r/interestingasfuck Aug 13 '22

The 2018 Audi A8 can react to a potential side collision by lifting it's side to protect passengers


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u/W0lfwraith Aug 13 '22

LOL nice way to get flipped if it’s anything larger than a sedan.


u/theultimatecat07 Aug 13 '22

Better than being crushed


u/W0lfwraith Aug 13 '22 edited Aug 13 '22

Not always no. Vehicles are designed to crush around you not into you. I’d rather be trapped with a broken arm/hip than be a qudraplegic.

Editing: upon some reflection I realize I am wrong. I’m a bit stoned and need to remember to keep my mouth shut when that is the case.


u/zackson76 Aug 13 '22

Rolling make the momentum from impact get transfered over a wider/longer vector, thus reduce impact. What would hurt more, punching a dangling sandbag or a brick wall?