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The power of a green screen. Credits: @Mrdodobird on twitter

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u/Tascinm Aug 13 '22

This is Ian Hubert's project Dynamo. It's an ongoing project that he does almost alone and one episde is out yet.

He has a youtube channel with (quick) tutorials about how he does it and an instagram where he posts how he gets inspiration and reference materials in everyday's life.

Very impressive way to do it.


u/varpot Aug 13 '22

This is Ian Hubert https://twitter.com/Mrdodobird


u/Tascinm Aug 13 '22

Yes I figured after posting :)


u/kobocha Aug 13 '22

Thanks for sharing that info mate! Super impressive stuff!


u/InglouriousBrad Aug 13 '22

That is impressive af.


u/DreadPirateGriswold Aug 13 '22 edited Aug 13 '22

Green screen question...

Starting shot. Green screen doesn't extend all the way to the left yet they have filled in editing in that space. How?


u/lorem Aug 13 '22

The green screen only serves as contrast to make the borders of the parts they want to keep (the actor) easily recognisable.

So they cut the actor out of the recorded picture and they paste them over the computer-generated full picture.

No need to have everything else green, as long as the actor is surrounded by green the computer can make the cut easily.


u/collin_collin_collin Aug 14 '22

Also imagine you have a printed picture of a person on paper. You want just the person. So you can use scissors to cut the paper I to a smaller square before going into detail with the cutout of the person. Basically the same concept here


u/Colin_Charteris Aug 13 '22

Which one was real?


u/Temporary_Stuff_5808 Aug 13 '22

Love and hate this. Kind of a “I don’t want to know what’s behind the magic.”


u/TheDeafDad Aug 13 '22

What's the name of the movie?


u/Complex-Ring-791 Aug 13 '22

Ian Hubert's personal project with his partner called Dynamo Dream I'm pretty sure. You can find him on YouTube


u/Extractedpen15bone Aug 13 '22

the tech is cool, but this magic makes acting look real boring


u/Select-Background-69 Aug 13 '22

The actor and director need more credit. Look at those details in her acting. Imagining the entire environment.. the cold etc. Awesome


u/Raket0st Aug 13 '22

For sure, this is also the danger of green screen. Even the greatest actor can't sell basic stuff like being cold in the same way that actually being cold does. A large part of what sells Top Gun: Maverick is that you can see the actors actually suffer through the G forces of being in a fighter jet, something that you simply can't do with a green screen.


u/Select-Background-69 Aug 13 '22

Agreed. It's a constant balance though. For example this very scene would have needed a thousands of dollars to setup. For a few seconds. Since movies don't have that luxury, we would see re-used sets of Hollywood in different films.

Beautiful unique worlds can be created with CGI. As my personal opinion I give far more weightage to that than subtleties like feeling cold that the actors themselves pulled of perfectly.

But at the same time I agree with what you mean for fast paced films. The CGI in cars, planes etc really suck if they are not done properly.

Maverick had an issue following this style though.. The cockpit cameras never showed the fuselage. I wished that was there


u/ymOx Aug 14 '22

Lot of it good, sure, but her gaze was locked in one direction as the elevator went down, didn't look too natural. Not bashing it though; I just watched the full episode and it looked great.


u/notwonthelottoyet Aug 13 '22

This is all kinds of ridiculous. I love it!


u/Chako256 Aug 13 '22

Blender <3


u/catblack8008 Aug 13 '22

Ist the green screen supposed to cover whole scene?


u/AffectionateNorth135 Aug 15 '22

There’s a thing called “garbage mattes” that are in their simplest form are digitally created trapezoids that block out unintended elements. These shapes can be animated with key frames which describe where the matte is is and what the shape looks like at a particular point in time. Tracking data created by tracking the camera movement can make garbage matting less tedious. Notice she never breaks the edge of the green. If she did, you would have to hand illustrate a positive matte frame by frame for the object area outside the green . I used to do this work on network tv shows on a purpose built device called a Quantel Henry, which was a high end editing, color correcting, size and 3D space manipulator, compositor (blending things together) and digital paint system highly integrated together.


u/campionmusic51 Aug 13 '22

the power to bore me profoundly?


u/Fudrucker Aug 13 '22

Watch any movie or tv show made with this tech today, and then watch anything made 20 years ago. The atmosphere and mood are very different. The ability to empathize with the characters and be drawn into the story are much stronger with traditional filming, because you believe it is real. I keep turning off modern cinema halfway through the story, because I’m just not hooked anymore.


u/Basey124 Aug 13 '22

It's strong


u/redonkeydonk Aug 13 '22

What an excellent, lengthy example


u/hanstillianX Aug 13 '22

So the top part is how Marvel movies look like nowadays post production.


u/Own_Band198 Aug 13 '22

wow, great!


u/yumirow Aug 13 '22

I wouldn't have buyed a 3090 if I knew a green screen would do better


u/RhoPrime- Aug 13 '22

Why have an actor then? Do the entire thing in animation.


u/Old-Bedroom8464 Aug 13 '22

Realistically animated characters are still not totally plausible.


u/abzinth91 Aug 13 '22

Human are (at least today) near impossible to realistic generate on PC (hundred of thousands of hair, pores on the skin and so on)