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Ukraine /r/ALL In 1996 Ukraine handed over nuclear weapons to Russia "in exchange for a guarantee never to be threatened or invaded".

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Ukraine /r/ALL Ukrainian ambassador to the UN pretty much tells Putin to kill himself: "If he wants to kill himself, he doesn't need to use nuclear arsenal. He has to do what the guy in Berlin did in a bunker in May 1945"

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/r/ALL “The dog on the Left is award winning showdog named Arnie an AKC French Bulldog..The dog on the right is Flint, bred in the Netherlands by Hawbucks French Bulldogs - a breeder trying to establish a new, healthier template for French Bulldogs.”

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/r/ALL My turtle follows me and seeks out affection. Biologist have reached out to me because this is not even close to normal behavior. He just started one day and has never stopped. I don’t know why.

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/r/ALL In England you sometimes see these "wavy" brick fences. And curious as it may seem, this shape uses FEWER bricks than a straight wall. A straight wall needs at least two layers of bricks to make is sturdy, but the wavy wall is fine thanks to the arch support provided by the waves.

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/r/ALL I created a photorealistic image of George Washington if he lived in the present day.

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/r/ALL The road to the White House just got a fresh paint job.

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/r/ALL Riding abandoned railroad tracks in Southern California with my railcart

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/r/ALL Vietnam veteran being told how much his Rolex watch is worth

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Moscow People in St Petersburg are allegedly protesting against the invasion of the Ukraine

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IAF /r/ALL In 1930 the Indiana Bell building was rotated 90°. Over a month, the 22-million-pound structure was moved 15 inch/hr... all while 600 employees still worked there. There was no interruption to gas, heat, electricity, water, sewage, or the telephone service they provided. No one inside felt it move.


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/r/ALL Here are my removed & genetically modified white blood cells, about to be put back in to hopefully cure my cancer! This is t-cell immunotherapy!

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/r/ALL The astronauts of Crew-2 enjoying their last day on Earth before they travel to space tomorrow to spend the next six months on the ISS

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/r/ALL Fake air vent built into a bunker in Normandy. Grenade surprise!

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/r/ALL My grandpa in front of the plane he flew in World War II. He is 97 now.

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/r/ALL A special effects artist made himself a mask for the pandemic and i can’t get over it

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Ukraine /r/ALL Members of the UN Council walking out on the speech of Russia's Minister of Foreign Affairs

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/r/ALL Protestors in Hong Kong are cutting down facial recognition towers.

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/r/ALL Next time you see a croc floating towards you, remember this image and you won't panic.


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/r/ALL Series of images on the surface of a comet courtesy of Rosetta space probe.


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/r/ALL 14th Century Bridge Construction - Prague

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/r/ALL It's snowing in Australia at the moment and its not every day that you get to see Kangaroos hopping in the snow.

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/r/ALL Customer brought in a 1934 thousand dollar bill. After ten years in banking finally got to see one in person.

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/r/ALL The protest rally in Hong Kong right now (source: twitter)

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/r/ALL physics teacher teaching bernoulli's principle

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