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u/Andy_B_Goode Jun 23 '22

Is this for real? The angles look different in each image. Unless it's from two different rooms?


u/Sk3tchyboy Jun 23 '22 edited Jun 23 '22


u/testtubemuppetbaby Jun 23 '22

Disagree. It's a completely different angle and the light coming in looks like lightening effect.


u/ToxiJuice Jun 23 '22

It's super weird to me that people are saying it's an illusion, when the camera appears to be rotated nearly 90 degrees between the two photos. The Sydney Opera House illusion, that people are claiming it to be, requires the object in question to remain in about the same place in your field of view. No matter how big a building is, at this distance turning that far will move the building to the side of, or out of view.

So yeah, it's either another room, or photoshopped. Which I'm assuming the latter, because I'm not really sure why you would take this picture from two different rooms.


u/testtubemuppetbaby Jun 23 '22

None of those videos show the same thing as this. The opera house doesn't fucking fly around the corner, it just looks bigger.


u/Academic_Coconut_244 Jun 23 '22

I feel like you would see the entire mionion instead of just the eyes


u/SarcasticGamer Jun 23 '22

The right one is photoshopped. The same exact picture of the minion is being used and lines up perfectly to the one on the right even though it's a completely different angle.


u/Permanent_Stress Jun 23 '22

Not photoshopped, it's just the Sydney Opera House Illusion.
You can tell that it's not the same exact picture reused because in the left one the black text is barely even legible while on the right it's much sharper (You can even make out the word 'Theaters' if you zoom in, even though it's just a blurry mess on the left).


u/ItIsHappy Jun 23 '22 edited Jun 23 '22

I dunno man... Unlike the Sydney Opera House, the angles here are pretty clear and definite. In the first pic the camera is looking right at an angle, and the face is clearly angled perpendicular to the window (it looks sideways). In the second (despite the camera now facing slightly to the left, where no mininon was in the first shot) the face is looking directly in.

Here I've overlayed them in photoshop. It's almost a perfect match. The text lines up. The eye lines up. The archway at the bottom lines up.

IMHO, these are either very convenient perspectives from two different hotel rooms, or photoshop.

EDIT: I think u/carrot_fine discovered the reason for the confusion! The minion, pool, and hotel are all angled. The first picture looks like it was taken at a steep angle because the pool is not square to the window!

New opinion: Probably not photoshop. Still quite confusing.

and yes I've spent way too much time on this today...


u/alt-new-more Jun 23 '22

You don’t know how field of view works?


u/JohnnyTeardrop Jun 23 '22 edited Jun 23 '22

Definitely looks photoshopped. Same exact angle despite view being changed substantially. Still a funny meme though

Edit: Actually not necessarily PS, just not the same room


u/[deleted] Jun 23 '22



u/JohnnyTeardrop Jun 23 '22

First one they are all the way to the front/left of the room and still tilting camera to the right to get the minion in frame. Second one it’s 15 feet back and dead center in the room, shooting dead center and the minion is perfectly in frame. I actually shouldn’t claim photoshop, second one might just be from a different room a few doors down. Im not gonna die on this hill or anything but doesn’t look quite right to my eye.


u/Carrot-Fine Jun 23 '22

It's taken from the Loew's hotel in Hollywood.


u/ItIsHappy Jun 23 '22

I think you may have uncovered the missing piece of the puzzle!

The minion and the hotel (and the pool) are not at right angles to each other. The first picture looks like it is pointed sharply right, but I think that's just because the pool is angled.

Nice find!


u/EverythingButTheURL Jun 23 '22

It's real, they backed up for the second shot