match id"

Vod: 05:56:48

- Talking about "Bye Henry. Goodbye Henry."

The next day Henry's account is permanently banned. An account he has had for years and which is the only account he's playing on.


Match id where it happened: 6889557231

Henry's recent games: https://i.imgur.com/1557Xal.png

What did Henry do? Break his items.

Send Henry to Low Priority. Reduce his behaviour score and put him on dodge list. What we don't need is the kind of game where someone with connections can randomly get others banned according to means and punishments that are not universally applied but arbitrarily so. And this is just the cherry on top. Doesn't require a lot to figure out the devs are also manually reducing people's behaviour score by making them drop from 10k to 1 bs in one conduct update and other stuff like that. Now they were just caught doing it in 4K. Stop this shit.

Big Fat F to capitalist and the dev team. Unban Henry.

Henry streaming right now: https://www.twitch.tv/henry

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Discussion DMG just tweeted [REDACTED]. Can we not?


title. I can't help but feel that this is a bad move while we're in the middle of the biggest population drop this game has ever seen. I understand wanting to hype up the next season but this is not the way to do it, especially when community sentiment is at another all time low and player burnout is high.


Edit to all the people who think I'm too stupid to realize the new season releases next Tuesday: I can read a calendar lol. the point I'm making is that there are much better ways to market this game, rather than "It's gonna be great, trust us!!"

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Kookie Kookie on the situation

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TV/Movies/Fiction Avatar is underrated


When the movie first came out in 2009, it was overrated asf, but now, it seems like everyone hates that movie, which I kinda understand because the plot is very generic, but I honestly think the movie gets to much hate, I thought it was a pretty decent film, and I did enjoy it.

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CMV Men are having less casual sex than ever. And it's a good thing.


Men (and women) are both having less casual sex than a decade ago.

And this is a good thing.


1. N-Counts stay lower. Because men are viscerally disgusted by women who have sex (according to this subreddit) and you know who they're having sex with? Men. So finally there are fewer men out there making your future wives and girlfriends disgusting (to you) by keeping n-counts low!

2. It makes men try harder. Men are motivated by sex. The fact that men are having less of it means they're having to be more attractive, get fit, work on their careers, and make themselves into high value partners.

3. Everyone has more time for hobbies. Who doesn't love hobbies?

This is a win-win for everybody, I think, and we should celebrate it instead of complaining about the lack of fairness or whatever.

Edit: *sigh* once again, just mass downvoting me or insulting my intelligence isn't debate but tysm

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Discussion I hope I’m wrong, but the police are lost. Here is why…


Whilst police have collected 100+ pieces of ‘forensic evidence’ from the crime scene, the majority would surely belong to the four victims. Any other fingerprints or DNA will likely belong to their friends who arrived before LE, or other acquaintances who visited the property over previous weeks.

This isn’t an argument where someone has lost their temper and lashed out… There was a degree of planning and pre-meditation, which I believe means they at least wore gloves and a possibly a mask. Also considering the knife type I doubt the killer cut themselves and left DNA.

There will however be an abundance of DNA on the killer’s clothing, on their skin, in their car and possibly back in their apartment. Every day that passes this becomes less and less likely to be recovered - as with the knife itself - it has all likely been cleaned, destroyed or hidden.

The area is dark with very few cameras, so little to work with here.

We also have very little ‘chatter’ coming from locals regarding suspects or a motive. No grudges, arguments, rumours… Nothing.

The final alarm bell for me is the way the police KEEP telling us just how many people are working the case and how they’ve worked through thanksgiving. It just feels like they’re covering themselves for the news that they’re stuck.

I pray I am wrong, but I don’t think I am.

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Meme sussy chest

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Discussion Friendly reminder that the past few days were a holiday weekend in the US


The servers are on fire - but realistically there probably wasn't going to be any fixes for the game's multitude of problems this past week. This past week was Thanksgiving in the US (obv from the notices in game), and typically employers give people wednesday/thursday/friday off for family. Some give a full week, some give thurs/fri/mon/tues.

Not trying to slorpglorp AGS/SG, but just wanted to put that out there why it was sadly a poorly timed bug fiesta, so this past week was going to be quiet from them.

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The labor shortage is real


I went to Skates by the Bay for a meal and they had a sign up offering a generous wage plus tips for wait staff. I always thought high end waitstaff and bartenders made a good living and those jobs were sought after. Just thought it was interesting.

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TikTok bastardry who the fuck wants to eat cream cheese wrapped in salami

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Lyse Cosplay

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Macroeconomics They've started selling futures contracts to keep GME from tearing upwards today. This would manipulate the options as well.

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Hollyweird 😵‍💫 Julia Fox hates the term "Hollyweird"

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The standard of dress for adults in North America is way too casual.


The casualization of the Western wardrobe has been going on for decades, and I definitely am not suggesting some sort of return to 1900-1950's fashion where you have to wear a suit or long dress every day.

However, the hyper-casual nature of post-2019 fashion is going way too far imo. I think it's a real shame that adults have regressed our standards to match those of children/teenagers. If you're 30+, you shouldn't be wearing the same things as a 13yo.

It's now commonplace for people to wear street clothes into work. I see teachers at school wearing jeans and a t-shirt, people showing up to an office in a hoodie and distressed denim, and wearing beanies and caps indoors. You go to a public building like the mall, library, museum, etc. and you'll find people in pajamas!

I would strongly encourage anyone (especially if you're over ~25-30) to reflect upon your wardrobe and the message you're projecting.

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Hasan wearing balenciaga glasses, buying a luxury sports car etc is cringe as fuck


Blah blah inb4 socialism is no iPhone Hasan dickriders. There does come a point when a socialist just becomes a grifter. What right do you have criticizing the problem of overconsumption and capitalist materialist greed when you live the literal life of the top 1%. Everything about Hasan pisses me off. His constant shitty foreign policy takes, his consumerism, his cowardice in engaging directly with those who can challenge his beliefs etc.

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Screenshot Day one, first container I searched. "unlucky" lol

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Discussion Would you pay for an (past) events pass?

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500cr to replay an old event?

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It’s the little chomps for every cube. What a sweet baby.

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LGBT+ Can’t wait to see the changes ❤️ is anyone here going trough the same journey as me or are thinking about it ? Let’s connect ! (OC)

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🇲​🇮​🇸​🇨​ Guy thinks girl is into him after absolutely brutal interaction

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Media BHVR breaking the game with 1 patch and then asking us to vote them for a game award is hilarious

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