r/nottheonion Nov 29 '22

Asian faiths try to save swastika symbol corrupted by Hitler




u/PghSubie Nov 29 '22

Is this Oniony??


u/assjackal Nov 29 '22

It really isn't. They deserve their symbol back. It's a lesson on how badly a group of shitty people can appropriate and ruin a symbol, weirdly enough Pepe the frog is a more modern one.


u/ReporterSuccessful25 Nov 29 '22

Wow, this is worded badly. Nazi swastika is not equal to Buddhism symbol.


u/Tschudy Nov 29 '22

It is in the mind of the ignorant masses


u/sfzombie13 Nov 29 '22

and there you go keeping it going. nazi hakenkreuz != buddhist swastika.


u/bralinho Nov 29 '22

I hope they win. Make it that it's only nazi when it has the white circle and red square surrounding it


u/gandhikahn Nov 29 '22

Considering that Swastika brand cooking oil with a large swastika on the container is the most popular brand I saw in Nepal and India. I don't think this is a real issue.


u/CaveatRumptor Nov 29 '22

It is typically arrogant that the monotheist West assumes it can do away with other people's faith. The history of colonialism is very much underpinned by the theories of divine election in the Hebrew scriptures.


u/Rude-Atmosphere-3969 Nov 29 '22

Why is this here?


u/menlindorn Nov 29 '22

this explains all the Buddhists i see on Twitter