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Enough is enough Discussion / Venting

Gamefreak is running this franchise to the ground and I've had enough. I'm tired of watching this company fumble with every new release knowing that nothing will change.

- You can't even enter buildings anymore! Shops are just menus and In a franchise all about exploration, you can't actually explore! Why is it that a 2D sprite game on the DS (Platinum) offers a more lively world than a modern-day Switch title?

- The game is somehow easier than SwSh with no set battle option. A friendly reminder that difficulty options are an industry standard for the JRPG genre. Offering an option to switch difficulties is not a big ask. And don't give me that "It's a game for kids!" crap because we all know Pokemon isn't just for kids anymore. It is literally a multi-generational franchise with people who've hung around since gen 1. Mario Odyssey has more challenges.

- The lack of customization is frankly disgusting. It made sense for the earlier games as there wasn't enough space for multiple avatars and outfits. But, again, in the modern era, we find a game with no customization when its 3DS predecessors introduced the concept. Again, the Pokemon franchise has a wide reach across generations, genders, and races/nationalities. Why hasn't there been a character customizer at this point?

- Gyms are no longer gyms. They're just boring outdoor stages. Because why bother making new buildings and puzzles for the player to solve?

- Still no voices for the characters. Hell, BoTW and Odyssey had little sound clips to accompany text. It wasn't bizarrely silent while an animated character moves their mouth!

I'm just so goddamn tired of this company's bullshit. If they actually put love, care, and TIME they'd be raking in the dough. But, no, they'd rather abuse their cash cow. But eventually, if they keep mistreating her, she's gonna finally keel over and die.

Edit: Holy crap! I was NOT expecting this much action on my grumpy, late night rant post! Thank you everyone for the awards, your votes, and for commenting. Even if you disagree with me, I appreciate your time.

Also, because I keep getting comments about it: I did not buy this game. I never preorder games because I’m a broke bitch who needs to wait for sales.

Edit Edit: I've learned I was 100% wrong on the character customization point, so I crossed it out. My bad. I do still wish we could add expressions to our avatars and accessories to our uniforms.



u/FallenG0ddess Nov 18 '22

If they actually put love, care, and TIME they'd be raking in the dough

They're already raking in the dough. That's the problem.


u/nearlyheadlessbick Nov 18 '22

GF and Pokémon company are already live, laugh, loving their way to the bank. The only way to enact real change is to not buy it, but we all know that’s not gonna happen

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u/LowFatBacon Nov 18 '22

They made a system where a non-zero amount of people buy two copies of their games because they are slightly different.

Game freak is living the dream.

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u/catnipassian Nov 18 '22

People buying the game going "woof if this was better I would have bought it"


u/goodmobileyes Nov 18 '22

People buying this game and then another $60 DLC going "actually it's almost a half decent game after I paid for all this and if you ignore the flaws"

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u/bbeauvais Nov 18 '22

Can you really not enter buildings? Lmao that’s terrible


u/Glass_Film_2901 Nov 18 '22

U can enter story buildings. Shops are just menu systems tho


u/SecureDonkey Nov 18 '22

Sandwich building too for some reason lol


u/pmmerandom Nov 18 '22 edited Nov 18 '22

they literally put more effort into sandwich shops than they did any other aspect of the game


u/SadisticBuddhist Nov 18 '22

They put more effort into naming each fucking painting than the game itself.


u/Beth_Esda Nov 18 '22

I thought it felt really weird that my character could name each painting on the way out of her house. Like, that's cool that you know them all, but why?


u/SadisticBuddhist Nov 18 '22

Can name all the paintings in their house, cant name a single pokemon they see


u/Cereal_Bagger Nov 18 '22 Table Slap

It’s like you’ve lived there all your life and you don’t know what a fucking pidgey is


u/Jonathon471 Snowy Pressure Nov 18 '22

We shitting on early Ash? Dumbass lived in Kanto for 10 goddamn years and lived in the same small town as the regions professor and also watched pokemon television growing up, and this motherfucker didn't know what half of his regions pokemon were. Ash no doubt has brain damage and a memory issue from birth that has likely only gotten worse due to him dying and reviving canonically multiple times.

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u/planetarial Nov 18 '22

Also your house at the start looks really good compared to everything else


u/Leading-Marzipan4048 Nov 18 '22

Damn they even got rid of the mini game "Who's the main character" by just making them rich in company budget. Lmao

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u/prestonpiggy Nov 18 '22

Holy damn the confusion on me when arriving the main city, like 12 sandwich ingredient stores 3 clothing and 2 items like miracle seed which both had same inventory. I'm not playing to be Gordon Ramsay of sandwiches god damnit.

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u/DunktheShort Nov 18 '22

Apparently we're the only ones in this entire thread who's seen them LOL

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u/BoxOfBlades Nov 18 '22

Story buildings? So like, towns aren't full of random places you can go into?


u/RendiaX Nov 18 '22

Yup. No more exploring the homes of strangers.


u/Borraronelusername Nov 18 '22

You mean i can't break into somebody's house and search their trash bin for an eaten apple?


u/Jeweler-Hefty :959: Nov 18 '22

I need me that sweet 1/16 health recovery!


u/anweisz Nov 18 '22

How am I gonna get my leftovers!


u/windowspathos Nov 18 '22 edited Nov 19 '22

Finding the leftovers items in PokémonS/G/C on the S.S. Anne was amazing. And then getting an achievement for it in Pokémon B/W was the best. I miss those days * for checking garbage cans in Pokémon


u/GraphicDesignMonkey Nov 18 '22

It's all been downhill since BW. I gave up a few games later, it just wasn't the same.

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u/crazyrebel123 Nov 18 '22

Exploring? We were breaking in bro


u/aw_coffee_no Nov 18 '22

And it was glorious!

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u/robbysaur Nov 18 '22

Not to mention how horrifically designed the shops are. Why are there six seafood stores in one city that all sell the same thing? Why do I have to buy socks, shoes, hats, and backpacks all at different places? The central city is a disorganized disaster.


u/Mizmitc Nov 18 '22

To “fill” up the area. That way it seems like there is less wasted space in a big city


u/Orixain Nov 18 '22 edited Nov 18 '22

That's what threw me for a loop when I first got to the big city. It was such a huge part of the advertising that I thought they'd be a lot to explore and see. It's just empty voids and sandwich shops.

The warning signs were there very early on thinking back on it. You can't go into the parents bedroom in the starting house.

The house where you get your starter has practically no design on the interior. It's this weird white void almost. That doesn't match the exterior of the house at all

And the first town. None of the buildings are accessible. Those 4 houses may as well not even be there.


u/Misledz 5300-9496-3617 Nov 18 '22

Sorry to burst your bubble, it's not just the first town. EVERY GOD DAMNED TOWN is exactly this, even the biggest city has it where only shops you can enter are the chansey, sandwich, accessory and the gym building. Literally a giant waste of 40 seconds of running around in that city for places you can't even enter.


u/capybara-friend Nov 18 '22

:( Lumoise in Pokemon X is still my favorite city (I literally got lost in it). So sad to see my dreams of a new Pokémon city with hours of content is just not happening. But I guess adding layers of random/funny/cute stuff happens over time in development that Gamefreak just isn't giving these games.


u/Misledz 5300-9496-3617 Nov 18 '22 edited Nov 18 '22

I will always compare it to XY because of the scale of things and how easily you could lose track of time being immersed in it. It just so happens that you could enter those buildings, which in this case, you can't. The part that will turn off most people is there is no "themed" gym you can be amazed about like the previous games.

The process involves going to a town, enter gym apartment looking building.

>talk to the receptionist

>they throw a mini game

> report to receptionist

> instantly teleported to battle with gym leader.

I kid you not, you can't even interact with the gym leader at all. The only time you speak to them is during the battle phase. Outside of that nothing, you don't even see them except on the mini map icon. Once you defeat them your minimap icon gets replaced with a check mark. I forgot how they even look after a while.

As for the picnic feature, ngl, this isn't cooking mama, if they want a cooking game, the swsh one was sufficient enough, they put a lot of resources into animating a sandwich that they forgot the core part of the game.

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u/BlackLilac27 Nov 18 '22

That has me in disbelief. I don't know what to say, I don't know what to think. I am speechless.


u/J_Crow Nov 18 '22

Holy shit that sucks. And really no set battle mode? You're forced to be given the option to switch out?

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u/dekomorii Nov 18 '22

Lmao, i was about to preorder this game, saved me 35 euros


u/Krait972 True Power Nov 18 '22

Where did you find these games at that price? x)

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u/KloppersToppers Nov 18 '22

The set mode thing is such a bizarre choice I cannot understand their thinking by removing. It’s been in every main line game since Day 1. It’s literally just an option to automatically select no when being asked to switch Pokémon. Easiest thing to code.

Please someone with boatload of money buy the rights to make Pokémon games. All we want is proper ambition. It’s sad seeing mid-level JRPG’s that look levels above these games. Pokémon is just a low effort cash grab at this point.


u/procmil Nov 18 '22

Please someone with boatload of money buy the rights to make Pokémon games

Careful Elon might hear you


u/Xero2814 Nov 18 '22

He'd find a way to charge 8 dollars to verify your pokemon master status


u/R_ed21 Nov 18 '22

Pay 8 dollars to become a gym leader

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u/PavelDatsyuk Nov 18 '22

It’s sad seeing mid-level JRPG’s that look levels above these games.

I'm trying to imagine a Trails/Kiseki game with Pokemon's budget. That would be so awesome.


u/Free_hugs_for_3fiddy Nov 18 '22

Love the trails games and it would be downright terrifying if they had Pokemon's coffers.

Easy dethroning of the JRPG giants like DQ and FF.

Or it would suck the soul out of the games. I kinda like Falcom remaining under the radar.


u/roit_ Nov 18 '22

Kiseki is a funny example because they're also making their games much much easier as the series progresses


u/iepie122 Nov 18 '22

mainly because their earlier games on nightmare were literally almost impossible. If you tried Sky 2 without a full save of Sky 1 it was literally impossible. I already find it a major accomplishment I finished it on hard

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u/Bakatora34 This is a Legendary Pokemon! Nov 18 '22

It probably take more work to remove since they been using the same engine from previous games.

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u/TonyRR Nov 18 '22

There is no set mode and there is no turn off battle animations. I really don’t understand the mindset of people who decide to take those functions away.


u/hikikogoromori Nov 18 '22

GameFreak's taking it further when removing features, next time they'll take away the whole options menu.


u/Batmans_9th_Ab Nov 18 '22

Remember how in SwSh you had to find an item to unlock the option to adjust volume levels?


u/TehPharaoh Nov 18 '22

You beat me to it haha, I was like "they've already tried this"


u/anonomousername Nov 18 '22



u/AwkwardLeacim Nov 18 '22

It was literally some random npc in motostoke. No indication that he actually does something so unless you go around speaking to npcs then you'll just miss it


u/Daowg Nov 18 '22

Dude gives you a pair of Raycons when this should be an option like how every game has done it since the start of console games.


u/anonomousername Nov 18 '22

I do talk to NPCs but somehow I missed it! I’m going to check rn 😂


u/anonomousername Nov 18 '22

Just found him. This is infuriating because I do a lot of egg hatching and the wild area music SUCKS. That fucking bagpipe haunts me. Tysm

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u/prestonpiggy Nov 18 '22

At least one improvement is that in SV you see yellow textbox on npc if they have something to say instead of white when nothing.

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u/501st_legion Nov 18 '22

We go full circle to text based adventure games!


u/Blasckk Nov 18 '22

But without texts because writting is hard... or adventures, because too lazy.

So we go full circle to be just bootable games with just a "Press Start" intro... that sometimes doesn't even boot.

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u/DrNopeMD Nov 18 '22

It might actually run well then


u/Roboticide Nov 18 '22

They're going full Apple.

"We'll tell the customer what they want."


u/9c6 Nov 18 '22

That's a very Japanese business thing tbh

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u/ElderGoose4 Nov 18 '22

You can’t turn off battle animation? What the actual fuck


u/blizg Insert Flair Text Here Nov 18 '22

Whaaaaaa. You gotta be kidding me.


u/TheRetroWarrior Nov 18 '22

Half the battle animations are gone anyway.

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u/MohawkRex Nov 18 '22

You can't turn off battle animations!? Bloody hell, that's gonna pad run time by 10-20%, yeeesh...


u/Takanashi_Aihlia Nov 18 '22

Probably the point. A metric of “Our game is X hours long!”


u/TheLostLuminary Nov 18 '22

Bizarre. It’s one thing not implementing wanted features, but taking away some of the things we actually used? Moronic.


u/LunaMunaLagoona Nov 18 '22

Can we talk about how atricous the performance is? They can't keep a stable 30 fps!

Playing a 20 fps slideshow is atrocious.

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u/n122333 Nov 18 '22

Wait... no battle animation off? That might be the biggest issue for me....


u/StrictlyFT Nov 18 '22

Competitive players won't like this, battle animations are long and add tons of time to EV training.


u/spoooooooooooooook Nov 18 '22

There's no more ev training, at least not like it used to be. We just give them drugs now.


u/Jakeremix Charizard enthusiast Nov 18 '22

That could be a good thing depending on how expensive they are


u/9c6 Nov 18 '22

It was super easy in swsh when you had gmax meowth to farm money with


u/Aveta95 Nov 18 '22

And with Isle of Armor when you put in enough Watts the vending machines in the dojo let you buy in bulk at a discount - 25 packs of one vitamin for 125k for example.


u/rexlyon Nov 18 '22

You could just send them on AFK jobs for SwSh, no need to buy drugs.

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u/Diligent_Deer6244 Nov 18 '22

I'm not competitive, I'm just impatient - I always turn them off because once you've seen it once you don't need to see it thousands more times. This is so annoying

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u/Cysia Nov 18 '22

And for animations, unlike legends arceus melee/Physical attacks your pokemon doesnt run up to the oponent anymore either


u/Daowg Nov 18 '22

So we're back to no physical contact attacks? That's lame.

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u/J_Crow Nov 18 '22

Wtf this is the worst change yet for me.


u/LordFrz Nov 18 '22

Probably didnt know they were things, since all rthe good programers dipped

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u/Garyislord Nov 18 '22

Can't help but wonder if they took away core features just so they can sell them later as "'dlc".


u/shrinkmink Nov 18 '22

battle animations increase playtime

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u/cruxfire Nov 18 '22

No set mode??? This is actually the reason I won’t buy this game. I put up with mandatory EXP share but that’s the last straw. I have a hard time imagining they are polling children and finding the game is that hard where they have to make it this easy with no option to make it more difficult.

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u/jhoney96 Nov 18 '22 edited Nov 18 '22

I have photosensitivity and have only been able to play these games because of the standard skip battle animation. Screw Gamefreak

Edit: Took out some words people didn't like.

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u/TreClaire Nov 18 '22

I hate having to leave battle animations on it makes everything take 300x longer

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u/Desperate_Vice Nov 18 '22

It's funny reading some of the comments. It's either this:

"Did you buy the game?"


"Then your input is therefore invalid."


"You bought the game so you're part of the problem."


u/ConfusedFlareon Join me, Master Mega! Nov 18 '22

A very concise flow chart at least!

Did you buy the game?

  • No - You don’t know, your argument is invalid.
  • Yes - You’re part of the problem, your argument is invalid.
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u/[deleted] Nov 18 '22 edited Nov 24 '22

[removed] — view removed comment


u/XVentiasX Nov 18 '22

Tbh it will be the best selling game unfortunately


u/justanotherweeb23 Nov 18 '22

It's like most games on reddit that get a lot of hate.

Most people just don't give a shit. They buy the game, do a playthrough or two, then play something else.


u/dadmda Nov 18 '22

The frame rate at the very least is a legitimate criticism, the game plays terribly


u/QuothTheRaven713 Nov 18 '22 edited Nov 18 '22

Apparently it's caused by a memory leak that seems to be triggered by looking North early on and/or entering some buildings. If GameFreak are intent on finding the source of the leak and they patch it, hopefully it will run a lot better and fix the primary issues people have with it.


u/umbrianEpoch Nov 18 '22

According to Centro, it can be resolved by restarting when it starts to have issues.

Looks like it's for sure a memory leak of some kind, so hopefully there's a patch soon


u/QuothTheRaven713 Nov 18 '22

Here's hoping!

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u/DeusSolaris Nov 18 '22

everything is legitimate criticism, shitty performance is just a slap on the face on top of the kick in the balls

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u/Imperator_Knoedel Nov 18 '22

Especially from the people who literally bought it on release day.

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u/OkiDokiChloe Nov 18 '22

Imagine a Pokemon game where the developers are given as much time as they need & are passionate about making the game the best it could possibly be & while also trying to include as many of the fan favorite features as possible.

I hate that this feels soo far out of reach, when it really shouldn't.


u/aw_coffee_no Nov 18 '22

I want to see the folks who develop Pokemon Snap do a full Pokemon game. Now those guys, those guys know how to make Pokemon feel alive.


u/MindSteve Nov 18 '22 edited Nov 18 '22

Pokken too. The attention to detail in the stages is incredible.


u/GulielmusBascarinus Nov 18 '22

Pokkén and Snap were made by the same guys.

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u/BigToober69 Nov 18 '22

There's plenty of super fun rom hacks. That's what I play these days. Haven't played a main line game in a long time.

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u/KetchupChocoCookie Nov 18 '22

Honestly, I don’t think it’s a problem of team or resources, it seems more like an issue at the directors level. They don’t see the value in making the game more than what they are. If they believed they needed to do better, you can be sure they’d gather the resources to accomplish that.

Sales are probably going to be through the roof as usual, so the only thing you can hope for right now if you want them to get the message is that engagement online dies quickly (YouTube, twitch), since they need that to make the merchandising, cartoons and TCG successful.

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u/Yarzu89 Nov 18 '22

And don't give me that "It's a game for kids!" crap because we all know Pokemon isn't just for kids anymore.

Its a bad argument even if it was made for kids. We were all kids once and played games that didn't treat us like we were idiots. Hell Metroid Dread showed us full grown game devs from other games adults could be fully inept when it came to figuring out basic environmental puzzles or hard bosses. I don't know why we suddenly have such low expectations for kids. Early nintendo games were notorious for being brutal.

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u/MR777 Nov 18 '22

I remember the same thread for a pokemon game that came out a few years ago. Pokemon is a cash cow, people will buy it no matter what. There is no incentive to improve the game. They will just continue in this way.


u/Elend15 Nov 18 '22

Especially when you consider that Pokemon' merchandising makes 4x their video games sales. They need to make video games that will keep those merchandising sales up, they don't necessarily need to make good video games.

Eventually, making bad video games will catch up to them. But it evidently has been, and will continue to be, a very long time before that happens.

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u/Turokr Nov 18 '22

I just don't understand why Pokémon games are so far behind anything on its same console.

Any JRPG on the switch looks better and runs better than Pokémon.

Pokémon Snap is the only good game to come off for the switch.


u/Extension_Dream_3412 Nov 18 '22

How tf is botw 2 coming out in like four months and GF still push out this stuff for the same price


u/penguindude24 Nov 18 '22

To start, there are 4.2 million fans on this subreddit and 3.5 million of them likely preordered.


u/GOKU_ATE_MY_ASS Nov 18 '22

For real. This post is like the Eric Andre "who shot Hannibal" meme.


u/xLuky Nov 18 '22

Pokemon fans at GameStop midnight release: "LET ME IN!!!"

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u/meijin3 Nov 18 '22

Legends: Arceus was no technical marvel but at least the gameplay was fresh and it was fun

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u/Yeldarb10 Braixen Nov 18 '22 edited Nov 18 '22

Thats slander against Mystery Dungeon. Rescue Team DX was a labor of Love and an AMAZING remake.

Give the snap and PMD studios more leeway to make games. We need Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 5.

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u/Jecko_Gecko Nov 18 '22

Welcome to the 'The company behind my favorite game doesn't love its players anymore but just wants our money' club

The people of Magic the Gathering and Warhammer have prepared a seat for you.


u/Beerz77 Nov 18 '22

Welcome? Pokemon was practically a founding member.


u/[deleted] Nov 18 '22 Helpful

Pokémon HGSS was Game Freak's Love Letter and BW was their engagement ring, now we are married and GF just watches TV and drinks beers


u/ConnorHazReddit Nov 18 '22

And ORAS was the last real "Date Night" we ever got


u/holyhotpies Nov 18 '22

Legends Arceus was promising to go to therapy- a glimpse of hope in a long long time but now we know nothing will ever change


u/muh-guy-Sedai Nov 18 '22

I was excited for SV because I thought they were going to use the same mechanics as Arceus and make everything bigger and better. This is such a disappointment and I've learned to never preorder a game.

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u/atworkdontbotherme #001 Nov 18 '22

Legends Arceus was a fun vacation away from the mundanities of our relationship before things went back to normal when we got back home


u/Big-Mommy-Samus Nov 18 '22

The funny thing is Arceus was developed by a bunch of newbie Devs on a shoestring budget.

Scarlet and Violet were developed by the veteran team lol.


u/Nephisimian Nov 18 '22

Makes sense. You join a company like pokemon because you love the franchise. You stay because you like the paycheck. Pokemon will have driven away the passionate veterans by now, the ones who survive will be the ones who don't really care all that much and will just agree with the boss.


u/Red_Autism Nov 18 '22

I mean its still a badly developed game but at least they tried new content for once


u/holyhotpies Nov 18 '22

Arceus feels deliberate. They knew they wouldn’t have a ton of time/money so they made a world that thematically makes sense. Ie only one town with a few buildings

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u/Rdasher123 Nov 18 '22

To be fair, the engagement ring was not kindly received at the time it was given.


u/aw_coffee_no Nov 18 '22

If only we can yell at people back then, "STOP, YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT YOU'RE BRINGING UPON YOURSELVES."

But for real, if BW was received more kindly, do you think Gamefreak would've continued down the 2D route? More serious plots, less idiotic handholding, etc.


u/Rdasher123 Nov 18 '22

I can’t say they’d remain 2D, I remember hearing XY were entering development after BW1 released.

For more serious plots, I could see that. Or at the very least the new games could be a bit more fleshed out, like how sequels/enhanced versions of X and Y were planned, but probably scrapped.


u/aw_coffee_no Nov 18 '22

Hmm, that's true. I suppose the jump to 3D wouldn't be as badly received as today if they kept developing the plot, gameplay and difficulty. Tbh I'd even grind through the clipping and lags to play if they retained their old quality of worldbuilding and actual challenging battles.

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u/Mr_Gon_Adas Nov 18 '22

I still remember the days, when everyone thought that BW2 was the lower the games had ever come...

Little did we know that it was, in fact, the higher the franchise ever was, in terms of offering challenging and memorable experiences in their main game.

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u/Ballamda Nov 18 '22

BW2 felt more like a proper engagement ring


u/Rdasher123 Nov 18 '22

That’s fair, but the reaction BW would not be soon forgotten.

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u/TheGent316 Walking with the Earth Nov 18 '22

I think it’s strange how GF seems to have received the initial feedback for BW but has been unreachable for feedback ever since.

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u/HairiestHobo Nov 18 '22 Silver

Lately all my favorite hobbies feel like abusive relationships.

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u/Keypop24 Nov 18 '22 edited Nov 18 '22 Gold Wholesome Seal of Approval

I hate this excuse: "Its a game for kids!"
Games should play well and have the content to back it up no matter what age you are!

All the Gamestop midnight release pictures I saw on twitter was lines out the door full of grown men and women in their 20s-30s.

edit: What I'm saying is that I believe that a large demographic of Pokemon fans are adults. Maybe Japan has a big kids player base, but that doesn't mean GF should dumb down their games. Have you seen these kids play Fortnite? They are cracked out.

I also want to talk about the removal of so many features. It so lame for the games to have cut content and features probably because GF doesn't have enough development time. They have to remove stuff to make sure it releases in time at the behest of Pokemon Company, but at the cost of a quality product.

Delusional fans will say "But they can always patch it in with DLC!" It shouldn't be DLC in the first place! It should be in the base game!

Performance and graphics: This game looks really bad. It plays like 20 fps. The slowdowns in the menus and command inputs are similar to diamond and pearl on ds. I don't even think its switch hardware (even though it's outdated), when other games like Persona5Royal run at 30fps and looks great.

Pokemon company probably has a spreadsheet of data and logistics that shows that no matter how much we criticize (due to our love of the franchise), it will not matter because they will break sales records year after year.

Cash cow mistreatment: Sadly this cash cow isn't going anywhere. We are now experiencing the Activisoon Blizzard effect. WoW and CoD may have moments of being bad (Shadowlands and Vanguard), but everyone buys and preorders Dragonflight and MWII anyways while breaking sales records.

Complain now, but when they reveal Pokemon Orange and Brown, it's going to break Scarlet and Violet's preorder record.


u/thenotjoe Nov 18 '22

Also, kids aren’t stupid. They know what it’s like to be bored by a game!


u/VanguardHawk Nov 18 '22

Bruh I could barely read and I beat Pokemon Blue with no internet by asking friends "How do I get into the middle city? The guard won't let me in." And I was told about the dumb water thing. Pre-internet, no guide, kids will figure stuff out when they are engaged.

A few years later I was drawing diagrams for my friend for how to maneuver through the ghost gym in Gold since it was all trial and error. These memories are fun and I imagine will stick with me more strongly than how the current games are laid out for the current crop of kids.


u/asqwzx12 Nov 18 '22

I remember figuring out the god damn flute without being able to read English at the time.


u/xkyndigx Nov 18 '22

Getting the gold teeth from the safari zone, that was a trip.

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u/JanGuillosThrowaway Nov 18 '22

I wa s stuck in Gold/Silver because I didn't realise I needed to get the egg. Had a great time, would recommend

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u/The_Magus_199 Nov 18 '22

I have SUCH fond memories of looking for a Braille guide in order to figure out how to get the Regis in Ruby/Sapphire! My friend and I stayed up super late on a sleepover trying to do it!

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u/strom_z Nov 18 '22

Odyssey is "for kids", new Kirby is "for kids", Pokemon Heartgold or Black 2 were "for kids:.

Somehow i have had a blast with all these as an adult...


u/RafaelRoriz Nov 18 '22

Kirby and the forgotten lands is one of the best games I played this year. Mario odyssey is one of the switch top 5 games. Links awekening is beautyfull and plays like a charm. Saying that a game is "for kids" is a bullshitt excuse. I know it has become cliché at this point, but the truth is Gamefreak is just lazy and/or incompetent.

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u/Ryguy55 Nov 18 '22

I've looked this up in the past and wasn't able to get solid information, but I'd love to see the breakdown of Pokemon player demographics. Of course I'm not basing this on anything other than my own suspicious but I would truly be shocked if the number of players under 18 was larger than the number of players over 18 at this point. And obviously I'm saying that not to say that the games should be difficult with mature themes, just that it's crazy to be actively removing simple staple mechanics like set battle mode.

But let me even play devil's advocate against myself, let's say these games really are legitimately "made for 8 year olds." Ok then fine, that makes it even worse that the developer would be insistent on alienating millions of loyal fans that have bought their games for decades.


u/DimeTime07 Nov 18 '22

I'm interested in this myself. Heck, I recently found out my 55-year old aunt plays Pokemon! She was playing Pokemon Black last I checked. I would doubt that the current player based is skewed younger. I feel like GF is still in the 90s mindset where most players were kids and teens, smh

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u/IIIR1PPERIII Nov 18 '22

I argued this the other day that the core demographic is adults that played as kids. Why not make a game for them? Rather than keep making the same game for 8 year olds....doesn't make sense to me.!

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u/PFVMKDR3 Nov 18 '22

Pokemon fans finally realizing that mediocre games are mediocre and are continuing down that trend


u/dahuterschuters Nov 18 '22

Pokemon needs to be taken way from Gamefreak.


u/blackarchosx Nov 18 '22

Or Nintendo needs to acquire gamefreak

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u/[deleted] Nov 18 '22

"It's a game made for children!"

Then why is it so bad even a child gets bored? Confirmation bias, I know, but no child I know of, or even teenager likes Pokémon. Only people my age (25-35).

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u/FrancSensei Don't let your dreams be dreams Nov 18 '22

I have personally not bought the game, but seeing clips online, it seems that it is also a buggy mess, with people getting stuck everywhere, NPCS glitching out and just straight up disappearing, lots and lots of stutter with bad pop in. At least the franchise wasn't this buggy before, now it doesn't even have that


u/QuothTheRaven713 Nov 18 '22

Seems to be caused by a memory leak.

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u/KOFdude Nov 18 '22

And I've had enough of fanboys saying its a problem with the hardware, no it is not, the switch can run mario odyssey, breath of the wild, dragon quest 11, xenoblade chronicles 2 and 3 all perfectly fine, it is absolutely a problem with the game


u/SinlessJoker Nov 18 '22

Final Fantasy X released over 20 years ago and is fully voiced


u/[deleted] Nov 18 '22

It also looks better lmao

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u/Elune_ Nov 18 '22

Are you telling me that the company that added 100+ full Alcremie models in Sw/Sh and 1000+ Lilie models in S/M because they don't know how to use textures, assets and references, are failing at optimizing their games?


u/veritri Nov 18 '22

1000+ Lillie models?? Did they have a model for every frame of animation or something?

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u/kekubuk Nov 18 '22

Pro : It became more streamline.

Con : It became more streamline...


u/[deleted] Nov 18 '22

How more streamline can you make pokemon?


u/FreeLegendaries Nov 18 '22

dex cut until there’s only 1 species dunsparce everyone fights with and against dunsparce


u/SikariZen Nov 18 '22

Ok, but where can I sign up to buy Pokémon: Done and Pokémon: Sparse?


u/Kxr1der Nov 18 '22

If you have Scarlet or violet, you already bought pokémon sparse

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u/blentz499 Nov 18 '22

You know goddamn well the only Pokemon they'd keep if there was only one Pokemon is Charizard.


u/Shiny_Kelp Nov 18 '22

Not credible. Not enough Charizard forms.


u/DomesticatedDuck Helix Cultist Nov 18 '22

Levels and moves are also removed, it's a rhythm game now


u/MBV-09-C Nov 18 '22

Dunsparce dunsparce revolution sounds like an interesting idea on its own tbh.


u/Downside_Up_ Nov 18 '22 Silver

Dunce Dunce revolution was right there

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u/KronxDragonhoof Nov 18 '22

Exp is gone and so are moves. Now to attack you find move cards in the overworld to use. Once you use a card it's gone for good until you find another one. Gym battle are now just survive for around 4 turns until you use one specific move card to win the fight instantly. If you don't have said card it's auto lose.


u/Samipie27 Nov 18 '22

Also additional move cards can now be bought from the Eshop in packs of 6 for only €2.99 to improve the streamlined convenience.

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u/Thekoopakicker Nov 18 '22

Sticker Star all over again.

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u/Non-Sequitur_Gimli Nov 18 '22

Too bad they couldn't streamline the frames.


u/Archipegasus Nov 18 '22

They did, why many frame when few frame do trick.

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u/[deleted] Nov 18 '22 edited Nov 18 '22



u/Snininja Nov 18 '22

dude I recently watched a playthrough of paper mario and I have to say, those games were WACKY. I can’t imagine that something like that would ever get released today and it makes me sad

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u/orze Nov 18 '22

I haven't found any real deep caves that isn't just a tunnel or open world puzzles either yet, doubt they exist.

Towns feel empty, I remember in old games I would enter every building talk to everyone and get bunch of stuff but now it's only worth talking to yellow speech bubbles and very few even exist that aren't food sellers.

Character designs suck too but that's just my personal opinion


u/HildartheDorf Nov 18 '22

Caves died in Sw/Sh.

We had the excellently named "Cave #1" and "Cave #2". And they were tiny.


u/krispyboiz Nov 18 '22

I don't believe that actually. They were awful in SwSh, but I would actually say they died in Sun and Moon. Go back and look at the cave/cavern maps for those game. Embarrassing.

Truthfully, I don't think people criticize Sun and Moon's map design enough. Gen 6 was the last tile-based map generation where there was actually some fun map design, with puzzles and decent exploration. Gen 7 is what started the poor map design trend, with nearly every route in the game just being a path with occasional branches or loops, nearly identical to what we see in SwSh.

I think it was more offensive in SwSh, being a home console release, but I don't think people rag enough on SuMo's negative influence on map design

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u/AsexualArowana Nov 18 '22

I'm reminded of the guy in Hoenn who thought Fly was something you did by attaching yourself to a bunch of Pokemon that can fly, so his house is full of Wingull roaming around.

You miss out on funny stuff like that by removing buildings.


u/Mobilelurkingaccount Nov 18 '22

They are removing the RP part of this RPG more and more with every iteration.

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u/thornaslooki Nov 18 '22

Reminder that this is a 60 dollars game.

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u/AdonisGaming93 Nov 18 '22 edited Nov 18 '22

They finally make a game based on my country and all I hear is bad news... Game Freak ruining my week after months waiting.... 😞


u/Nambot Get blue Spheals Nov 18 '22

As a Galarite, I get that. It was cool to see a game based on where I live, and it sucked that it ended up being terrible.


u/Chappoooo Nov 18 '22

Until you entered the North of England and it was represented with a town full of smack heads and a literal ghetto for the entirety of the gym 😂

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u/Throrface Nov 18 '22

Dude, the opening cinematic of the game is silent and there is text you have to read, and it pauses numerous times because you must manually advance the text. There couldn't be a better way to demonstrate that they don't give a rat's ass about progress.


u/dirkdragonslayer Nov 18 '22

Honestly, just a random noise synthesizer for voices like Splatoon or Animal Crossing have would be a game changer. You don't even need to localize it since they wouldn't be speaking English but Poké-ish or something.

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u/The_Magus_199 Nov 18 '22

Okay TO BE FAIR I honestly miss being able to advance text at my own pace. It kind of annoys me that I can’t do it anymore in so many modern RPGs.

I just think that if they’re going to keep that style, they shouldn’t be shooting the scenes as though there’s supposed to be voice acting.

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u/McKilcur GAZE INTO THE HELIX Nov 18 '22

Reject 3D.

Return to pixel.


u/FarCritical Nov 18 '22

Battle graphics peaked in Unova. I've yet to be convinced otherwise.


u/EMI_Black_Ace Nov 18 '22

It wasn't even "pixels > models," it was "the animated sprites were loaded with personality and the models feel like they're barely animated at all."

I think Legends: Arceus was a huge move in the right direction in terms of animation.

And then they threw that progress away...

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u/sonic10158 Nov 18 '22

Pokemon peaked in Unova

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u/TheSuperAwesomeKAT #NeverForgetZipZapCat Nov 18 '22 edited Nov 18 '22 Take My Energy

As long time Pokemon fans, our criticisms come from a genuine love and appreciation for the games and the franchise as a whole. We want to see the games succeed not just for our own benefit as consumers, but for the well being of the franchise we all know and love. It's sad to see the main games, the core of the franchise, being handled this way. It's like watching a loved one make bad decision after bad decision as their life spirals downhill. We don't know the whole story behind the development and why these decisions were made, but it's clear artistry and quality are not top priority. Because almost every aspect of the franchise relies on the content introduced in the main games, I suspect the Pokemon Company has limited Game Freak with very tight deadlines given the yearly release cycle. This, along with Game Freak's intentionally small size and their apparent lack of skill and experience when it comes to 3D game development severally limits what's possible in the given time frame. From the state Scarlet and Violet are in, it's obvious that they were very rushed, sacrificing polish, optimization, quality control, and likely features and game design just to meet deadlines. Botched releases unfortunately happen from time to time, but sadly this is the standard with Game Freak. What's worse is that unlike most game devs who work to continually release major patches and updates to fix and improve gameplay (No Man's Sky and Cyberpunk 2077 for example), Game Freak takes a very hands off "it is what it is" approach, and unless it's a major game breaking bug, it will likely never get fixed. It's very frustrating to see the all potential go to waste year after year. The games are starting to take steps in the right direction, but they're baby steps and Game Freak keeps tripping and faceplanting in the process as they continue to fall further and further behind.


u/JonNoob Nov 18 '22

But you know what? It doesn't matter that they fall behind. BotW sold 2 million copies more than Sw/Sh while being far more complex and expensive, while Pokémon Games can be shat out annually. So as long as this practice gets rewarded with record sales and we still buy this shit up, GF and TPC can sit back and relax on the gravy train.

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u/Sakara_ Nov 18 '22

Unfortunately I think what Pokémon needs is a competitor. We gotta wait for a new game that blows Pokémon out the park to make them start to sweat lol


u/newbatthis Nov 18 '22

There will never be a real competitor to Pokemon sadly. People with go for the game with Pikachu 10 times out of 10.

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u/RRDude1000 Nov 18 '22

I love how people always go with the "its for kids" excuse when the games are getting easier with every generation....

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u/cyberneticmemories Nov 18 '22

The National Dex died for this.

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u/straight_lurkin Nov 18 '22

What's truly sad is seeing this is where they are now when originally they are the driving force behind such massive improvements in handheld gaming.

From developing trading cables for the gamboy colors, developing the wireless connector for the GBA, GETTING WIFI ADDED TO THE DS, and that's just off the top of my head!

Now they struggle to get their games to even run on 5 year old hardware.

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