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TIL Andre Agassi won 10 of 11 matches after seeing a "tick" in Boris Becker's serve. Agassi could predict where Becker was serving based on whether Becker stuck his tongue out in the middle of his lip or to the left corner of his lip. Agassi told Becker over a pint of beer - after they retired.

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TIL in a rare move for a large corporation, SC Johnson voluntarily stopped using Polyvinylidene chloride in saran wrap which made it cling but was harmful to the planet. They lost a huge market share.

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TIL cows have best friends and they tend to experience lower levels of stress when they’re hanging out with them.

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TIL Princess Diana didn't initially die at the scene of her car accident, but 5 hours later due to a tear in her heart's pulmonary vein. She would've had 80% chance of survival if she had been wearing her seat belt.

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TIL The first Marvel film was…Howard the Duck

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TIL after fighting in WWI, A. A. Milne had PTSD so severe, he was reminded of whizzing bullets by buzzing bees, and cannons firing by balloons popping. Wanting a lighthearted distraction and a way to explain to his son the difficulties of war, he wrote Winnie the Pooh stories as his way of doing so.

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TIL the guys from Milli Vanilli (Rob & Fab) as well as the original singers were all misled by their record producer in the lip-sync scandal and are the ones that brought it to the press. Rob & Fab were upset they wouldn't let them sing, and the original singers were upset they weren't the stars.

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TIL that the killer in the first modern detective novel was an orangutan

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TIL in the movie "Elf" the Gimbel's manager wears a "Wanda" name tag because Wanda Sykes was originally cast in the role

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TIL about the TwitterPeek, a Twitter-only mobile device introduced in 2009 that allowed users to send and receive tweets...and nothing else

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Today I learned that female college students in the 1890s held secret fudge-making parties after curfew as an act of rebellion

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TIL that Gresham College, an institution of higher learning in London, does not enroll students or award degrees, and instead hosts over 140 free public lectures every year. Since 2001, all lectures have been made available online.

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TIL that 25% of all known animal species are beetles

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TIL Cocaine Bear is the first movie release starring Ray Liotta after his death and is inspired by the true story of an American black bear that ingested a duffel bag full of cocaine in 1985.

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TIL one of the paintings used as set dressing for the home in the film Stuart Little was a long lost 1920s painting by Róbert Berény, Sleeping Lady with Black Vase. The painting wasn’t identified for a decade after the films release, when an art historian was watching the film with his daughter.

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TIL Mickey Mantle insisted that promoters of his baseball card show appearances include lesser-known Yankees of his era such as Moose Skowron or Hank Bauer with him so they could also earn money for their autographs.

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TIL about Japan Air Lines food poisoning incident. In-flight meal contaminated with a bacteria made 195 passengers and a flight attendant sick. 144 so serious they need to be hospitalized, 30 critical. JAL Catering Manager later committed suicide over the incident. He was the only fatal victim.

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TIL that it took the creator of Rubik’s Cube, Erno Rubik, one month to solve the cube after creating it; as of June 2018, the world record is 4.22 seconds.

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TIL that after the battle between the USS Constitution and HMS Guerriere, the captain of the Constitution, Isaac Hull, refused the sword of surrender from the captain of the Guerriere, James Richard Dacre, saying he could not accept it from a man who fought so gallantly

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TIL that Ikea’s catalog is as popular as the Bible and the Koran. More than 203 million copies of the catalog are distributed around the globe.

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TIL extreme emotional shock can lead to a dangerous condition cause takotsubo cardiomyopathy, also known as "broken heart syndrome". They say 2% of all acute coronary syndrome hospitalizations (where blood flow to the heart is restricted unexpectedly) are caused by this condition.

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TIL the manikin flying around the moon right now is named after Arturo Campos, the NASA engineer responsible for the plan to provide the Apollo 13 command module with enough power to get home safely, which was represented by Gary Sinise in the Apollo 13 film.

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TIL While living in the white house, JFK had parrots, hamsters, cats, horses, a rabbit named 'Zsa Zsa', and 5 dogs.

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TIL the plant Oenanthe crocata was purportedly used in the ritual killing of criminals and the elderly in ancient Sardinia. Subjects were intoxicated with the herb and then dropped from a height or beaten to death.

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