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Daily Questions Daily Questions Megathread (May 31, 2023)


Our Daily Question Megathread is for those questions you don’t feel warrant making their own post, such as:

  • Will Classic run on my particular potato?
  • When does my class unlock a certain ability?
  • Which dungeons are worth doing while levelling?
  • Feel free to ask anything related to WoW: Classic!

Ask the unanswered questions you’ve never gotten around to asking.

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Daily Questions Daily Questions Megathread (June 06, 2023)


Our Daily Question Megathread is for those questions you don’t feel warrant making their own post, such as:

  • Will Classic run on my particular potato?
  • When does my class unlock a certain ability?
  • Which dungeons are worth doing while levelling?
  • Feel free to ask anything related to WoW: Classic!

Ask the unanswered questions you’ve never gotten around to asking.

You can also ask these questions over on our Discord server!

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Humor / Meme "Collect 10 Legs!" - But the mob only has 8 spawn locations, with a 50% chance to drop the leg

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Question I’ve always wondered, what is this?

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Discussion Hello HC enjoyers, what quests have you deemed unsafe on your journeys to 60?!


I've found that there are some quests I just have no interest in trying because the risk feels greater than the reward. The Lost Fleet in Wetlands is one for me. I hate underwater boats!

So what quests do you skip?! Anything that scares you too much to even try?!

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Humor / Meme Sleep deprivation was your best friend ranking

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Humor / Meme RDF is surely going to get added now with wow token being in wotlk, right? 🤡

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Art "Broxigar the Red" by me

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Art Me waiting to gank some gathering bots in Scholazar (art by me)

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Classic I feel bad for new, wholesome, kind players hitting 80 and being kicked from groups for gear. Here’s a quick guide:


Step 1: if you have gold buy crafted gear (the best being dark moon card greatness and the belt/boots for your armor type). Level your professions (google what’s best for your spec)

Step 2: normal high level dungeons to replace your worst gear

Step 3: normal heroics, these may be tough to find so I recommend starting your own group for it (be patient). Look at the heroism/valor badge vendors in dalaran for relevant gear like trinkets. Run. VoA 10/25 every week

At this point your gear score should be around 3.5k+. If your weapon is shit do some battlegrounds and get the deadly weapon from the vendor in the dalaran sewers for honor.

Step 4: Now get into Naxx and soak up all the loot you can. Although it’s crazy easy, make sure you watch guides so your raid doesn’t get upset with you. Eye of eternity and obsidian sanctum are also great options.

Now you should have at least a 4k gs

Step 5: Run heroic+ to replace your worst pieces. Make sure you do the daily everyday for conquest badges.

Once you have 4.5k gs or near look for ulduar normal runs. Again do extensive research on boss fights.

Finally, you can start looking for ulduar hard modes.

I see a lot of players confused on what to do so I wanted to do my best to help. Please feel free to critique my advice or add additional help in the comments.

Thank you, Cooldad/Coolerdad pagle alliance

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Discussion Players seem to be mindless zombies


So, I was looking for Gava'xi to spawn back in, and I see it respawn. 2 other players also spot Gava'xi. I ask for an invite, but none of them invite me. Not sure if I'm playing with zombies or bots at times. I guess they really don't have an obligation to do so. It is what it is.

Edit: This is on a Wrath PvP server.

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Question Can’t find anyone at all near me, Dead Server?


I’m a total noob and started playing Wow classic after trying the free trial for retail and disliking how fast and rushed it felt. I paid for a sub and made an undead warlock and I’m currently lvl 16 and enjoying the slower gameplay.

My problem is that I don’t see anyone around ever. Not in Brill, not in Undercity, nowhere. I’m playing on Old Blanchy server and I’ve seen maybe 6 ppl this whole time. Is this normal for Wow classic or should I pay up and transfer my character to a different server. If I transfer can anyone recommend a more populated server for the Horde side.

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Classic Calling all OCE players or NA Night Owls


THIS IS FOR CLASSIC ERA HORDE = Trying to find people to play with. Potentially start a raiding guild with if we get a good core. I work nights and cant make 90% of guilds raid times on Era rn. If you're interested in getting something rolling please add me on Discord. [ Caliber#2147 ] I have full xp on classic 2019-20 as well as Season of Mastery.

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Classic Back to back tiger and raptor

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Question Classic era Prot paladin leveling build


Hello, I just reached 40 on my paladin and want to switch to prot. I have two builds in mind. 1. 11/21/0 from 41 then continue to build prot to holy shield at 51, with this i could tank dungeons, and aoe farm (not sure how efficient) 2. full prot to holy shield and build to consec at 51, with this i could tank dungeons (not sure how efficient without consec) and could quest/grind pulling 3-4 mobs at once and reflect damage them down.

What do you guys think is the better way? I have been going back and forth in my mind during my leveling to 40.

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Media The Serenity Now funeral raid-still one of the wildest things I’ve seen in a game.

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Nostalgia In terms of the wildest things done in this game, I think my vanilla guild kiting a green dragon to org for Christmas belongs in the "wild things in wow" list.

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Classic Rogue reSPEC!


So, my rogue is reaching level 30 (its my first toon, so, mi$erable) and i really want to respec into something funnier and better at WPvP.

Im currently playing the leather armor warrior build (combat) and it is a bit boring, so im planning to change to something more rogue like.

I'm in doubt between dagger ambush/backstab build to burst unsuspecting people and hemo build to control and outplay (wich needs some pratice) everything. What do you guys recommend? WPvP is my goal, dont care about leveling speed. Whats more gear reliant and most useful at this level up to 60?

Dagger burst damage seens nice and its my first choice , but the energy manegement and the lack of crit rate looks a big problem for this moment. I really need help from more experienced people!

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Discussion Why can`t Blizzard have classic servers with all the expansions running at the same time?


What's stopping them from having 1-60 servers, TBC servers and WotLk all running at the same time. And even periodically creating new servers from all expansions.

Wouldn't this accommodate the entire player base? And even stop people from going to private servers?

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Discussion Alg10 without a nova or roots or knockbacks, unreliable slows/stuns?


Say we've got a problem whereby living constellations keep closing holes and we don't have many options to handle it.

I've heard of some positioning things that the tank can do, but don't know how it works. (The tank has to time it to go in last? where does he stand in relation to the raid? idk, maybe someone can help on this. If you have timings to trigger earlier runs to holes do tell)

Also, how do you get constellations to stick to the melee/tanks? Is that just a matter of threat?

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Discussion How long do you think vanilla era will last?


I’m thinking about the vanilla (2006) servers, as well as som and the coming hc servers. I’m just leveling another warrior to 60 as i regretfully didnt clone my original main when TBC came out.

I’m hoping classic era will last atleast another couple years, or longer, so we can raid, pvp and chill on these servers without the time worry.

How long does r/classicwow predict vanilla era will last from now?

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Discussion How to progress on fury warrior with no guild?


I have been playing classic since TBC classic launch and have top tier guild on my horde affli lock main(15th+ week of farming alga sometimes bellow 2 hours). After getting into wotlk PvP I leveled my alliance warrior to 80 and started to gear up in Naxxramas phase.

Few months ago my warrior got invited into pretty meh LC guild (they invited me based on 99 logs and experience on my lock and lacking players to fill 25 roster). This guild has not killed alga and half of HM yet but they needed dps warrior and even considered me as shadowmourne candidate if the guild is around in ICC.

After they made some changes in leadership the situation in guild got much better and we started killing alga every week.

At start my loot prio was very low which was understandable. But even after showing up every week for almost 4 months and always playing miles above the average player in the guild (half of them are casual, play for fun, can't avoid cosmic smash and often don't show up), I'm barely getting any loot.

After giving my BIS item to OT officer for OS for 3rd time in 2 months I ended up having discussion with the leadership. They made it look like because I play warrior I was basically getting carried and its just their benevolence and they were doing me a favor by allowing me to raid with them. They even consider going with 1 warrior (officer) in next tier. I decided to leave the guild and look for new one.

My warrior logs look infinitely worse than my lock(even though skill-wise im equally good at both) Mostly because I was in bottom tier guild and sundering every single week plus I'm missing every contested BIS item.

What should be my next step? I'm even considering leveling up my alliance warlock from 70 to 80 and using him as leverage to get into guild that does multiple runs per week and squeeze in my warrior in raid 2,3.

When I looked around discord or in-game for guilds, not a single one is looking for warrior. Every warrior that's looking for guild gets laughed at and ridiculed for playing warrior (even thought the dps difference is like 10%, ulduar is on farm for months and warriors scale very hard)

It takes me days to find SR run even though I have over 20 algalon kills in 25m combined and my main is in top tier guild. (don't let me start on how impossible is it to get into 10m and GDKPs are always stacked on warrior buyers.).

TLDR: Joined shitty LC guild as warrior, didn't get much loot, logs don't look so good, now can't find guild or get into raid, not sure how to progress.

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Question Is the character clone ever coming back to classic?


The title says it all but I feel like a lot of us had extra time cause of covid back then, and I would pay the $15 to clone my character since a lot of people are playing again why not.

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Hi Friends. This is a total long shot, but here goes.

Back in OG Vanilla, TBC, WOTLK, I played an Alliance NE Rogue. Was in a guild, but I can’t remember the name. If any of them are still playing classic or otherwise, it’d be cool to reconnect with them. Lots of fond memories from those days.

Server was ARTHAS-US Toon name was Paxinos

The only three guild members I remember were:

  • Featah - NE Priest
  • Arkay - human warrior
  • Blivo - gnome warrior

Let’s see what happens!

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Question just came back, what did i miss?


hey fellas, i was in a wow break since feb, i did some ulduar run then i had to stop. did i miss some minor updates? is joyous journey back right? else?

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Vent / Gripe I just died at level 58 in HC in a preventable way.


That is all. This post is purely for my own therapeutic purposes. Feel free to leave a comment about your own HC death if that helps you process.

Edit: by popular (1 person's) request, I died in EPL in Corin's Crossing. One of those summoned creatures appeared which then calls for help before it dies, aggroing 5 other nearby mobs. Tried to run away and had light of elune available but used a potion instead which was my undoing.