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The attack on workers rights and human rights in the US


In the past week the Supreme Court, which was stacked by Republicans with justices from an openly neo-fascist background has begun their agenda to dismantle long-held interpretations of the US constitution and civil rights protections.

Your Miranda rights have effectively been made toothless by the ruling that you do not have a right to sue when they are violated.

The right of states to decide on gun rights has been hypocritically gutted by the ruling that in this specific instance, when it benefits the extreme-right, states rights go out the window.

Most egregiously however is the ruling which disregards Roe v Wade and its subsequent affirmations, denying 50 years of legal precedent which hold that bodily autonomy is part of the right to privacy, thereby providing a route towards the constitutional right to abort a pregnancy.

To this Supreme Court the constitution says what they want it to say. It is not a document whose text they value or respect, it is merely a tool that can be applied any which way it is needed to push an extreme-right, un-American agenda.

It doesn't stop there. Justice Thomas opined that todays ruling which severely weakens your constitutional right to privacy will allow the overturning of gay marriage, the right to have a same-sex relationship and your right to contraception.

It is only a matter of time before labor rights and environmental protections are on the chopping block as well, as these are a thorn in the side of extreme-right. These handful of people who legislate from the bench clearly consider any method valid to push their plans onto us.

In no sane way can it be denied that fascism has come to the highest court of the United States of America. These rulings and this agenda are undemocratic, make a mockery of the constitution, flagrantly disregard states rights when it is convenient to do so and sets a clear path towards imposing an extremist minority agenda on all US citizens.

It is the opinion of this moderating team that the foundational values of this great nation are under attack. No longer does "we the people" have much meaning. No longer is it in any way guaranteed that the best interest of society is safeguarded.

We believe in labor rights. We stand against bigotry, hate and prejudice. We strongly support universal human rights, among which is written the inalienable right to bodily autonomy. We oppose fascism in all its forms.

As anarchists, we reject the idea that judges or politicians deserve the authority to determine the course of our lives.

Rather than only trying to pressure leaders to vote one way or the other in a winner-take-all system that reduces us to spectators in the decisions that affect us, we propose solutions based in direct action: taking power back into our hands by enacting our needs and solving our problems ourselves, without representatives.

As long as legislators and judges can determine the scope of our reproductive options, our bodies and lives will be subject to the shifting winds of politics rather than our own immediate needs and values.

Instead of validating their authority by limiting ourselves to calling for better legislators and judges, we should organize to secure and defend the means to make decisions regarding what we do with our bodies regardless of what courts or legislators decree.

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Ecuador: General Strike, Take Two : Two and a Half Years Later, Another Uprising Shakes the Country

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Job hopping is the key

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Lost all my PTO. I will never give notice again.


I worked for a large US big box retailer in their corporate IT department. Was with them for just over 2 years. I worked my ass off and was a complete yes man. Did everything they asked. Our department was severely affected by the pandemic. We lost all of our overseas team (hundreds of employees) who we relied on quite a bit. This resulted in myself and other colleagues taking later night shifts and working overtime to the point of burnout.

During this time I had received a raise each year for roughly around $1 each time and a few meager bonuses which weren't worth it after taxes. During this time, the company was reporting over a 200% increase in profits. They never missed a chance to brag about it in meetings. Yet they refused to share the wealth with those of us who had taken on 3x the workload.

Fast forward to this year. I received a job offer to start out as a first year apprentice in a trade job with a Union which would result in a 36% increase in my starting hourly rate with guaranteed raises for the next 5 years, plus good benefits and a pension.

I had over 80+ hours of PTO that I had earned/ accrued with my company. I gave them my 2 weeks notice as curtesy and asked if I could be payed out for my remaining PTO balance. They denied me and told me It would be forfeit. In the state I worked, they are not legally obligated to pay me for it. I tried to dispute it. Told HR and my Manager how loyal I have been to them and that I did the right thing by giving them notice. It made no difference, they didn't care.

So long story short, I learned my lesson. I will never give notice again. I will burn up all my PTO I have and then on my last day of vacation I will inform my employers it is my last day.

Please learn from my mistake. Be well all!

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Paid a teen babysitter what I thought she was worth and she lost her mind.


This was a while back but I wanted to share

I visited some friends, and when we got there there were 4 other couples, all of us with kids. One of our good friends said she had a baby sitter lined up for the kids. There were, in all, 5 children. Three were 10-12, and the other two were ages 5-7.

That's a hell of a job for anyone, let alone a teen.

Our friend said this teen has been over numerous times with her mom and has always done well with the kids. This was her first time watching them alone, as a job.

After being reassured, I said "OK, my wife and I are in and will pitch in whatever"

We all went out to dinner and hit the casino for an hour. I said we were going to head home to turn in.

Since we were first, I said I'd pay the baby sitter. and collect later. When I asked what the rate was I got "oh I don't know. We didn't discuss that".

I immediately got annoyed at 1) myself for not asking this sooner, and 2) my friend for not discussing with this poor teen the details of watching 5 -mostly- good kids.

She said "what's fair? I don't even know".

Now my wife and I have never used a baby sitter. We have friends who we take turns watching kids. But as I am a huge proponent of fair pay I asked what she thought. Our friend said "I dunno.. what's good? 20 bucks? I mean it's her first time watching kids".

I was shocked. I said "no way! I've never used a baby sitter but $20 bucks for 5 kids over 3-4 hours is pretty terrible. We'll come up with something.".

On our uber ride home my wife came up with $15/hr per kid, per hour. We were thinking 10 for a first time but that would be for an easier gig. Not 5 fucking kids. Granted most were self sufficient but we're not monsters and our kids are not saints.

We figured, 5 kids, 4 hours, 15/kid = $300. So we gave her $350 to include a "thanks for not killing our kids" bonus. It's in gest, but common... we all thought it...

My wife and I did ok at the casino but we've spent more on any random night out at a restaurant and bar. We felt good about that.

The look on this kids face was the most genuine happiness we've both had ever seen., on any human. Her jaw literally dropped. She turned bright red and said "holy shit... I'm sorry for swearing.. but holy shit..."

I asked her what she was expecting. She said "my mom and I didn't know what to think. We figured maybe $20 bucks".

I looked at her dead in the eye and said "listen. watching kids matters to adults - so never think it doesn't. These kids were fed, ready for bed, and happy when we got home. That's more than can be expected. We figured 10-15/hr per kid. So we probably got a deal. Don't ever sell yourself short. You don't need to be stressed out all night for the price of one movie ticket. We appreciate you. So thank you for being worth it."

She said "thank you" and started to tear up. Before she called her mom to come pick her up, and got the kids all off to bed.

I told our friends and they all said "wow... more than I'd thought... but ya.. sounds right."

That kid was awesome. I hope she goes on through life knowing her worth and never takes chump change or anything less than her worth.

TL;DR: Paid a baby sitter $350 when she only expected $20, for watching 5 kids for 3-4 hours. No regrets.

Edit: added TLDR and also I'm probably sure I still got the deal of a lifetime. We don't use babysitters regularly but I hope we paid enough for a first timer

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Shut my Boomer parents down today


Boomer parents are in from out of town. We were driving around and we were talking about their friend who runs a plumbing business. They stated that work was crazy in their home state but their friend had a problem getting new employees/keeping employees. I asked why.

Parent: Well all these new kids want more money and don't have the experience to earn that much

Me: So if he can't afford to pay them it sounds like he's shitty at business.

Parent: Well he can't afford to pay what all these big businesses are paying and offer the same benefits

Me: If you can't pay your employees what they want/they are worth they will find somebody who will. Why would you work for less money?

Parent: If he can't get employees he can't make his business work!

Me: If he can't afford to pay people what they are worth and other businesses will, then his business deserves to fail. That sounds like the free market worked just fine and is getting rid a shitty business.

Parent: *silence for 15 minutes*

Do Boomers not understand that "ThE fReE mArKeT" works both ways? God it's annoying.

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Female machinist here. Found out today I get paid less to train the newbie to do the job I've been doing, straight out of the gate.


When I approached my shop supervisor in a respectful and objective way about it, he said he would look into it. It's been 3 days. On day two, I used the bathroom twice an hour for 5-10 minutes. Today, I just called out completely. After I get paid for my very last holiday pay, July 4th, I will be putting in my two weeks because I secured a $5 more per hour job with an old colleague of mine at a different company today. Had my supervisor made it right instead of stonewalling me, I'd have been satisfied with him matching newbie's pay, only 75 cents more in comparison. The guy I trained doesn't know an Allen wrench from a pipe wrench, will not operate a forklift or a crane, which are both essential parts of the job. They're going to be screwed. This feels like poetic justice to me.

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It's the companies best interest.

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Simple. And no manual labor involved.

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Clinic wouldn't pay their web developer. So he did this.

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Just declined to move forward to the final interview after the company reduced the starting salary by 20k


I had a virtual interview last week, we talked for about 45 minutes. When it came to salary I gave them a range based on what the market is paying, plus experience and qualifications. Hiring manager mentioned it was right on target and had no issues with it. She said HR would reach out to me.

Fast forward to today and the HR rep that couldn’t make the first interview mentioned a starting pay 15-20k less than what we had previously landed on, I mentioned that the hiring manager and I had already agreed to a different number. I could understand the confusion seeing as she was not in the first interview, so she said she would talk to the hiring manager and give me a call back. A few minutes later she calls and is sticking to the offer that’s 15-20k lower.

I told her thanks for letting me know but that wasn’t gonna cut it. She then again said that they would be moving forward with other candidates if I didn’t accept the offer, again I said ok and thanks for letting me know. I think she was a bit surprised that I didn’t budge.

Their offer would have already been on the lower end a couple years ago before the pandemic, and now with inflation and the rising cost of living it’s basically the new entry/no experience wage where I live. Finally I thought if a company pulls a move like this before I even set foot in the door, I can only imagine how things will be later on.

Sure I’m a bit disappointed but a man must stand by his beliefs. That and I’m not in a rush to return to the workforce, I can still wait it out for several more months.

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based on inflati0n!

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Sad but true

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They just don't work for you

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Disgusting Glorification of Child Labor

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Very important to remember when you see comments similar to these ones

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Damn straight

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Vote blue no matter who

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My girlfriends last job has an interesting response to quitting

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The activist Supreme Court is on a tear through all of their major issues, Legislating from the bench, they’re coming for all aspects of the modern state. What can be done to stop this? What can organized labor do in response? And does any action result in risk to the concept of “organized labor”?


This is a blatant violation of separation of powers. However I believe the democrats don’t have the grit or stomach to protect us from conservative hell world. They’re a wholly inadequate institution and I feel, personally, that the only solution is a socialist party to replace and further cement the differences between the neoliberal business class and the ACTUAL PEOPLE.

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The lengths business owners will go through to deny employees better pay.

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Yes, blame the youth and not the exploitative system

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Ok dude… nothing to do with your business selling products to offices then, no?

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Boss said 1 month of grieving is enough. And I need to “get over” the sudden passing of my brother and stop acting depressed at work.


I’m an American working for IKEA abroad. My brother suddenly passed last month and it’s been a nightmare time for my family and I.

My boss called me into a meeting yesterday and told me to shut the door. He addressed my attitude and energy recently saying I needed to move on from my “personal tragedy” and get back to work, he closed with “I don’t want to have this conversation with you again.”

Ps. I was denied bereavement leave which is “only applicable to spouse or parent.” Instead attending my brothers funeral back in the states was deducted from my paid vacation days.