r/interestingasfuck Aug 13 '22

The 2018 Audi A8 can react to a potential side collision by lifting it's side to protect passengers


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u/Ras82 Aug 13 '22 Take My Energy

Wouldn't that increase the odds of a rollover? I'm assuming the engineers did tests, but still, I'd be worried if my car had that feature.


u/Suave_Jelepeno Aug 13 '22

The act of a rollover means much of the force is transferred to momentum instead of crushing the passengers. I'd take a rollover compared to the alternative.


u/The_Gray_Beast Aug 13 '22

I suppose as long as the roof is relatively strong


u/BabbitsNeckHole Aug 13 '22

All cars in America are mandated to be able to support themselves in the case of a rollover. Even convertibles. This lead to larger blind spots so now backup cameras are mandated also.


u/The_Gray_Beast Aug 13 '22

Interesting. I look at auction cars when I am bored and I saw a nice f250 literally plastered in blood with the roof caved in

Wonder what happened there. Id imagine it’s not only it’s own weight that is the issue


u/New-Ad-5003 Aug 13 '22

Heavy duty trucks often do not have to comply to typical auto regulations, such as emissions, and probably safety too.