r/interestingasfuck Aug 13 '22

The 2018 Audi A8 can react to a potential side collision by lifting it's side to protect passengers


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u/CDavid2005 Aug 13 '22

I'm almost positive a roll-over impact is signicantly less dangerous than just tanking a hit to the face or side of your car, so I'd much rather prefer this system.


u/No_Reaction7902 Aug 13 '22

It depends on if there is cab intrusion or not, but a truck slamming into the side right into both doors is a worst case scenario, and this feature could save your life if it caused a rollover instead of the cab of the car crushing and stabbing you


u/CDavid2005 Aug 13 '22

Yeah exactly. A cab intrusion is the short end of the stick, and from what I've seen you only see so many freak accidents in your life, most of which are not caused by sane, sober, and safe drivers, so I'd like to think my chances are very good lol