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This redesigned wrench



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u/[deleted] Aug 19 '20



u/Gambit3le Aug 19 '20

Also, the "head" is so big and bulky it won't work in many locations. The examples shown all have a ton of space around them which is flat out unrealistic.


u/Jubbaloo Aug 19 '20

This was my first thought. They have never been under a sink that was plumbed by a sadistic octopus with water dripping on your head, flashlight in your mouth and a cupboard in your back


u/Gambit3le Aug 20 '20



u/izwald88 Aug 19 '20

Like most wundertools. Clever but impractical.


u/Jubbaloo Aug 19 '20

I'm not sure on this one. The multiple heads I would imagine would cause less slippage than with an adjustable wrench surely and it's the slippage that causes stripping? Not saying I am right but I imagine it differently to you


u/[deleted] Aug 19 '20



u/Nonzerob Aug 19 '20

If it had a lock like vice grips then, minus the bulk, it might be a pretty good tool if you don't have time to find the right size wrench, but even then, regular adjustable wrenches are probably still better


u/kevinleethree Aug 19 '20

The thing with an adjustable wrench is you have to sink the nut into the head with 4 points of contact.


u/ilelloquencial Aug 19 '20

Shirley? Are you calling me Shirley? And just so you know, I have never been involved in stripping.


u/debloons Aug 19 '20

Or just buy a normal wrench set that won’t strip the bolts and can fit into tighter spaces


u/emartinezvd Aug 19 '20

Or understand that this wrench is not meant for high torque applications and use it when appropriate and convenient


u/ruumoo Aug 19 '20

A tight fitting bolt Will bend the jaws 100%


u/JoeyChopps Aug 19 '20

Good ole nut fucker right there


u/MikiTrasi Aug 19 '20

Too many moving parts, would be useless in months


u/gfy4dsny Aug 19 '20

Shut up and take my money! What's it called and where can I get it


u/hootiehootmf Aug 19 '20

Yeah anyone have an idea


u/boogiewithasuitcase Aug 19 '20

I had one once. Gave it away because it sucked...


u/SpinnyBois Aug 19 '20

Wrench is wrench because wrench work good


u/muzze85 Aug 19 '20

45 seconds in Yeah I get it, you can screw almost anything with that.


u/autoposting_system Aug 19 '20

Those are pliers, not a wrench.


u/nicktheking92 Aug 19 '20

Ya those are called Pliers