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u/Andy_B_Goode Jun 23 '22

Is this for real? The angles look different in each image. Unless it's from two different rooms?


u/JohnnyTeardrop Jun 23 '22 edited Jun 23 '22

Definitely looks photoshopped. Same exact angle despite view being changed substantially. Still a funny meme though

Edit: Actually not necessarily PS, just not the same room


u/[deleted] Jun 23 '22



u/JohnnyTeardrop Jun 23 '22

First one they are all the way to the front/left of the room and still tilting camera to the right to get the minion in frame. Second one it’s 15 feet back and dead center in the room, shooting dead center and the minion is perfectly in frame. I actually shouldn’t claim photoshop, second one might just be from a different room a few doors down. Im not gonna die on this hill or anything but doesn’t look quite right to my eye.