r/nottheonion Nov 27 '22

Pope urges Israelis, Palestinians to seek dialogue after surge in violence



u/indyK1ng Nov 27 '22

So a priest, a rabbi, and an imam walk into a bar...


u/Vonklin Nov 28 '22

Why is this oniony? He’s a religious leader after all, isn’t that what he’s supposed to say?


u/scolfin Nov 28 '22



u/sieri00 Nov 28 '22

Nothing would be good. I would much prefer for him to talk about how the Catholic heaven can be a good place if pets don't get into it.


u/Training-Selection55 Nov 28 '22

classic reddit comment

touch grass etc.


u/Working_Ad_4650 Nov 27 '22

Does anyone really think when he speaks about such things that it truely influences change?


u/TiredSometimes Nov 28 '22

No, it's just virtue signaling.


u/justmadeforthat Nov 28 '22

part of the job being a pope


u/mojavekoyote Nov 28 '22

Religions are made up of a system of virtues lol. What should he do?


u/FartIntoMyButt Nov 28 '22

Yeah, my Roman Catholic Boomer aunt


u/sledgehammer_77 Nov 27 '22

Might as well go back to what you know, have another crusade!


u/[deleted] Nov 27 '22

He's right though Christians would not make such a mess over there.


u/PMmepicsofWaffles Nov 28 '22

Look up how often Christian priests/monks have gotten into fistfights in Jerusalem over control of holy sites. The Church of the Holy Sepulchre has to give its key to a Muslim family since they can't agree among themselves


u/dankinator420 Nov 28 '22

Think you need to be introduced to this crazy thing called the last 2000 years my guy. But specifically any of the crusades where Christians tried to genocide the entire region


u/[deleted] Nov 28 '22

How about the history of the caliphate, turning a whole region Muslim by force?


u/dankinator420 Nov 28 '22

Seems like an unrelated point, just trying to say christianity isn't any better. Plus christianity has done the same in Iberia during the spanish inquisition, plus everything that happened in south america after its discovery. Also most of christian history has been oppressing various religious and cultural groups


u/Wiley_Applebottom Nov 28 '22

Tell me you've kind of heard of world history without actually knowing anything about world history.


u/dankinator420 Nov 28 '22

Just enough to back up thier preconceived ideas, not enough to actually learn anything...


u/Tahxeol Nov 28 '22

If you were to glass Jerusalem with a nuclear bomb, would that not resolve a good part of believer tension?


u/RokuroCarisu Nov 28 '22

No, it wouldn't.

I'm writing a book where exactly that happened; after a new cult emerged, declared a crusade against all monotheism, and is winning mostly because no country in the Near and Middle East was seriously willing to ally with any other against them anymore.


u/VyrPlan Nov 28 '22

that's just what Jews and Muslims need, some catholic guidance


u/Single_Ad5819 Nov 28 '22

The conflict will take longer than queen elizabeth age to be resolved


u/Mattna-da Nov 30 '22

For a guy who lives in a giant fort and wears pajamas all day, the Pope has built more credibility than any political leader I can name right now


u/redditaccount71987 Dec 01 '22

Hopefully people make peace. I found myself stranded by violent folks and the. Further trapped the uncaring and sociopaths. Never got to where I was supposed to go.


u/redditaccount71987 Dec 04 '22

I'd like to hear the Popes opinion about former Catholic priests turned evangelical or something granted immunity on federal wiretaps and excused by the police.


u/KaisarDragon Nov 28 '22

Again? How'd that go last time...


u/TSAOutreachTeam Nov 28 '22

I'm sure they'll get right on that now that he's said to.