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Beluga whale saves an iPhone from the sea in Norway

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u/JockBbcBoy Jul 01 '22 Evil Cackle

Bro just said "Stop putting trash in my oceans. Thanks."


u/KodaiMamoru Jul 01 '22

And thanks for all the fish


u/Sid_Stark Jul 01 '22

Never let Kim Kardashian swim here then.


u/JockBbcBoy Jul 01 '22

Kourtney: Kim, the ocean would spit you back out if you went in for your earrings because you have so much silicone.


u/Einx Jul 02 '22

I wish you Didnt explain the insult in the insult


u/JockBbcBoy Jul 02 '22

My bad. It's a reference to that one scene where Kim drops her earrings in the ocean and is crying. Then Kourtney says "Kim, there are people that are dying."

I just explained the context of the insult in the insult.


u/sampascgarr Jul 01 '22

There’s enough garbage in the ocean Samantha, we don’t need your selfies


u/Publius82 Jul 01 '22

Whale clearly wants fish in exchange. Pay up, bitch.


u/Larry8ruh Jul 01 '22

Right all that work for a little bit of water splashed in his face pssh id take the phone back and find a potential buyer.


u/swaidon Jul 01 '22

which for a human is like someone fan the air in your face whenever you do a good thing.


u/Bobojones9584 Jul 01 '22

That's what I'm saying!


u/HugoZHackenbush2 Jul 01 '22 All-Seeing Upvote Table Slap

I dropped my iPhone into the sea one time..

and as far as I know, it's still syncing..


u/asian_black_mamba_69 Jul 01 '22

Oh dear god


u/HugoZHackenbush2 Jul 01 '22 Wholesome (Pro)

It was only an accident, I didn't do it on porpoise...


u/asian_black_mamba_69 Jul 01 '22



u/wiriux Jul 01 '22

Yes, it was in the Dead Sea indeed.


u/ScuttleBear Jul 01 '22

In otter words, you fked up...


u/Nobbie93 Jul 01 '22

This belongs in r/dadjokes


u/pixcup33isaweeb Jul 01 '22

Shut up and take my upvote


u/languagelearnererer Jul 01 '22

Vat is it syncing about?


u/phoenixthekat Jul 01 '22

Elite tier dad joke


u/another_account24 Jul 01 '22

"Rescued an iphone and all I got was this lousy pat on the mouth"


u/mossberbb Jul 01 '22

where's my fair trade fish?


u/BaneRiders Jul 01 '22

Wait until you see the selfies it took


u/GuessImCensored Jul 01 '22

Giant Beluga dick as the lock screen


u/Pure-Meat9498 Jul 01 '22

Hvaldimir is probably a russian spy whale! The wiki article is worth a read!

“The whale appeared beginning on 26 April 2019 north of Hammerfest, off the island of Ingøya and near the village of Tufjord on the island of Rolvsøya, wearing a tight-fitting camera harness labelled "Equipment St. Petersburg", and rubbing against boats in apparent attempts to free himself. Animal rescue staff and fishers worked to free him from the harness, a fisher named Joar Hesten finally putting on a survival suit and jumping over the side of the boat to loosen the buckles. The whale continued to return to the boats for several days, asking for food and playing fetch, and has shown himself to be very tame, coming when called and liking to be scratched around the blowhole. He later followed a boat to Hammerfest harbour. “

“On 4 May 2019, after a day in Hammerfest, two friends went to the docks to look for the whale; 25-year-old Ina Mansika's iPhone fell out of her pocket into the water and the whale brought it back to her. A video posted on Instagram shows her then scratching him under the chin.”

“The camera harness and label led to suspicion that the whale had been trained for use in Russian espionage. Both the United States and Russia are known to have military cetacean training programmes, the Russian including belugas. A Russian marine scientist told a Norwegian colleague that the harness was not of a type used by Russian scientists. A Russian military spokesman, Colonel Viktor Baranets, said in response: "If we were using this animal for spying do you think we would attach a mobile phone number with the message 'please call this number'?", but did not deny that the whale might have escaped from the Russian Navy; the Russian naval base at Murmansk is not far away. The Norwegian Police Security Service is investigating. A Russian naval analyst, Mikhail Barabanov, said he thought the whale was part of a zoological tracking project. In late May 2019 satellite photos surfaced reportedly showing pens at the Russian base at Olenya Guba that could accommodate belugas and other cetaceans.”

"Because of the Russian espionage theory, the newspaper Verdens Gang dubbed the whale Hvaldimir, a play on the first name of the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, and the Norwegian hval, whale; on 3 May the national broadcaster NRK announced that this was the winner of their public vote to name the whale, with "Joar", for the fisher, polling second and "Agent James Beluga" third."

As of May 2021, Hvaldimir was reportedly still living off the Norwegian coast, eating from fish farms and interacting with tourists.


u/fredrickmedck Jul 01 '22

A good way to prevent belugas having to save iPhones is to not film over the edge of a boat.


u/pokodapa Jul 01 '22

He must be thinking humans are a bunch of clumsy creature and he's absolutely right.


u/sevenwheel Jul 01 '22

He's like, "You tip fish bro?"


u/Neb_Djed Jul 01 '22

He wasn't giving it to you, he wanted a selfie and you just stole his camera! He only finally paid off the contract!


u/DryCalligrapher8696 Jul 01 '22

Get this guy a fish to eat!


u/autofeeling Jul 01 '22

What a little cutie!


u/Daveallen10 Jul 01 '22

This is what we belugas call a reverse fishing pole.


u/QuestionableAI Jul 01 '22

Wicked smart Beluga whale ... the relationship and association logic displayed also frightens me just a little bit. That is some real brain gain there.


u/Alt_4_stupid_subs Jul 01 '22

It was trained.


u/QuestionableAI Jul 02 '22

No less remarkable


u/phoenixthekat Jul 01 '22

Clearly a fishing scam. Don't give that beluga any of your private information. Or your fish.


u/cantthinkofone29 Jul 01 '22

"We don't want this trash, thanks. We still have our Nokias"- Beluga, probably.


u/lejammingsalmon Jul 01 '22

Hmm... So this is what a Norwegian Genius Bar looks like


u/BayrdRBuchanan Jul 01 '22

Somebody give that whale a fish!


u/willnotburn Jul 01 '22

It wanted food


u/jbertrand_sr Jul 01 '22

Give that boi a fish for the effort...


u/PositivelyUnwitting Jul 01 '22

Is this the Russian spy beluga?


u/karebear66 16d ago

Only when he is planting limpet mines on a ship's side.


u/Bosticles Jul 01 '22



u/TarantinoDV Jul 01 '22

More like ‘Save the sea from an iphone’


u/mfintrey Jul 01 '22

Those car warranty calls are really getting sneaky


u/rikitikifemi Jul 02 '22

I was waiting for it to bite her hand and drag her to the bottom of the sea...oh just me...


u/GeEkEdBoT024 Jul 02 '22

Animals are so pure & help us or proceed , how do we repay them ?


u/marijuic3 Jul 01 '22

The name of the whale is, Hvaldimir. Which can be translated to "Whaledimir". The pun is officially intended.


u/Xaniss Jul 01 '22

Hate to break it to you, that phone would not have survived, at the depth it likely feel the pressure would break through, and it's salt water, so it corrodes it anyway.


u/ackzsel Jul 01 '22

Yeah, that phone is FUBAR but the upside is that it's not lying on the ocean floor anymore.


u/00alex000 Jul 01 '22

Beluga app


u/wulfish33 Jul 01 '22

Well now you have a fun story and a very expensive paper weight.


u/drelos Jul 01 '22

"go fuck yourself, stop throwing trash, bye"


u/DonPepe181 Jul 01 '22

Give it a fish dang it.


u/1nfinitydividedby0 Jul 01 '22

Even Norway animals are polite.


u/zAsKaA1 Jul 01 '22

I would have not put my hand close to his mouth


u/Heavy_Schedule4046 Jul 01 '22

Trade for a fish bro fish! Wait what?!


u/dirtymoney Jul 01 '22 edited Jul 01 '22

Aw he's so cute! Dontcha just want to do things for him that'd make him happy? Give him fish or somethin.


u/READlbetweenl Jul 01 '22

“This is a whale to remind you that the extended warranty on your vehicle is about to expire…”


u/GumbyWeinstein Jul 01 '22

And I wanna sea see the selfies.


u/Original-Cow-2984 Jul 01 '22

Damn, and Davey Jones really wanted that model...

Pretty amazing, he was waiting for a sardine or something in exchange but it wasn't forthcoming.


u/Bot6241101 Jul 01 '22

Not gonna lie, if this video is completely legit and sporadic, this may be the coolest fuckin thing I’ve ever seen. The beluga was like haha, check this chick out who just dropped something in the water!! Wait, that an iPhone? Bill, let’s go grab that for her. That’s a quick gee right there. We’re gonna make her year for her


u/bongiovist Jul 01 '22

Do we really deserve them


u/loner_outaT_issue Jul 01 '22

Not a public phone ×20


u/4quatloos Jul 01 '22

I love those whales. They melt my heart.


u/Western-Image7125 Jul 02 '22

Would be funny if the whale was baiting the person and grabbed her arm to pull her in as she took the phone


u/No-Friend6257 20d ago

Imagine if this hadn't already been posted 20 times.