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French farmers' art for Tour de France

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u/Radialsnow4521 Aug 12 '22

Damn without that bike frame in the middle this would've been ominous as fuck


u/jb1316 Aug 13 '22

Man what kind of weird ass farmer ritual did we just stumble across


u/Hyro0o0 Aug 13 '22

It's called a tractor death spiral. The farmers follow each other's pheromone trails, and at some point the lead farmer got lost and started following his own trail. The farmers will just keep circling until they starve to death. Or they run out of gas.


u/wise_choice_82 Aug 12 '22

Kudos to these guys. They have one of the financially toughest jobs and they still have spirit left to do something fun as a group. Thumbs up!


u/AchingKnumbKnuts Aug 12 '22

I can't think I've seen anything organized by the French that wasn't a strike, riot, or protest. Very cool.


u/pataglop Aug 12 '22

That hurts my man.

We are also serious about food and wine.


u/SqouzeTheSqueeze Aug 13 '22

I came here with a strike joke as well


u/Immediate-Air-8700 Aug 12 '22

Are all farmers bike-curious?


u/gp2quest Aug 12 '22

This has literally happened every year (multiple times usually) and forever during the tdf, in many iterations.


u/gm2 Aug 13 '22

The tdf is cool, if you are interested in seeing a 3 week long slide show of mountains, castles and artistic stuff like this. This is honestly a pretty common and basic one that you'll see several times in any given tour.

We started watching for the scenery and got interested in the race. We started watching when Brad Wiggins (about 2012) was winning and look forward to it every July.


u/Sammy_1141 Aug 13 '22

Meanwhile farmers in the Netherlands are protesting like the trucker protest in Canada because a third of them are going to be jobless


u/anoppe Aug 12 '22

Meanwhile in the Netherlands… farmers protesting for months now


u/TantricEmu Aug 13 '22

About what?


u/Tthelaundryman Aug 13 '22

Hate to break it to them but they made it upside down! /s


u/NedRed77 Aug 12 '22

And I thought all they could organise was burning British sheep at Calais. Good work frenchies.


u/Marc123123 Aug 13 '22

Patronising little fuck.


u/soulouk Aug 12 '22

Seen this before many times over