r/iamatotalpieceofshit 11d ago

Flight got delayed so they attacked the airline workers

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u/OutComeTheWolves1966 11d ago

Apparently, they weren't aware of something called a "no fly list."

They are most definitely aware of it now.


u/Key-Ad-6897 11d ago

They’ll never have any problems with delayed flights from this airline again!


u/FormerSBO 11d ago

or any most likely


u/wallykins77 11d ago

Disgusting behavior 🤦🏻‍♂️


u/Colonelkok 11d ago

What the fucks wrong with people.


u/toooooold4this 11d ago

Hope they like Greyhound.


u/Broken-Rectum 11d ago

My flight got delays so I choose violence. Wth kind of mentality is that.


u/Katsur4gi 11d ago

damn someone was dying to catch a felony today


u/Careless-Roof-8339 11d ago

How to book a 1 way ticket to a no-fly list


u/dakid232313 11d ago

After they get outta jail it's gonna be a long bus ride somewhere.


u/Sad-Custard3799 11d ago

I couldn't have said it better myself


u/Gnarly_Starwin 11d ago Silver Gold Take My Energy

It’s called a “Flight or Fight Response”


u/Page8988 11d ago

"How to never have a delayed flight again."


u/SAADHERO 11d ago

Room temperature IQ levels -_- in Celsius


u/TheYokedYeti 11d ago Silver

Please tell me this filth got banned forever from planes and got slapped with massive jail time…


u/Use_this_1 11d ago

As if the gate agent has any control of when the planes land or leave?


u/sara_c907 11d ago

Do you never want to fly again? Because this is how you never fly again.


u/bobafett317 11d ago

Yeah, that’ll get you on the plane.


u/Barfignugen 11d ago

Yeah that’ll get you there faster


u/MihalysRevenge 11d ago

That is a one way ticket to federal charges


u/jdawg4444444 11d ago

On today’s episode of “why can’t my entitlement move a 12,000 pound vehicle?”


u/aceventura14 11d ago

I’m terrified knowing that these kind of shitheads can be around me anytime. God. I would not want to be near anyone who is this obnoxious!


u/NoctRob 11d ago

Weird. Spirit Airlines. Never would have guessed.


u/ComeOnBrandonLetsGo 11d ago

My guess is these are the Americans the Jamaican short term rental property owner on another video was referencing.


u/[deleted] 11d ago edited 11d ago

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u/JudasWasJesus 11d ago

But are you white?


u/ewokzilla 11d ago

Why did you ask if they’re white?


u/RegularWhiteShark 11d ago

Because they’re trying to make the comment about belonging in zoos a race thing and not their abhorrent behaviour.


u/ewokzilla 11d ago

Ahh it’s just white people living in their head rent free. Got it.


u/[deleted] 11d ago

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u/JudasWasJesus 11d ago

Aren't white people the ones that put black people in cages and zoos? Pretty insensitive and racist to say the only people that have ever been put in zoos should go back into zoos.


u/Mindlessssssss 11d ago

He’s not saying the zoo thing because of their race, he’s saying that they are behaving like animals and throwing fits when they don’t get their way like an animal would. I realize there are better metaphors that don’t give the conception of a racist remark but he chose this one.


u/JudasWasJesus 11d ago

Literally only people tbst did that to other go gaslight some where else


u/Chocoahnini 11d ago

Why are you making this about race? Stop the whining, its a fight that shouldn't have happened in the first place. Doesn't matter the race. This fight is stupid


u/JudasWasJesus 11d ago

What's stupid is saying the only people that have I ever heard of being in zos ever been put in zoos deserve to be in zoos.

The poster quite literally made this about race.


u/Prezkit 11d ago

What's it like being so insufferable?


u/[deleted] 11d ago

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u/InfiniteWavedash 11d ago

Doubling down on your ignorance, nice


u/Amehvafan 11d ago

I'm white but I don't remember the meeting where we decided to put black people in cages. Did I miss anything else?


u/JudasWasJesus 11d ago

Good luck with that bro


u/AlexinChains87 11d ago

This thread will get locked, we know why


u/JudasWasJesus 11d ago

And if you say why you get "reported" as spam lol


u/Chokedee-bp 11d ago All-Seeing Upvote

This is why you don’t fly spirit


u/tarkovLoadedwCheatrs 11d ago

Ratchet ass Florida


u/Elensea 11d ago

Spirit ofcourse


u/pandalovesmars 11d ago

Not their fault that caused the flights to be delayed. At least waiting for the next one. There is always a reason for delayed flight. At least appreciate that you are safe and alive, not going to die in flight accidents. Chill guys 🙄


u/Thugnificent83 11d ago

And here's why I don't fly spirit or southwest!

They are basically the airline equivalent to a Dollar store and attract the same riff raff!


u/JudasWasJesus 11d ago Wholesome Seal of Approval

In before racism


u/[deleted] 11d ago Gold

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u/Itex56 11d ago

Really? Trashy.


u/ahkinxoc 11d ago

Your point being?


u/carolyn42069 11d ago

All of Florida is POS it seems


u/paultagonist 11d ago

Kids are stupid


u/Pilscy 11d ago

Shorty at 28 secs literally picked her up and moved her.

Get me her socials, I need her in my life.