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08:00 pm ET Link Miami Heat FINAL 111 to 108 Denver Nuggets Link

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Mod Post Your Input Needed - Reddit's API Changes & r/NBA


Hi everyone!

By now, you have heard about Reddit's API changes (if you haven't, then please check this out: LINK) and other subreddit's protests to raise awareness about the issue in hopes of reversing Reddit's decision.

The mod team at r/nba have internally discussed the issue and possible courses of action such as:

  • Participating in the blackout (two days or indefinitely)
  • Posting messages throughout the subreddit asking users to contact the admins
  • Issuing a formal statement similar to other subreddits

And other options.

However, each of those options seemed to have their own extended list of pros and cons. Before any action will be taken, we wanted to listen to your input and what you all would want to do about this situation.

Please feel free to express your opinion and suggestions about what r/NBA's community should do against Reddit's API changes below.

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[Serious] Can we as a community participate in the Reddit blackout other communities are doing to support 3rd party apps?


r/nba is one of the larger subs whose content frequently hits the front page of Reddit and I feel like we as a community should 100% be supporting the blackout other communities are doing to make a stand against the API changes and to support 3rd party apps.

Apparently Reddit is charging 3rd party apps $20 million a year to access the API. This is absolutely absurd because it’s not like Reddit creates the content. Reddit is a great site because it’s content is all user generated and with Reddit trying to punish 3rd party apps we will see a drop off of content.

What are your thoughts?

Edit: lol at all of you crying like your world is ending for being inconvenienced for a day

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Kendrick Perkins on ESPN not marketing Jokic enough to casual fans: “We are to blame, the media, us at ESPN. We should do a better job promoting him… Less talk about Lebron and Tatum and more talk about Jokic” — Pat McAfee: “Well Perk, the reason why you won’t is cause he’s white, I know that”

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News [Charania] Sources: Kyrie Irving has reached out to Lakers star LeBron James in attempts to see if James would come to Dallas. Irving is a free agent this offseason.

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News [Wojnarowski] ESPN Sources: Two Western Conference All-Star forwards -- New Orleans' Brandon Ingram and Memphis' Jaren Jackson Jr., -- are committed to play for Team USA's FIBA World Cup team this summer in the Philippines. USA Basketball plans to finalize a 12-man roster later this month.

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[JJ Redick] "Perk, is that you moaning in my ear over & over again?"

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Highlight [Highlight] Paul George tells the story of Steven Adams gashing his face so the refs would call a timeout

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Josh Hart: "85% of new dads at least wonder what breast milk tastes like... I was just like 'F*** it' ima tweet it & just see what people think.”

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[Stein] Per sources, "[Kyrie] Irving has consistently expressed a desire to remain a Maverick and actually wants to shut down the notion that he’s angling to get to L.A. 'He wants to stay,' said one source. With or without a LeBron reunion."

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[Steve Kerr] “Starting Love allowed Jimmy Butler to guard Murray. Murray is the head of the snake, not Jokic. If you just look at it you go ‘Well it’s Jokic’ but when you play them you realize ‘He’s gonna dominate no matter what we do’… so I think they just decided Murray is the guy we gotta stop”

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News [Haynes] Sources: Mavs were preparing to make an offer for LeBron James last season when Lakers were spiraling. But Lakers made a string of trades near deadline that changed trajectory of their season.

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[Erik Spoelstra] “Bam — we just can’t say enough about how difficult his responsibilities are in this series. To take arguably the toughest cover in the league and then he has to shoulder a big offensive role and play 40+ minutes as well.”

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News [Wojnarowski] The Phoenix Suns are hiring Jazz associate GM David Fizdale as an assistant coach, sources tell ESPN. Suns made a significant financial play for Fizdale and drew upon his history with new coach Frank Vogel and GM James Jones. Fizdale is a former HC with Knicks and Grizzlies.

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[Tyrese Haliburton] Put the trophy at half court and make the scoreboard bigger/feel like the finals.



Much like Tyrese Haliburton, I also hate the minimalist scoreboard design from ESPN, especially compared to last year when they had vibrant colors and the golden version of the Warriors and Celtics team logo. Also that small ass trophy on the side with YouTube TV and NBA finals written on it is not enough at all for the occasion.

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News [Wojnarowski] Former Houston Rockets coach Stephen Silas has agreed to join the Detroit Pistons and new coach Monty Williams as the top assistant coach, sources tell ESPN. Silas had previously been a top assistant the Mavericks, Hornets and Warriors.

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In their nine postseason wins against Milwaukee, Boston and Denver, the Heat are shooting 46.9 percent from three - including 48.7 percent on 'heavily contested' threes. It's historic, and timely, shooting, and it's going to be a part of this team's story no matter what happens.


Source: https://twitter.com/CoupNBA/status/1665758646020583426

@CoupNBA In their nine postseason wins against Milwaukee, Boston and Denver, the Heat are shooting 46.9 percent from three - including 48.7 percent on 'heavily contested' threes.

It's historic, and timely, shooting, and it's going to be a part of this team's story no matter what happens.

This is completely unbelievable and might be an example of the basketball god's paying us back after taking away or three-point shot all of last post season and this season. Miami's post season success is almost all 3pt shooting as well. They haven't defended well and there's no other facet of their game that stands out. https://www.nba.com/stats/teams/advanced?dir=A&sort=DEF_RATING

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[Duncan Robinson] “I surprised myself. That was not premeditated at all. That was a spur of the moment thing… Truth be told, I don’t get a lot of chances throughout the season to break that one out.”

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[Schuhmann] Heat point differential through 20 playoff games... 1st quarter: -1 2nd quarter: -11 3rd quarter: -12 4th quarter: +90

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Erik Spoelstra on not starting Kevin Love in Game 1: “I didn’t have the foresight, I didn’t. That’s on me.”



Kevin Love didn’t play in Game 1 of the NBA Finals.

Erik Spoelstra took accountability for the decision and re-inserted Love into the starting lineup for a surprising reason:

Defense, @joevardon writes.

Erik Spoelstra on not starting Kevin Love in Game 1: “I didn't have the foresight, I didn't. That's on me.”

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Since 2011 the Heat or Warriors have appeached in every NBA finals but the 2021 finals. Yet they have never faced each other in the finals


Both the Warriors and Heat have been the most dominant teams for their respective conferences since 2011, and yet neither have faced each other in the finals. I hope we get a Heat vs Warriors matchup before the dominance of both recedes.

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[Steve Kerr] “Just like we did last year, Miami made Jokic a scorer and took away other people.”


Said on the Draymond Green podcast.

Great discussion starting around 17 minute mark

Draymond: Getting to tonight’s game… Joker another great game 41 points, 11 rebounds, but only 4 assists… what do you make of that stat?

Kerr: Haha yeah we talked about this last year when we played Denver… we felt the same way that Miami did tonight, that he’s just so good of a passer. I think that’s what he likes to do best. What makes him go, what makes their team go. And they’re just so much better as a team now [because of injury issues last year]. They’re a great great team. But I do think, what Miami did tonight, they said, ‘Alright we’re gonna make Jokic a scorer and take away other people.’

Draymond: After last game I spoke about some possible adjustments they could make. Put Butler on Murray and keep Bam on Joker so you can defend that pick and roll better (switching). It keeps guys in front, you’re not getting back door cuts, Joker’s not getting 10 assists.

Link to podcast

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Highlight [Highlight] "It definitely helped [the Lakers] get around something, get some energy... But he is old. He kicked our a*s, and he's old." - Jaren Jackson Jr. on if Dillon Brooks' comments about LeBron James backfired

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Bradley Beal is owed 207,740,400 US Dollars over the next four years


He is slated to make $46,741,590 in 2023-24, $50,203,930 in 2024-25, $53,666,270 in 2025-26, and then has a Player Option for $57,128,610 in 2026-27

He also has a No-Trade Clause and a 15% trade kicker

Generational heist

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[Justin Russo] Beautiful subterfuge by LeBron and Kyrie to leak this so it puts pressure on the Lakers to bring Kyrie there instead of the other way around.

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News [Wolke] Kareem Abdul-Jabbar said LeBron James “doesn’t have to prove anything” and that he has “no animosity” towards James

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News [Buha] The Lakers maintained on Monday that they aren’t interested in adding Kyrie Irving this summer, according to multiple team sources. On Irving’s recruitment of LeBron James, the “unrealistic” paths for James to Dallas, and the most likely outcome

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