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Other ELI5: How do “sister cities” find each other and agree to be sisters?


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Engineering ElI5: How do they make machines that make proprietary product?


i was watching How It's made, and there was a dedicated machine for a particular part of the product something as little as a proprietary bottle cap. and it was a huge machine. Who got the time to sit and invent the machine for that little piece. think of the variety of such designs, so does that mean you need a different new machine for any other special design?

also machines that make machines like robot machines making robot machines.

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Economics ELI5: Do Classical Composers Make Money off of their music today?


As an example, Bach has approx. 6 million listeners monthly on Spotify. Who gets those royalties? Are they profit for streaming services? Donated? Given to a trust?

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Biology Eli5: Why does blood dry so fast?


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Economics ELI5: How do produce stands in NYC, Montreal, and other major cities sell their items for less than most big box chains?


In NYC, there are plenty of produce vendors on the street that sell aesthetic, fresh fruit for less than cost conscious mega-chains, like Wal Mart, Trader Joes, and Wegmans. The big chains have negotiating power, wholesale discounts, and economies of scale to help them profit on tiny margins. So, how is it that my small, local, fruit stand can outcompete pricewise with national chains and still stay afloat?

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Other ELI5: Why do buildings in Washington DC take inspiration from Classical Greek architecture?


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Technology ELI5: How can you be "untrackable"?



how can you realistically be impossible (or close to impossible) to track? What should you sacrifice digitally? What kinda phone if any would you need and do you need new accounts for everything online?

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Biology ELI5: Why are we getting gassed up when we are anxious/stressed?


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Other Eli5: What are the pylons in the end of the endzone in american football for?


I get what the ones on the goalline are for, but i cant figure out a realistic reason for the ones in the back.

Thanks if someone can explain!

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Technology ELI5: Why do guns on things like jets, helicopters, and other “mini gun” type guns have a rotating barrel?


I just rewatched The Winter Soldier the other day and a lot of the big guns on the helicarriers made me think about this. Does it make the bullet more accurate?

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Biology Eli5 - How do plants move to face the sun?


If they don't have muscles, tendons, and a skeletal system, how do plants like sunflowers move to face the sub? Or flowers close at night?

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Physics Eli5 what would happen if you had water in a completely sealed container and brought it past boiling temp


Would it just turn into a pressurized container full of steam? Would the water stay water but just like, really hot?

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Economics ELI5 where does "money for research" go?


Let's say you have a family member with an incurable disease and you hate it so much you want to make a cure for it so you donate money to the respective people/organisations that could help and develop it. Or if a military organisation wants to make a weapon with next generation properties like laser beams or nuke disablers, where does the money go? Everytime I hear someone donates to a charity or fund for a cure for 100000000000 million dollars I just assume they are working onto it- but no clue how. Or Military research dudes spends 1000000000 billion on a super weapon that will be developed in another decade. What happens to that money? Its not like you're in a video game where you just buy something from an omnipotent being and suddenly you just gain the knowledge to do it. I'm guessing logistics come into play like paying the people who work on it or food and stuff, testing equipments. But yeah its a huge sum of money that just seems like it has gone to void in my tiny brain.

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Biology ELI5, what causes a person to be “hangry”?


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Other ELI5: Whats the difference between or when to use “your highness, excellency and majesty”?


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Mathematics ELI5: What is a quaternion and what is it used for


I’ve seen quaternions in an essay type video about imaginary numbers and it comes up quite a bit in game dev? What does it even mean.

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Engineering ELI5 - How do trains stay on the track?


I’ve googled it but just can’t seem to grasp it. How do they stay on as well as they do at such high speeds, with so few incidents of crashing or derailing? Especially when anything could be lying across the track waiting to get lodged in the wheels.

I hear so often that trains are so safe, but I don’t think I can get over my anxiety with them until I understand why they’re safe.

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Other Eli5 - Robinhood sent a thing out about fractional shares being “not held”. What does this mean?


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Other eli5 how do they "remake" old songs?


Especially if some of the original band members / singers already passed away

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Biology Eli5: how does azathioprine work?


I think it helps stop my body becoming immune/building a tolerance to infliximab; but how ?

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Biology ELI5: why is staying hydrated and drinking fluids so important when you’re sick?


After 2 years of being cautious, I’ve fallen and got COVID. Everyone says stay hydrated and drink lots of fluids. How does this help?

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Engineering ELI5 how does anyone know where is crude is under sea/land how can they be so accurate.what will happen if you dig another hole nearby.


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Planetary Science ELI5: Why does the sun seem to move faster during sunrise and sunset, but not at any other time of day?


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Other ELI5: Electric Vehicle Tax Credit?


I see that there are federal and state tax credit offers to buy an electric vehicle, but this is not money that will just be given to you, correct? You would have to owe $7500 in taxes to benefit from a $7500 tax credit? Or am I wrong?

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Biology eli5 How can birds be so loud?


So I have 2 Macaws, I also am fostering 2 lovebirds. I work with a parrot rescue group and have my 2 babies plus some transients until they get a new home. What I am curious about is how they are able to make up to about 135 decibels in noise, they at best weigh 3 lbs. Humans can only get up to 100 decibels on a good day and we all weigh a hell of a lot more. What makes these tiny creatures so loud?