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The man in the photo is Grover Krantz. He had both his and his dog's bones displayed after they passed away, because he wanted to remain with his beloved companion forever (Smithsonian, Washington, DC. )

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u/NewMe80 Jul 01 '22

Boy he stayed for a loooooong time for that pic


u/TheDraikenWeAre Jul 01 '22

Thanks for the chuckle 😅


u/politelyWeather12 Jul 01 '22

This is actually something that the Smithsonian allows its workers to do.

They do it to have many different kinds of skeletons in their archives and actively seek out people with certain disorders and disabilities. I have family who works there that are going to do the same thing.


u/4ar0n Jul 02 '22

Do they just strip off the non bone part and burn it?


u/Jamesifer Jul 01 '22

They photoshopped out the dick bone in this one


u/trwwy321 Jul 01 '22

I noticed that too. I vividly remember the dick bone.


u/Blaspheming_Bobo Jul 02 '22

That's what... she... Nevermind.


u/fyflate89 Jul 01 '22


u/Emergency-Hyena5134 Jul 01 '22

This fucking weird, and borderline morbid.
I mean it's also kind if sad that his closet relationship is with a dog


u/MyNameIsElaborate Jul 01 '22

People can lie, cheat, deceive, and betray you. But dogs love unconditionally.


u/Emergency-Hyena5134 Jul 01 '22

They don't actually love you. You feed them and play with them.


u/PoorFuckingValue Jul 01 '22

A dog well fed, with no love and attention, will not be happy. This reads like an opinion from someone who has never owned a dog. Dogs do in fact have a deep emotional connection with their owners outside of protection/food.


u/Emergency-Hyena5134 Jul 01 '22

Lol typical dog owner


u/netcent_ Jul 01 '22

You don't seem to have a good day, do you? What's the matter, pal?


u/yegir Jul 01 '22

Atypical non dog owner. You just kinda suck, idk if its just been a bad day or something but like, wow man.


u/Emergency-Hyena5134 Jul 02 '22

Look at all these triggered dog owners


u/yegir Jul 02 '22

Not "triggered" man, you're just wrong. Like literally just wrong, its weird that you think sentient social mammals just like us can't love something for real. Why do you think social animals that have existed by us for a long ass time cant have strong social bonds with the people taking care of them their whole life.

Your cynicism is getting in the way of reality my guy. Its not just that "we have food", the reality of it is just much more complex than that.

And trust me, youre not triggering anyone by just saying some dumb incorrect stuff, like if you said that around people irl no one would blow up about it.


u/NightsBlood94 Jul 02 '22

Destroyed with facts and logic, brought to you buy Eren yegir


u/Emergency-Hyena5134 Jul 02 '22

"my guy"

Classic triggered phrasing

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u/RealMZAce Jul 02 '22

I don’t even own a dog but I know how loyal those bois can be. When you adopt a dog it’s like adopting a child or even giving birth to a child, you’re bringing something into the family, and the dog becomes a member of the family.


u/Emergency-Hyena5134 Jul 02 '22

I don’t even own a dog


When you adopt a dog it’s like adopting a child

Oh wow, alright so you've adopted a child before then??

or even giving birth to a child

Oh let me guess, you haven't given birth either

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u/The_Dog_of_Sinope Jul 01 '22

They most certainly do feel love, and they feel love for people. This can be measured using oxytocin. https://www.science.org/doi/10.1126/science.1261022


u/ChumOfUrMum Jul 01 '22

You're either a really shitty troll or a moron. Leaning towards moron though.


u/MarinersDreams Jul 02 '22 Silver

Do not ever own pets. Thank you.


u/fortroque Jul 01 '22

And here the dog is ripping a chunk off his neck


u/GreyPourageInABowl Jul 01 '22

Love the devotion.

A couple million years from now however, some hyper advanced civilization is going to look at that and think two overgrown lizards tried to kill each other without context.

I ain't saying that the dinosaurs loved each other but I might be.


u/[deleted] Jul 01 '22

I've hit the rock bottom again that I am crying so hard over this. I miss my dogs. They saved my life.


u/Stock-Recognition-98 Jul 01 '22

Sorry, I started having leaky eyes when I read the title and saw the picture. I wish they didn't have so short of time compared to us. Shesh..... Sorry.


u/DarthPorg Jul 01 '22

You have another pal waiting for you at the shelter, friendo! Never give up.


u/EverQuest_ Jul 01 '22

This so much.


u/Aeroeee Jul 01 '22

The love that never dies.


u/Food-at-Last Jul 01 '22

Its like Futurama all over again


u/Light_Silent Jul 02 '22

This dog didn't need to wait forever


u/Siberian0Cactus Jul 01 '22

The dog just want some bones so...


u/ScorpionGold7 Jul 01 '22

A nice way to make sure he and his dog are remembered for a long time


u/Food-at-Last Jul 01 '22

I hope they did not kill the dog after the owner passed away, just to create this


u/STCM1 Jul 01 '22

So damn cool.


u/MrCanista Jul 01 '22

Imagine how they pulled the skeleton out of the bodies. How did they do it? Cutting away the flesh with butcher knives? Mafia style acid bath? Giving them a bath of maggots? High speed track with an instant stop and the bones flying out first?


u/bonoimp Jul 01 '22


u/MrCanista Jul 02 '22

Thanks! If they do the whole job - at least I hope so - that will take some time to be finished I guess.


u/voltagenic Jul 01 '22

Ok, now who edited out the penis bone?

This photo was edited and I want to know which snowflake it would have offended.


u/Skyhawk_Illusions Jul 02 '22

I've seen them both up close. God rest their souls


u/ShartThrasher Jul 01 '22

Do you guys remember in Terminator 2 when the nuke rips off Sarah Connor's flesh?

For some reason that always made me want to nuke things.

I eat a lot of microwave popcorn now.


u/ohverychill Jul 01 '22

that's a weird thing to do, but do your thing.


u/rattyFaddist59 Jul 01 '22

I am so stupid that fr a second I thought the man was the anthropologist and the dog was the Bigfoot enthusiast.


u/Professional-Bat4635 Jul 01 '22

His wife always knew she was second.


u/maraca101 Jul 01 '22

He never had another doggy after this one?


u/Reddit_Amphibian Jul 01 '22

Love reaches extraordinary heights sometimes. So wholesome 🥲


u/Mountain_Succotash_5 Jul 02 '22

Imagine going entire life with your best connection being a dog lmao

Feel bad for those people that never get to experience a human love.


u/juicedeucer Jul 01 '22

He was banging the dog wasn’t he…?


u/Replaay Jul 01 '22

That dog really loves his master. If you look better you can see he really really "Loves" him.