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The 2018 Audi A8 can react to a potential side collision by lifting it's side to protect passengers


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u/W0lfwraith Aug 13 '22


u/PM_ur_Rump Aug 13 '22

Yes, I am well aware of what crumple zones are. I mean what the hell are you talking about specifically here with broken arms and quadraplegics?


u/W0lfwraith Aug 13 '22

What I’m referring too is that I’ve seen more than a few collision aftermaths and a full on T-bone that sends a car rolling more often than not does more than break bones. I used a rather poor comparison to try and make that point and I apologize.


u/PM_ur_Rump Aug 13 '22

Some people say steel toed shoes are dangerous because the steel toe cap can cut your toes off if something very heavy is dropped on them.

This is true, at least the second part.

But dropping something heavy enough to bend the steel would more than crush your fleshy little toes. See where we are going?