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Got fired for not complying with misogyny and it ended up in the store closing


I worked at a very popular cell phone chain store in the mid 2000’S. I was in college and had only been working at this place for a few weeks after leaving a long term job at an electronics store. So it’s maybe my 6th or 8th shift at this store bc I’m part time. I’m the only female. The manager comes up to me in the middle of the shift and tells me I need to “do the dishes in the back”. There was a little kitchen area where we could eat lunch and dishes were piling up on the sink from people who weren’t cleaning them when using them. I responded that they were not my dishes. I didn’t use dishes at work and if I did I would’ve clean them when I was done. The manager tells me too bad. I have to do what he says. I need to go do the dishes. We proceed to get into a giant argument. I’m not your maid. I didn’t get hired to clean up after lazy employees. I got hired to sell cellphones. After arguing for several minutes I tell him to fuck off, I’m not dealing with this shit. I walk out. The next night I was scheduled and the manager ended up working by himself. That night a riot happened at the mall. Stores were broken into and robbed. Bc he was by himself he couldn’t get everything closed fast enough and the store ended up getting raided (he was fine, people weren’t hurt). The store ended up closing a week later. I don’t know if it wouldn’t closed anyway but I like to think my fuck you had a little part. My old job happily took me back and gave me a raise.

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Rude and obstinate to my new employee, no liquor for you!


So, this happened a couple weeks ago. I work as a manager at a convince store. We are the only hard liquor store for 15 miles. As most of you know it is hard keeping employees lately. Anyway, my new employee (third day), was waiting on customers as fast as she could. Being new she wasn't efficient as the older employees.

In comes Mr Ass Hat. Grabs a couple bottles of liquor a case of beer and proceeds to bitch at my new employee to "Get the lead out" " Whats the holdup" "Damn no one knows how to work around here" "This one is not gonna make it here" Being loud and just causing this employee to get nervous. They are visibly getting upset with his comments. Here is where I jump in. I get on the other register and ask this guy to come see me. He dumps all his stuff in front of me and says " About fucking time." I scoop up all the liquor and say "I'm sorry it seems to me that you are belligerent. I don't know if this is a normal trait or your drunk. So No booze for you. Good day sir." The line of people waiting erupted into laughter and he stormed out. Service workers work hard jobs. They deal with people who have better things to do. A little patience can make things go alot smoother

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Don’t follow the laws on a lake, enjoy being lost.


Yesterday while out on my boat with friends and family, a large rental pontoon from the marina full of Uber-Chads and Mega-Stacys, were nearly wide-open throttle going through a no wake zone next to our marina with multiple docks. I yelled at them to slow down but all they did was pull up closer and ask “WHERE IS PARTY COVE, GUIDE THE WAY?!” In a split second decision I gave them quick hand gesture directions and told them it would take about 25 minutes worth of driving South in the complete opposite direction of actual party cove which is about 20 minutes North. I hate uninformed, unsafe boat renters.

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Cookies aren't for you.


This happened 10-15 years ago in a male dominated office.

Participants: Harry and Unshaven; HU Good Guy; GG. Me; me...

I was taking a late lunch and popped my head into GG's office, where HU and a few other guys were talking about anything other then work. I wait for a break in the very inappropriate conversation and ask GG if he wanted anything from the store or wanted to join me, we both commute and commonly walk to the store to get out of the office and get lunch or snacks, we were both stuck in the meeting that went through lunch.
GG asks where I'm going and I tell him the Wild Oats, yeah a few years ago.

And before anyone else can say a thing HU says "I refuse to eat anything from yogurt and twigs." A few chuckles are heard and I do my best to ignore HU and his increasingly inappropriate comments.

GG "could you please pick up a sandwich for me? I don't care what kind." Then hands me some money with an apologetic smile.

Jump ahead to to the winter when I cook and bake myself happy, and to help heat up my home. I regularly bring in desserts and cookies, some coworkers pay me for holiday cookies for them. Because of this I have rules about sneaking a brownie, cookie or such and if it's on the edge of my desk within easy access of visitors you can have some. I actually have a kitchen towel that says "NO TOUCHIE OR YOU OUCHIE" my mom cross stitched it when I was a kid and use it for office deliveries and anything where the dessert needs to be left alone, even from myself.

In walks a few guys who saw me enter the office with baked goodies, they patiently wait for me to get settled and act like kids at grandma's house when I put a container on the edge of my desk. They leave with their coffee in one hand and cookies in the other, so for the next 20 minutes or so there's a steady trickle of cookie addicts entering and leaving my desk like good little junkies.

HU enters my cubicle area and before he touches the container of baked sugary goodness I use the mom voice.

Me "Stop!" When I have his and a few others with him who'd been in GG's office and GG himself, "you aren't allowed any. Their made with yogurt and twigs."

"Ooh's", "Burn" and "Dude! You f*'ed up!" Are all said on top each other.

HU is getting ready to start a torrent of insults when his boss, who happened to be in GG's office bust's out laughing and replies "HU you asked for this, well served Me, well played."

HU muttered something no one else understood and goes to his cubicle to pout, while the quickly dwindling office cookies are enjoyed by many and my 'sugary schooling' is told and retold with each cookie eaten.

This wasn't the first or last 'schooling' I preformed, being a woman in a mail dominated job is never easy. HU never crossed me for the few years he remained there.

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Popular girl in HS got mad at me for telling her that she left her car’s headlights on


In my senior year of high school I’d generally arrive to school 20-30 minutes early and park in the same spot. My friend would park next to me and we’d chat before we had to go to class.

A very pretty, popular girl often parked close to us. I’ll call her Becky. Though we had plenty of friends, we never interacted wit Becky, which was fine. The school had 2000+ students and she was part of a different crowd.

One day Becky parked next to me and hurried off to class. After a minute I noticed that her car’s headlights were still on. I mentioned it to my friend and after some discussion I said that I was going to go find and tell Becky about her headlights. My friend joked that I better not or my GF might get jealous.

I walked into the school and saw Becky across the quad sitting next the her friends and reading a text book. I approached and tried to get her attention, but she seemed determined to ignore me. Finally I said, “Hi Becky. I need…”

Becky cut me off, “I don’t want to talk to you. Leave me alone. Creep.”

At this point all her friends had stopped talking and were staring at me.

I felt uncomfortable, but I took a breath and said, “Sorry. I just noticed that you left your car headlights on and I thought that you should know.”

She scoffed at me, “What are you stalking me?”

I said no and than quickly walked away.

Over the next week I told everyone that parked near us what had happened and everyone agreed that Becky had been ridiculous.

About a month later Becky left her lights on again. Instead of telling her I went around to everyone else hanging out in their cars and convinced them that telling her wasn’t worth the trouble.

That afternoon after school ended Becky was going from car to car asking if anyone had jumper cables to help her start her dead car. Though most of my friends kept jumper cables, we all politely declined to help her.

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Steal my booze? I’ll send the cops and apartment management after you.


Alt account because this wasn’t exactly legal.

I’m a college student going into my sophomore year. I just moved back into my apartment a few days ago since class is starting back up soon. Of course, my friends and I threw a small party at my place since we haven’t seen each other all summer. It was pretty early in the evening, so nobody had shown up yet. My roommate and I were sitting on our balcony drinking lightly, and the girls in the apartment directly above us were also out on their balcony. Naturally, we started talking to each other from our respective balconies and I ended up inviting them down to my place.

They came down, and since there were now more people than planned, we had to go get more drinks. My roommate and I made the admittedly stupid decision to leave them in our apartment alone while we went across the street to the liquor store. When we came back, the girls were gone, and so was the beer we had in the fridge. I open the door to my balcony and I can hear the girls up there laughing and telling their friends about how they store our shit.

My roommate wanted to go yell at them, but I said we shouldn’t escalate drama with our upstairs neighbors so early into the year. However, as the night went on and the more drunk I got, the less I gave a fuck.

I knew exactly what type of beer they had, since I was the one who bought it. I walked across the street to the liquor store again, and picked up a six pack of that beer (they were bottles — you’ll see why that’s important soon).

I waited until about 11:00pm, maybe closer to midnight, I don’t know. Now that the night had really gotten started, there’s more police out and about. I pull my new six pack out of the fridge and go out on the balcony. Remember how their balcony is directly above ours? And how they’re making a bunch of noise up there, clearly having a party? Well, my friends and I were just quietly playing poker, so if a few glass bottles were to hit the sidewalk right underneath us, who would be the more likely suspect? I think you get where this is going now.

I put a beer on the railing, and pushed it off the ledge (Of course I’m being careful to make sure I’m not dropping it on anyone’s head). After I dropped the second one, this is starting to get a little more risky and we needed a little more opsec. My roommate went outside, crossed the street, and every few minutes called me when it was safe to drop another bottle — Nobody walking underneath, nobody staring up at us, and no cop cars around.

I couldn’t drop just one bottle, because that could just be seen as a simple accident not warranting much of a response. But six glass bottles? Minutes apart? Someone must be up to some hilarious party tricks.

I went down to the front desk of my apartment to report the girls above us for dropping the bottles off of their balcony. The cops ended up coming and gave out a bunch of tickets to them for underage drinking. I know this because I was eavesdropping on their conversations from down below. Their whining and crying and cursing was music to my drunk ass ears.

Best part is they still have no idea it was me.

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Throw out your back. Fine by me.


A couple years ago I started work at Walmart. I was training with a woman I would later come to find out everyone hated. On day number two she would leave me alone with boxes of freight but take the device we use to find the locations. 🤦‍♀️ Told me I was going too slow. She was all about being a know it all. We were in the backroom picking stock from the bins. She showed me the sections she wanted cleared out. Once she got to the team lift floor ACs she very adamantly told me not to lift it by myself. It is very heavy. She dissapears for awhile and when she finally reappears I tell her I am done emptying the bins. Asked what else to do. She looked at me and said "You finished emptying ALL those bins?" I said yes. She then went around to double check my work. "Uhhh? There is a box here still." With such an attitude. I didnt say shit as she quickly lifts it out herself and her arms dropped from the weight. Not only did she drop it she fell over it. I immediately said "Yeah you told me not to pick it up myself." I hope that superiority complex isn't still hurting her back.

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I wasn't cold at night, but he was.


So, I'm in military college, and I was on base and I shared a room with someone.

This guy was rude, disrespectful and lazy. As in constantly making rude comments towards me, going out smoking when there wasn't time for that (so I was doing the actual work/cleaning) and overall just being a dick.

So one night, the night before we go out into the field (and sleep outside in the forest as well) I was checking my gear, making sure everything is working properly and nothing is broken. (he was obviously smoking as usual instead of making himself useful and prepping for the next day)

I noticed that the zipper of my outer shell of my sleeping kit (the thing u put your sleeping bag in and which keeps you warmer and dry) was broken.

Soooo instead of asking for a replacement I just switched mine with his. Turns out he also had to get out for guard duty at 4 in the morning while we slept there so all the heat left his shelter nice and quickly lol. So yea, he was VERY cold, and I was nice and warm.

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Loud Exhaust. Tiny pee-pee.


I maintain that must be the case especially after today.

I was at the petrol (US: gas) station to fill up for the week ready for work. The layout was 4 pumps in a square, but the 2 on the right were closed off with cones, leaving just the two on the left. There's enough room to drive 2 cars abreast, but only just. Car in the front pump, in front of me, finished filling up and left while I was still using the rear one, and then I hear the tell-tale sound of a souped up Ford Fiesta with a loud exhaust and four barely adult topless males inside (it's kinda warm here right now). Adult enough that their balls had only just dropped and not a one of them with a body worth writing home about, making enough noise that I could hear them over that monster of an exhaust.

I finish fuelling up right as they pull in and wait behind me, they clearly couldn't be bothered to drive around me to the front pump, narrow as it was.

I use the word "wait" loosely. I'm a disabled female, and I move a little slowly when I walk and do things like put my seatbelt on. I took a little too long for these guys getting belted up and ready to go, because I hear them revving the engine behind me impatiently. Driver rested his hand on top of the steering wheel with his middle finger raised.

Okay, I decided, fine. You want to be assholes, I got you. I turned off my engine and folded my arms.

More revving. Shotgun seat chav leaned out the window and started yelling. I pulled my windows up and locked the doors. I turned around in my seat and waved with a cheerful grin on my face.

The driver pulled around me to drive to the front pump after a minute or so, but not without stopping beside my car and yelling, and flipping me off again. His passengers were behaving similarly. He pulled into the pump but parked wide, so I couldn't pass them, and got out to fuel up.

I reversed out and drove through the tanker lane to our left cheerfully, then parked across the exit to the gas station, wound down my window and waved again while their passengers jumped out the car and made monkey dance gestures at me. Nobody else was there, so these adolescents were the only people I was inconveniencing.

Aside from making the reverse manoeuvre look easy and painless (because it really is and I don't know why a lot of the drivers in my life make out like it's hard), I just took out my phone and "pretended" to start tapping on it, engine off and handbrake on in neutral. They all get back in their car, thinking I'm recording. Guy finishes fuelling. I put my phone down, wave once more, and leave, making it clear that I could be a dick just like them, but I was making the conscious choice not to be one.

Very satisfying to ruin their day like that. Though in hindsight, I wanted to ask them how it felt to know that with a dick so tiny as theirs, they would probably never reproduce.
I decided it was too many syllables for their tiny brains.

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"Engineer" can't do anything right. So Toolmaker takes over.


Warning: Engineering and Toolmaker(me) content,
may be confusing to some readers.
TLDR:"Engineer" can't design a simple part,
or do simple math, so I show him how it is done.

I asked VP1 (Vice President of engineering)what the hold up was,
on testing a certain prototype.
VP1: "I am waiting on engineering to design something,to connect THIS to THIS.
I have rejected 5 designs so far. They keep sending me stuff that will cost $6-$10 ea.
I told them to send a design that will cost $1."

As he describes what they have sent, I envision their design,and strip it down
to the most basic elements.Don't need 6 outside diameters, when 2 will do.
Don't need to heat treat the part, when you can drill a hole through and use
a bolt that is already head treated.

Toolmaker(me): "How about.....?" I describe my idea in 6 words.
He thinks about it for 1 second.

VP1: "DO IT!"

One hour later, he has three parts, two for testing,
one for the "Engineer" to try and make a drawing from.

Parts are assembled and tested, works fine.Job finished ?
No.Elevator code requires components to be able to handle
5x the maximum load without complete failure.
"Safety factor".OK, makes sense.
Someone should be able to calculate that.

Meeting time: VP1 vice president of Engineering,
VP2 vice president of manufacturing, head of Engineering,
"engineer", and Toolmaker(me)

Toolmaker(me)": "So, just calculate the Shear Strength"
Head of Engineering :"No, there is a 1" cantilever, so the stress is higher."
Toolmaker(me): "OK, calculate the Bending Moment"
Head of engineering: "Can't do it, don't have the software."
(this guy is supposed to be a PE, with a Masters in Math)
Toolmaker(me): "You don't need software, we calculated
Bending Moments in college, with a calculator.
"Head of engineering: "Can't do it, you need to make a test fixture."
"Engineer": "I calculated a 5/8" bolt wasn't strong enough."
Toolmaker(me) "My math says a 5/16" is plenty strong"
(my design used a 3/8" bolt, because the head was bigger,
so I didn't need a washer. Also stronger.)

So I make a test fixture, to test this design.
Part needs to handle 4000 lbs without complete failure.
Everyone is there to witness the testing.

I load it up to the specified 4000 lbs.
Toolmaker(me): "Has it passed yet ?"
Head of engineering: "No, keep going".

Load it up to 5000 lbs, 25% over spec.
Toolmaker(me): "Has it passed yet ?"
Head of engineering: "No, keep going".

Load it to 6000 lbs, 50% over spec.
Part show minor deflection, which is acceptable.
Toolmaker(me): "Has it passed yet ?"
Head of engineering: "Ummmmm,.... No, keep going".

Load it to 8000 lbs. 100% over spec.
Toolmaker(me) "What was that about a 5/8" bolt not being strong enough ?"
"Engineer" : ....... (silence)
Toolmaker(me) "This is a 3/8" bolt, that is smaller."
"Engineer" : ........... (silence)
Toolmaker(me): "We are at double the spec. Has it passed yet ?"
Head of engineering: "Ummmmm................ wellllll, ....ummmmm".
Toolmaker(me): "Should I keep going ?"

"Engineer" and Head of Engineering walk away.

Eventually, they ran out of excuses, and the part was approved for production.
PS:Our hero, the "engineer", made a drawing from the sample I made,
and sent it to the machine shop.

And you guessed it, HALF the dimensions were missing.

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A likely suspect


So I looked out the back of my apartment this morning to notice that the herbs and potatoes I planted had been tilled from the soil and a few different herbs planted in the opposite corner. Annoyed that someone had carelessly torn my plants from the soil and discarded them under the staircase I left a note staked into the ground requesting that they replace the destroyed parsley. Now, as we have some people moving from a ground floor apartment to the unit above us I first assumed it was them. I'm fine to share the garden space if they can respect our shit.

Shortly after I noticed the resident trust fund baby replanting my rootless parsley. At this time I noticed I couldn't see my rose plant. After scouring around the back of my unit with no luck, I decided to check behind the garage, where the same trust fund baby has taken up majority of the space with his own raised garden beds (some empty) and potted trees and plants.

Low and behold, I find my pot, emptied of soil sitting amongst his pots. To make things more interesting he dropped his wallet next to my stolen pot. No detective needed here. In my rage I immediately took the pot he stole from me and brought it down upon one or two of his own plants. It took a bit longer to locate my rose plant but I found it discarded beneath the stairs where my parsley had been thrown.

I went up to his apartment and knocked, knocked harder, called his name and got nothing. I actually left his wallet on his doorstep despite every urge to haul it into the river. I don't often confront people, I don't like to cause a fuss but I was determined to give him a piece of my mind.

I left a sign on my stolen pot, which is placed directly where he planted his garden in our bed (his own plants now under the staircase) with his name at the top stating "<NAME> DO NOT STEAL FROM ME" A note was left with his wallet to inform him that I found it next to our stolen pot.

I will post any further developments.

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Toss my food, okay I quit...


For a little about me, I (28M) live with my wife and son. I worked for myself for a while... But decided on a change of pace. I applied for, then worked for a Fast Food chain that specializes in Chinese food at an extremely rapid pace if you see where I'm going...

For context I'm a little slow, nothing ever diagnosed but 99% certain of ADHD and something else...idk what.. (psychopathic/Asperger's/highly functioning autistic), some mix of things...

I have worked in numerous fields and held more different positions than years I have been alive...

Before all this I had an opportunity to work in an unrushed customer service capacity and it was great. I had to quit when our housing situation fell through, but I had become accustomed to working the way I do best. (Minimal scripting and at my own place.) I for whatever reason enjoy trying to make people happy, so naturally I gravitate towards customer service positions but my dream job or one possibility has always been a trainer... Like a teacher but for adults who want (mostly) to be there and learn everything there is to learn, I would be one of the best as I'm very good at remembering protocol/ingrained processes/etc...

But enough about me... Let me tell you a little about the job...

When I applied for the company it was for a leadership/managerial role, I knew that I didn't want to work in the kitchen or on the front end. I walked into the restaurant in a very nice shiny striped dress shirt (it has reflective metallic stripes, it's one of my favorites) tie, and vest, I was dressed to the nines. The hiring manager was however evidently unimpressed, I was offered only front or back of house and told that they hire from within.(Important later.)

Instead of outright rejecting the position, I decided to accept and see what the job culture(Family owned and not a franchise) and coworkers were like, and maybe sticking with it if I felt comfortable enough...

I came to realize that this was no different from any franchised fast food company (Maybe worse.), employees can't even read employee news when they aren't clocked in (Can't read it when they are, because it's always too damn busy.), the company literally blurs the news feed to the point of unreadability when off the clock. (To hinder trade secret theft I guess???)

When I got hired on I was told/learned a few important things, and a few things that were apparently untrue and unpracticed... I was told that they have very strick rules and that things move very fast. I was given an apron, name tag, shirt, and hat, and expected to wash and iron the apron and shirt prior to every shift(I complied, despite not owning an iron prior.)

The position I was hired for paid about the same if not less than working self employed for food delivery...

I was told when hired that facial hair was a no-no, and that I must shave daily(This was when face masks where still mandatory throughout the company, I complied.), that we are not to cater to any special requests (Contrary to company training, but okay I complied.) and that I would be on a two week probationary period and that during any time in said period either party could terminate employment with no notice.(If I was deemed worthy I would receive more aprons and shirts so that I wouldn't have to wash my uniform daily.) But more on that front later...

Our General Manager is frequently in the store, which you'd think would be great but they don't practice what they preach...

GM would say things like it's "Blank Blannnk" not "Blank Slow", "Always offer to make a dish for a customers if we don't have enough/it's old/etc.", even if it's 5 till close and stuff like "Your just limiting yourself.", when you tell them you can't prioritize speed & A+ Customer service wirh A+ accuracy. (I work at my speed damn it all, we are not robots.[But that's what they wanted us to be.])

Also a couple of days after I was hired on to front house staff, following the whole " we hire from within" bit, an assistant manager in training...was hired on from the street. I don't know what all their qualifications were but that doesn't matter, as it was just another brick in the wall...

One of the "strictest" rules was regarding food waste. Employees were not to take any food home whether that be lunch from a hard worked shift or extra food at the end of the night. That "apparently" others had been fired on the spot for said offense.

Now I hate wasting food, there are more than enough starving people in the world currently, and I do everything I can to avoid wasting food.

I recently learned that one of our already short staff was getting ready to go back to school and was going to be leaving the restaurant directly.

Onto the story...

I just finished my 21th and last shift. (Some shifts were just training days, most others I was there from morning till closing.) Oh the joys of closing in fast food...

So, today I was on the drive through window ALL DAY (Our lobby closes before our drive-thru) and I was paired with a novice order preparer, "Runner"'s over time learn (Based on daily trends and hearing the orders, as they also get a headset.) which items to refill and which to not as the night drags on, however as the night grew longer... He(Runner) complied with the GM's verbal comment of making food rather than telling me when we're out of an item. (Know that there was no way for me to stop him, as anyone who has ever worked drive-thru here will know, we have way too many responsibilities even when there are only a couple cars in the drive-thru.)

I had taken food home before and figured that I'd stop if anyone said anything to me/when I was confronted about it... I mean what's the worst that'll happen a final written warning? (They were/are? short staffed anyway.)

As we were getting ready to stop serving customers, I go look to see what's left and I see at least 10lbs combined of various foods (I hadn't grabbed my free meal for the day and was anxious to see what was left.[I"ve been rather cash poor since starting the job {Staying with family rent free.} and was planning on bringing something home for the wife and I.])

I had previously never had any issues with the shift leader of the night and thought she was pretty chill, but I ended up getting into verbal squabble with her (Carol for this story.), when I told her I hadn't eaten and planned to take my food home to eat(Share.) there, rather than eating it all at the restaurant after hours.

Carol started repeating the GM's mantra about not being able to take ANY food home(Unless purchased off shift.) and talking about insubordination, etc., and that's when I told her "Meh, I'm not trying to generate food waste in any position(drive-thru or lobby) but I have mouths to feed, and I'll gladly take what they deem as waste...

At 10:00 I closed the drive-thru window for my last time.(I didn't know it was my last time yet.) I went to go grab my to-go plate, and found that the runner had already begun dumping out our "food waste", I ran and quickly grabbed a plateful of the freshest looking entree available which surprisingly happened to be the teriyaki chicken, while he continued with his closing duties.

I set my plate aside, bagged up and ready to go in an inconspicuous place(Even from a camera surveillance standpoint.) and started my closing duties for the drive-thru area. Shortly after starting I had to go in the back and count up my till and make my safe deposit...

About half way through counting my till, Carol walks up and this conversation ensues:

Carol: Are you going to eat the plate here, the one in the drive-thru area? (My plate.) Me: No. Carol: I thought so, I already threw it away. Me: Then why did you even ask if I was going to eat it here? Carol: Because I wanted confirmation. Me: Okay, well you can finish this, and everything else that I didn't get to.

I walked away as I took off and balled up my apron, name tag, and hat and then tossed them into a shelf and promptly clocked out prior to my scheduled end time.

I walked back to my slightly prepared area, verified that my food had been tossed, and hit the feed button on the receipt machine, I tore off a good size piece of receipt paper and wrote out "I quit." and signed my name right below.

I walked to the back and dropped it in front of Carol, and said later. She started to chase after me when she realized the full extent of her actions, and asked me if I was serious...

When I replied that yes I was and that she could take that receipt and shove it, she told me that I couldn't just quit...

I reminded her of my probationary period and that I had never been offered a set position despite having exceeded the two week probationary period nor had I been given the extra uniform components so that I wouldn't have to wash my uniform daily. I explained to her in reasonable terms that I could make more money working for myself than I was getting from them, without the constant "faster... faster..." And all the grief that comes with working front end customer service... And then I walked out.

TLDR: I got hired on to a short staffed, poorly managed fast Chinese food restaurant, with "industry standard" food waste practices and when my leadership threw away my food I threw in the the towel... leaving them even shorter handed...

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If you’re rude, you don’t get a room


I work in a hotel, it’s pretty much one of the most known chains but I’ll keep it unknown for my own sake. I work night audit in a rural area, so I don’t really have to do much. It’s a college town so we do have our busy seasonal moments but it’ll only last for a couple weeks at a time. On those nights tho, we get extremely busy and full, but even when we’re full, my boss will always set 2-3 rooms aside as “Just in case” rooms for the random guest who wanders in at 2 am in desperate need of a room. Well, I’ve done it a few times and I lost my sense of guilt, but as a customer service worker, you’re not gonna belittle me or disrespect me in anyway because I already hate that I’m here in the first place. Which is why when that happens, even fully aware of my stock and the fact that I have 2-3 rooms left, you’ll get turned away. I had a guy come in and ask me if we had a room, I told him no and he kept saying Over and over that “I have to find him something” which I told him I can’t just make a room appear, not only that, he kept demanding a discount and when I told him he’ll get the typical member discount rate that comes with his membership, he said that wasn’t enough and he wants a bigger chunk taken off a room because of the money he’s put into this company. At that point I couldn’t help but laugh, I told him again for probably the 10th time we had no space and he needed to find another hotel, I had a king suite and a queen suite ready to go.

TLDR: I don’t give out rooms to rude guests when working night audit, even with spare rooms. A guy came in with an ugly attitude and I turned him away even tho I had 2 rooms left.

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Embarrassingly cheap boss tries to rip off a customer gets blocked by me-the underpaid employee


Mobile phone so please excuse the format. I am educated and experienced but have a disease that limits my ability to work long hours. So I picked up a part time job at a luxury store near my house. We deal in higher priced items ($20k-$3k) and occasionally buy or consign items. It’s important to note I used to have my own business in this field so I know a bit about the industry. Now when I was hired, I accepted appallingly low pay (less than working at a gas station) because I thought it would be fun and low hours. My bad! The owner is so freaking cheap, they make us reuse garbage bags and I have seen them make decisions that are ethically questionable and I just can’t stand by and let someone get ripped off. It’s also important to note that the owner thinks they are the smartest person in the room so I am clearly stupid in their estimation. Queue petty revenge. We had a customer come in with their relatives’ highly expensive couture item. They wanted a price for us to purchase it. Mind you, the item was worth about $25k. But ‘we’ were only offering them less than 1/10th of the value. I did not want to see someone get ripped off so Queue petty revenge for 1) being underpaid and 2) being required to reuse garbage bags and 3) having to work more hours than I had agreed to. Owner offers a horrible deal. Meanwhile I’m gushing on about how that item must be worth a darn fortune and how it’s a branded item. How fortunate she was to own something so exquisite. The owner tries to talk down my exclamations. I (acting like an airhead) blathered on and on about how I think they should get it appraised and how magnificent it is. The owner steps in front of me and takes over. I, standing behind the owner, am making eye contact with the customer who has clearly caught on by this point. I’m shaking my head ‘no!’ As the owner is trying to make the case that it isn’t that valuable. They left with their items and I got a big old talking to about how I just don’t understand how the business works and was berated for contributing to the loss of a sale. To this day, I do my best to block any low ball, insulting offers. When the owner takes over, I refuse to participate and walk away if someone wants us to buy grandma’s really expensive items. Oh and I’ve started using extra garbage bags too. 😬

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Driver makes up her own road rules and gets held up 20 minutes


I was driving to pick up my mother for chemo and when i turned down the street, half of the street is blocked off for tree trimming, i am directly behind a truck. I stopped a few feet into where the street turned into a single lane and i waited for that truck to dissolve itself into the mess, it turned into a driveway and i slowly start continuing driving.

I see this car coming straight at me at a fast speed, this looked like trouble so again i stop and wait to see what the driver is planning on doing. She gets to like 15 ft in front of me and starts yelling at me to back up. I saw a parking space just to my right so I put on my blinker and go to pull into the space.

She wasnt having it, nope she pulled forward til i couldnt get into the space. She is still yelling, turns out she is of the opinion she was going past the trucks (which were on her side of the street) first (disputable) so i HAD to back up. So, i sat there and waited and waited 20 minutes.

A cop was yelling at her by the time i backed up so my mother would not be late for her appt. Annoying But i had to get moving.

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Can't be bothered to put the garbage in a can in winter? Can't get out of your door without tripping over your garbage.


I once lived in an upstairs/ downstairs duplex, on the 2nd floor. My downstairs neighbors couldn't manage to get their garbage in the can in winter, even though I moved the outside cans up near the doors and kept the access to them clear. Left garbage bags, including paper ones, sitting in the snow. Kitchen waste, bathroom waste from a young female, you get the picture.

The first spring, I cleaned up the resulting mess once the snow melted, and asked them not to do that, for the umpteenth time. Bad response.

Surprising no one, they did the same the next winter. Until I started moving their bags back outside their kitchen door every time they did it. And their front door. Couldn't get out without tripping over their own garbage bags. They thought that was a terrible unneighborly thing to do, but they did eventually manage to find the garbage cans and use them, even in winter. Amazing!

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Petty revenge towards anti-service worker neighbor


I have a full time job that often has me working 60 or more hours per week, but the pay isn't awesome. It is my passion, but to supplement my income, I picked up a job as the manager of my large apartment building five years ago and have worked the job ever since. I mow, do snow removal, clean the laundry room, clean the hallways, moo the floors, vacuum, and basically anything else that is needed to keep the place looking nice.

A month ago, a new guy moved into the apartment across the hall from me. I talked with him once during his move-in, and in a five minute conversation, he brought up how ridiculous it was service workers are getting paid so much right now, people don't want to work, yada yada. Before separating, I mentioned that I am the building manager, to which he scoffed and laughed.

He has a job where he obviously works in the mud and dirt. I vacuum twice per week, but he tracks in mounds of mud multiple times per day, much more often than I can possibly keep up with given my other job.

So, instead of pulling out the vacuum every day, I now pick up every single piece of mud and add it to a pile right in front of his door. He kicks it and spreads it out, but I continue to add to the pile every day, including the debris he kicks around.

I wish that I could also attach a picture of the mound. It is freaking huge, almost as wide as half of his door way. I don't think he realizes just how much endurance I have to keep this going.

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Manager threw my work ID in the trash


I worked at Hollywood video back when it was a thing and had a young manager who tried to be one of the guys, I worked with a couple friends, but didn't quite understand the difference between friend/co-worker and supervisor/manager.

One day we were joking around and he ended up ripping my lanyard off my neck and threw my ID in the trash. I was upset for obvious reasons but when I told him to get it out, he refused and that really got me. I, being 18, got it out of the trash myself and realized this was the last day I worked there.

I was scheduled with the same manager the next day and it was going to be just me for a while during the dead part of the afternoon. He would've been working from open to about 2 with the night shift starting 4 or 5. I was the link. I was supposed to get there at 1 and I waited patiently until about 1:15, called the store and told him I quit. No two weeks notice, no anything. You disrespect your workers and you get screwed.

My regrets are not ever explaining to his supervisor why I quit and also the fact that I didn't leave when he refused to get my badge out of the trash.

TLDR Manager threw my work ID in the trash and refused to get it out so I call in and quit 15 minutes after my shift started the next day, leaving the same manager in the lurch, working a surprise double shift.

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Handprints at dawn


Back when our family life went to shit, four of us moved into a two bedroom apartment and we had to leave the fancy school and go to the local comprehensive. Why we were even going to the fancy school in the first place with a precarious grasp of finances is a whole other thing. So we all had to move across town to a cheap area and leave the school - but no, the fancy school kindly gave me a scholarship to finish up the last two years of schooling there, yay, while my younger sisters changed schools.

Now we were living in an apartment block miles away from my school though, so I had to leave at 0630 to get there, came back about 1700, and was generally tired. I need my sleep.

My middle sister was now sharing a room with me. She didn't have to even get out of bed until an hour after I left the house. She liked to stay up late. She was (still is) v. v. noisy. She was constantly waking me up at midnight or 1am just fucking about, making no effort to let me sleep because fuck being 13 and changing schools, right. I tried doing the equivalent stomping around at 0600 (because fuck being 15 and having to commute) but she just slept through whatever I did. I hate being miserable by myself.

Since she slept so soundly, one morning I found the fake tan that was inexplicably in the cabinet, and left several thickly tanned handprints on her legs where they stuck out of bed. I was careful to wash my hands properly afterwards because no one needs orange palms. I went to school, expecting eventually she would realise and I would hear the sweet sounds of complaint.

As it happens it was probably her who got the revenge, because when she finally woke up, the tan had developed into obvious handprints, she thought it was hilarious, and she wore a short skirt to school to show them off.

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Baby poop is fine on the bed? Aight bet.


tldr; at bottom

Referred from another sub. Excuse my English.

So to introduce the main characters, I’ll start off with the mother of the baby (I’ll call her Molly). To my family Molly is a super close friend to us, almost like an auntie to me and a sister to my mother - I still really appreciate everything she has done for us and I do love her, but in this story she stepped out of line. The other character is the baby (which doesn’t need much of an explanation).

One day Molly and her family came over to our house like they usually do to chill and whatnot. Things were going fine, kids were having fun and I was just chilling and chatting with my siblings. I recently cleaned my entire room and was in a state of relaxation from doing that. That’s until the baby had a bit of a oopsie and needed to get a nappy change (I was totally unaware at this time).

So I decided to get up at go relax in my room for a bit (I’m a bit introverted), as I was leaving to go to my bedroom, I saw Molly and the baby come in the direction of my room. I didn’t think anything of it since the toilet/other rooms were near that direction. So I just smiled and walked passed them eager to get to my room. As I went into my room, I immediately closed the door and flew in my bed face first into the warm clean blanket. I didn’t notice at first but as I turned around to go on my phone I caught a whiff of literal shit… it was musty and fresh (ughh). I knew immediately what had happened. A bit pissed by the blatant disrespect (like out of all the beds, she chose mine?) but still understanding, i went over to Molly and asked her in private if she changed the baby on my bed. Which she replied to yes. I told her to please not do that again, I can smell it on my bed after I just cleaned everything. She was apologetic and everything was fine after that (I was still a bit salty though).

Anyway, a week or so goes by and we are still visiting each others houses and one day Ms family comes to visit ours again. like last time, things were fun and chill. But then the baby pooped again and needed to be changed - I was outside and again was oblivious to everything. EXACTLY like last time, Molly decides to change the baby in my room, and EXACTLY like last time, my introverted ass decided to go back into my room to recharge a bit and jumped face first into my bed… big mistake.

This time I was furious. Having baby shit on your bed is a smell that is hard to forget. I talked to Molly and brought up that last time she said she wouldn’t change the baby on my bed again. Unlike last time, she wasn’t apologetic. She said “I’ll try not to, but I have to change the baby somewhere? It’s natural relax”

This set me the fufck off. But I couldn’t show my anger since it’s frowned upon in my culture to do that to your elders (I’m like 24). So I just bit my tongue and sat on my resentment.

Until I had an idea…

Que revenge:

This time our family was visiting hers for the day. Everything was fun and chill but I still had in the back of my mind what had happened the weeks before… Now you probably already know where this is going but I’ll continue..

This time I was the one that needed to take a shit. But instead of using the guest toilet I used the en-suite toilet in Mollys and her husbands room. Coincidentally they had run out of toilet paper (not that that would have stopped me). so after I completed one of the biggest shits in my life, I got up still butt naked and sat my ass directly on their light grey sheeted bed and left a noticeable long brown streak as I was chilling on my phone. I got up, searched for toilet paper, found some regular tissues, wiped, and that was that.

Now like me Molly was clueless for a while, but unlike me she didn’t need to jump face first into the bed to find out what had happened. She stormed out of her room and yelled who left the shit stain on her bed (maybe she had some bit of hope it was one of her kids). I calmly stood up and said I did. She said (trying to contain her anger) “why”. I replied acting dumb, “oh because there wasn’t any toilet paper and I must of left a mark on your bed looking for some, my bad!” And then what really tipped her off the edge: “but it’s natural right?”

My entire family was equally shocked and left feeling shamed.

She banned me on the spot from ever coming to her house again, among all the other yelling and curse words 😂.

Now admittedly the baby didn’t leave a big of a poop streak as I did (for obvious reasons), but the principle was the same. I was satisfied. Later she calmed down and we became friends again. This time, she never changed the baby in my room again.

tldr; a mother changed the nappy of a baby on my bed twice, leaving the scent of shit in my sheets. I returned the favour to her own bed and she never changed her baby on my bed again.

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Wrong person to start a fight with..


So this Karen put an anonymous letter in my mailbox berating my driving saying I almost hit her and her son and dog. This did not happen or I’d have some recollection of it.. I always give ppl a wide birth when I drive around them and lecture my kids about doing the same and speed. This Karen threatened me with police actions and smugly said this letter was a courtesy to me to change my behavior. Wellll.. let’s just say I don’t take kindly to false accusations so I wrote a letter back saying I know who she is too (we have security cameras, we do but it didn’t capture her) and that she can shove the video of me doing the speed limit up her tightly clenched a&$ among other choice words. Since I don’t know who she is I used the intersection she named and flyered allll the houses within three blocks with the letter. Then I posted a few more at the local park. Basically it’s a you messed with the wrong B letter. I’m literally looking for a lady with a kid and dog to threaten to hit or honk at rudely when I’m driving around the neighborhood now :D I already hate self righteous people and this smug B has no idea what’s coming for her.

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Radio hog


This happened back around 1998 or 1998, but still one of my classic moves.

Worked as an airplane mechanic at a facility. Had this one guy, every time he came in, he would change the radio station on the radio. (Radio was a shelf stereo unit, that had a dial to move the slider on the radio station display. Not digital) It was always a radio station he liked, everyone else hated it. When we would change it to what we wanted, he would change it right back. After several weeks of this, I cued petty revenge. I had to work one weekend, so I decided to break the radio. I changed the radio to what most people liked to listen to. I then took the radio apart and cut the internal bands that move the radio dial, so no one could adjust the radio station. Put all back together and never told anyone. Needless to say the first day back with radio hog, was funny as hell for me. He was not a happy camper. Finally told some people what I did, and they thought it was funny as hell.

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8 degree college.


I got illigaly kicked out of my college. (In my country colleges are only allowed to kick out students in special circumstances but this rule is hardly enforced and usually students are bullied into leaving)

But anyway , the college has this Aircon system that's only controlled by remote , and cus of the open plan of the building this massive Aircon in the roof of the common room practically dictates the temp of the entire college.

So I stole the remote and set it to 8 degrees. Since the college is in the centre of town, every time I pass it I turn it back down from the outside.

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Returned their dog poo


About 10 years ago, I was living in a home that I was renovating. One evening after finishing up some work, I was sitting in the shade on my front lawn when I noticed a couple of people walking some dogs approaching my property. As they got to the edge, one id the dogs stopped and squatted. The owner stopped, looked at the dog, and kept in talking while the dog relieved itself on my property. She then looked back and saw that the dog was finished going number 2, and gave the dog’s leash a gentle tug and they continued to walk across my yard leaving the poo there. They noticed me a few moments later but didn’t seem concerned about the mess they’d left. As the owner of a corner lot, this sort of thing happened a lot and I was irked. I waited for them to turn the corner a block dow then ran and grabbed my car keys. I drove for a minute or two and circled the block to see that they stopped at a very nice house (with a perfectly manicured lawn) about 3 blocks down from me. I went back to my house. When it got dark, I grabbed a plastic baggie; used it as a glove, picked up their dog “present”, and tossed it into their yard. Then, disposed of the baggie in a public garbage can. It wasn’t the most glorious of revenges but it felt very just to me.

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Trash returned to owner


A couple of years ago a car stopped outside our house and dumped a box of trash on our lawn. My husband was furious. It contained stuff you aren’t legally allowed to put out for the rubbish collection and usually have to pay to get rid of. We have a camera but it didn’t catch a very good picture. Luckily the house across from us had a camera and gave the footage to my husband. It showed the guy getting out of his car, retrieving the box from his back seat, dumping it and taking off. We couldn’t make out the plate number but my husband knows cars and noticed a very small but an unusual detail on the car. He checked out every car he saw in that make and model for weeks, still absolutely fuming. He refused to get rid of the rubbish declaring he was gonna find the guy and give it back to him. One day as we were driving home on our way back from an event he stopped the car dead and screamed “that’s the c$&@!”. He had spotted the car in a driveway in the next suburb over to us. He staked out the house for a few days to make sure the guy lived there and wasn’t just visiting and the next evening he took the box of trash and left it on the bonnet of the guys car. He says he giggled all the way home. 2 days later our camera caught the guy stopped in front of our house, he noticed the cameras and sped away. Yeah, he knew what he did.