r/blursedimages Jun 30 '22

Blursed McDonald's Highchair

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u/drekness Jun 30 '22

That chair is high af!


u/bobfromboston Jul 01 '22

This is straight up cursed


u/AgileGhost Jul 01 '22

It's more than one kinds of high.


u/WeenisPeiner Jul 01 '22

Chair's taken too many baby farts to the eyes.


u/Boe_Jidden Jul 01 '22

That chair looks like it likes to eat some ass and looks like it’s gonna say “come ere little kid come and sit on me”


u/Sorry_I_Am_Stoned Jul 01 '22

That's a chair I can vibe with.


u/Cloakknight Jul 01 '22

Image Transcription:

[Image of two pink child high chairs stacked with one on top of the other. The wall behind them is striped with brown and green stripes both vertical and horizontal. The high chairs are pink and have a McDonald's "M" above the top. Below the "M" are a pair of eyes and a mouth slightly open, showing some teeth. The eyes only have bottom eyelids closing and the face looks high.]

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u/[deleted] Jul 01 '22

I prefer not to have my ass eaten during lunch, thank you very much.