r/interestingasfuck Aug 13 '22

The 2018 Audi A8 can react to a potential side collision by lifting it's side to protect passengers


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u/RandoKaruza Aug 13 '22 Wholesome

And this helps how?


u/xSnakyy Aug 13 '22

Makes it so the impact is on the chassis of the car


u/RandoKaruza Aug 13 '22

It just seems that designing the car in such a way that the impact zones can actually be impacted without sophisticated proximity sensors would be a more elegant approach


u/RacerKaiser Aug 13 '22

That would require a bar to be in the middle of the door. So you would be climbing through a window. That’s what race cars do, not luxury sedans.


u/RandoKaruza Aug 14 '22

Side impact bars create deformation zones in just this way while allowing full ingress and egress. this tilt won’t do much for a full size SUV… but it does look cool… which is what luxury sedans are for I suppose so it’s quite on brand.


u/Jaripsi Aug 13 '22

I dont get what you are suggesting. This seems to be a pretty elegant solution already as it doesnt require anything added to the car but a piece of code if the car already has 360 degree parking cameras and air suspension.