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The 2018 Audi A8 can react to a potential side collision by lifting it's side to protect passengers


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u/p4r24k Aug 13 '22

the key part here is "to the audi"... screw the motorcycle rider


u/xlRadioActivelx Aug 13 '22

If you’re on a motorcycle and t-bone a car at those kinds of speeds, you’re having a real bad day no matter what.

I don’t think the tilt makes really any difference to the motorcyclist. The tilt moving the point of impact closer to the strongest structural members of the car would reduce the amount of crush-zone, making the impact happen over less time therefore higher G-forces. However, the motorcyclist is not rigidly attached to the bike, the G-forces experienced by the bike don’t really mean anything for the G-forces experienced by the rider (above a certain point). The rider is going to keep moving forward after the impact until they hit their bike, and probably the car after that.

In other words hitting something relatively soft like a car and hitting a solid brick wall are very different for cars, the occupants of a car, and the motorcycle itself, but less different for the motorcyclist.


u/p4r24k Aug 14 '22

but the car is now taller for the biker, therefore, more chances that their flight gets intercepted by the car.


u/xlRadioActivelx Aug 14 '22

The car is already 5’ tall, the rider is almost certainly going to hit it, an extra two or three inches isn’t going to change that. Besides if you’re going fast enough to fly over the car, and quite likely into traffic, you’re having a real bad day and hitting the car doesn’t seem much worse.