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EPISODE DISCUSSION S19E11 Episode Discussion ‘Training Day’


Warning: free-for-all spoiler zone! Past, current, and future speculation.

Season 19, Episode 11: Training Day

Original airdate: March 23rd, 2023

Episode summary: Addison makes a special appearance at Grey Sloan to welcome Bailey's new OB/GYN trainees; Maggie's lung transplant is derailed; Nick bonds with Lucas before the day takes a shocking turn.

Training Day Promo

Title song is Training Day by Method Man featuring Cortez. (I think?)

Directed by our own Kim Raver AKA Dr. Teddy Altman! The first episode she has directed. Here’s her talking about it on Good Morning America.

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Sisters Are Doin’ It For Themselves

First episode with Nick since Mer’s exit! He was briefly mentioned last ep but not seen. Do you think he has what it takes to hang in and become his own character with Mer gone?? (Would he have had what it takes if she didn’t leave?)

Posting this at 8AM EST when Station 19 goes live, you have 1 hour from posting time before Grey’s starts!

Adding a link about an abortion clinic shooting in 2015 that seems like it may be relevant to this episode…

A few more timely links to enrage the antis

NARAL ProChoice America

Abortion Out Loud, a website for people to share their abortion stories and change the way we talk and think about abortions.

Planned Parenthood: Where to Get An Abortion

DOJ List of Recent Cases of Violence Against Reproductive Healthcare Providers

What a cliffhanger!!! Next episode S19E12 Pick Yourself Up airs next week, March 30th. Episode description: In the immediate aftermath of shocking events at the clinic, the hospital goes on lockdown and the Grey Sloan doctors split up to save multiple lives; Maggie lands in hot water with Winston; Jules' roommate makes a surprise appearance.

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You’re welcome

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DISCUSSION I read an article saying Ellen permanently leaving Grey’s won’t be the worst thing and I agree.


I know the main argument is “It’s Grey’s Anatomy” but that’s literally still at the heart of the show. I mean the damn hospital is Grey Sloan it’s still there.

Besides, not having Meredith gives a chance to fully flesh out a well rounded cast with equal plot and screen time. I don’t think one central character is needed and hasn’t been a fundamental part of the shows formula for a while. It might’ve been called Grey’s Anatomy but the heart of the show has always been the ensemble as a whole.

And if we’re really wanting a main character.. I’d need to put forward Bokhee.

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Completely forgot Sandra Oh was in Princess Diaries


Doing a rewatch of the movie and see Yang 3 min in and I was so confused. 😂

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Unpopular Opinions


1)MAJAC is better than MAGIC.

2)I never liked Andrew DeLuca or George O'Malley.

3)Meredith and Nick have always had amazing chemistry from the moment he was her patient.

4)Nathan Riggs was a way better fit for Meredith than Derek ever was. Megan Hunt and him should have never gotten back together.

5)Kai was bad for Amelia.

6)I've always shipped Jo and Link.

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DISCUSSION Who is your favorite paramedic in Greys?

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DISCUSSION What did you like and dislike about April Kepner?

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SPOILERS This scene was so awkward!

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CAST SOCIAL MEDIA protect trans kids.

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DISCUSSION What are your favourite names that Koracick calls Owen?


My personal favourites are Agent Orange and Strawberry Shortcake

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DISCUSSION How do you feel Shonda views of the characters compared to Krista?


Note: this isn’t meant to set up one as good and one as bad, or anything like that. It’s jus interesting to see how the characters differ under each show runner

Personally I noticed a big difference in a lot of the characters around season 16

Is it me, or do a lot of the characters all seem to become nastier versions of themselves? It’s always interesting to see characters live in the grey area (no pun intended) and not be wholly good or wholly bad, but so many of them just seemed… nasty

The way Alex leaves Jo seemed unnecessarily cruel. I know it’s a hotly-discussed topic and the writers were essentially backed into a corner. And yes it’s nice to see Alex get his happy ending (or at least hear it via voiceover) but he became so caring, nurturing and protective of so many of the women in his life (Jo, Mer, even Bailey when she needed him) that it feels callous and strange for him to have left in the way he did

Bailey also seems to become nastier and hot-headed, especially around the insurance incident. I’m not saying she shouldn’t have been mad, but it didn’t seem like Bailey fury, it seemed almost like petulance in a way, particularly with how she treated Richard

Jackson seems so bitter whenever he crosses paths with Maggie, often making comments that seem to have the sole purpose of humiliating and embarrassing her

Teddy… idk what to make of Teddy, especially in s16 and the situation with Tom Koracick. It felt odd to watch her do that after we saw years of her pining after own and being desperately in love with him from afar. I’m not sure if it was a self-sabotage thing, or fear of Owen going back to Amelia which made her feel like if she leaves first then it’ll hurt less… yeah idk

Again, I don’t know if it’s just me, but I feel like under Krista’s tenure so many of the characters became nastier or more vicious. There also seem fewer life-and-death catastrophes, especially within the core cast of residents, attendings and chiefs, which possibly contributes to more of the drama coming from in-fighting within the characters (rather than them against plane crashes, natural disasters and mass shootings)

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Noticed something about Christina


When Burke leaves Christiana she sings "like a virgin" wihile cutting up and cadaver and later in s10 when she meets Burke again and decides to move to Sweden they play like a virgin in the background. It's not a lot but i loved this detail

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FIRST TIME WATCHER Got my friend to start watching greys a while ago


Tonight I picked her up to come over and watch greys. We just started S11 E21 I’m watching her like 👀

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So Callie got screwed over by Izzie from stay to finish when you think about it


Let's think about her entire history with Izzie Stevens: Izzie was inexplicably a total bitch to her for no good reason, was super passive aggressive the entire time, actively tried to sabotage her and george, slept with George after she and George were married, and then when Hahn found out about the whole Denny Duquette thing, Izzie Stevens cost Callie a girlfriend too.

Is it possible to name a single way that Callie benefited from being at the same hospital as Isobel Stevens?

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DISCUSSION Teddy and Owen physician assisted suicide controversy


Hi, sorry in advance if this has been discussed already!! As the title suggests, I was wondering what everyone’s thoughts were on Teddy and Owen’s physician assisted suicide scenarios.

I am rewatching right now but am also caught up on the newest season. In season 6 Ep 18 (I think), Teddy has a terminal patient who asks Teddy to help her die by physician assisted suicide. Owen has a huuuuuge problem with this and even tries to interfere.

Fast forward to season 18 - Owen starts helping veterans who wish to die by physician assisted suicide as well. The way that Owen handles it, IMO, is far worse than how Teddy did and kind of dances on the line of legality.

Owen was upset with Teddy and didn’t understand how she could support what she did in S6 and Teddy is pissed at Owen for doing almost the same in S18. I definitely think Owen should have run what was going on by Teddy before carrying anything out so that she could maybe help him or at least so they could be on the same page. I’m curious to know what everyone’s thoughts are on this!

Also, is it me or do the writers seem to forget certain parts of Teddy’s story from early seasons when writing her in current seasons?

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CAST SOCIAL MEDIA i love caterina's tweets

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Is anyone a fan of both Grey’s and New Girl?


Most of my feed is these two subs and I get whiplash reading the names Nick Winston and Schmidt/Schmitt I have to double check which sub it is sometimes when a sentence doesn’t make sense

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SPOILERS About the last part of S19 EP20...


I was so happy that Jo and Link finally confessed their love and was rooting for them since Season 17 but, why the hell did Altman suddenly collapse in the OR and lost her pulse?! Is she dying??? I have so much emotions going on but why! Not the chief of surgery dying 😭

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Rewatching thoughts on season 12


I don’t know why Jo gets so much shit but I felt bad for her some this season. She shouldn’t have assumed Stephanie was lying about being sick, but other than that she’s a good character. I felt bad that she was ignored for basically half the season.

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This duo 💞

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Just a bit of humor to cope with what happens in the writers’ room 😅

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DISCUSSION thoughts on Maggie?


I’m on season 19 and i used to love Maggie but she’s slowly grown to just get on my nerves? Does anyone else feel this too or am I just missing something in her character development?

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Jackson quote


Did anybody else notice that Jackson used the quote “ [insert name] took advantage of April during a very vulnerable time” twice? 😭 he used it to describe some dudes she hooked up with that include Roy and Tom

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I hope all the tea is spilled and more 👀👀👀

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