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On July 6, 2022, GameStop Corp. (the “Company”) issued a press release announcing that its Board of Directors had approved and declared a four-for-one stock split in the form of a stock dividend. Each Company stockholder of record at the close of business on July 18, 2022 will receive three additional shares of the Company’s Class A common stock for each then-held share of Class A common stock, to be distributed after the close of trading on July 21, 2022.

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📣 Community Post Superstonk Weekly Digest | 8.8.22 - 8.12.22


credit: u/Substantial_Diver_34

Superstonk Weekly Digest | 8.8.22 - 8.12.22

Busy week? No time to scroll for hours to catch up? Want to avoid the weekend FUD? We’ve got you covered. Introducing the Superstonk Weekly Digest! Your one-stop-shop to catch up on all of the week’s top news, DD, and yep, memes - all user generated content from this amazing community!

Please share posts you think deserve to be included here in the comments! We will continue to update this post throughout the weekend.

Love the weekly digest? Hate it? Let us know in the comments. We will use your feedback to determine if we continue doing this.

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This Week’s Top News

GameStop’s Statement on their Stock Split in the form of a Dividend


Source: Stock Split | Gamestop Corp.

Tax Info: Form 8937 (Rev. December 2017) (gamestop.com)

Discussion Here: Gamestop Statement about Stock Split in the form of Dividend | Credit: u/d14m0ndh4nd5

SEC Proposing to Remove DTCC’s SRO Status


Source: Proposed rule; withdrawal of proposed rules: Clearing Agency Governance and Conflicts of Interest (sec.gov)

Discussion Here: My jorts just got tiiiight AF! | Credit: u/tylerhill11

Robinhood Faces Market Manipulation Claims


Source: Robinhood 10-Q (sec.gov)

Discussion Here: Robinhood is off to court 🚀🚀. The Judge shutdowns their attempt to dismiss. 👀 | Credit: u/julian424242

SEC Investigating Melvin Capital


Source: SEC Investigating Melvin Capital Management - WSJ

Discussion Here: Wait...did MSM just actually report that Melvin DIDN'T close out their positions? | Credit: u/JustBeingPunny

This Week’s RC Tweets


Twitter: Ryan Cohen on Twitter: "if we print a few trillion more, it should bring inflation down #taxtherich #wealthtax" / Twitter

Nitter: Ryan Cohen on Twitter: "if we print a few trillion more, it should bring inflation down #taxtherich #wealthtax" / Nitter

Discussion Here: Ryan Cohen on Twitter: if we print a few trillion more, it should bring inflation down #taxtherich #wealthtax | Credit: u/Kaarothh


Twitter: Ryan Cohen on Twitter: "💜" / Twitter

Nitter: Ryan Cohen on Twitter: "💜" / Nitter

Discussion Here: Ryan Cohen on Twitter! | Credit: u/EJayy_22


Twitter: Ryan Cohen on Twitter: “At least her cart is full 🌝” / Twitter

Nitter: Ryan Cohen on Twitter: “At least her cart is full 🌝” / Nitter

Discussion Here: Ryan Cohen on Twitter! 🚀🚀🚀 | Credit: u/PermissionAware2410

This Week’s Marketplace News


This Week’s Top DD & Education

This Week’s Top Memes


Back in my day we called this, "The Battle for $180!" | Credit: u/ickydonkeytoothbrush

Waiting for RC to tweet again... | Credit: u/deadbeatbusman


Got a good feeling about this week! Let's gooo 🚀🚀🚀 | Credit: u/Kyzz19


the story of apes on twater | Credit: u/tikkymykk

This Week’s Top Hype

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📚 Library of Due Diligence GME.fyi

A collection of over 200 of the most important, groundbreaking Due Diligence. If your looking to familiarize yourself with the GME bull thesis or the underhanded tactics of the short sellers involved in this trade– then this is for you | Credit: u/zedinstead

🟣 Computershare Megathread

Wondering what DRS is? Want to know how and why people are Direct Registering their shares? Here you'll find our guide and additional resources, as well as a welcoming community answering questions in the comments!

🏴‍☠️ NFT Marketplace & Wallet Megathread

Why is GameStop getting into NFTs? WTF even is an NFT? How do I set up a GameStop Wallet? How do I get a cool/custom wallet address? All these questions and more are answered here!

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👽 Shitpost Someone drove into our store in Calgary 😱

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💡 Education Diamantenhände 💎👐 German market is open 🇩🇪


Guten Morgen to this global band of Apes! 👋🦍

After last week's wild swings, the weekend featured much of the FUD and shillery that was missing last weekend. It is clear that the SHFs are having a difficult time containing their nightmare scenario, which continues to approach with each share that we DRS. They are once again trying to push dates and amplify FUD, but it is always amazing to me how transparent the efforts are. The subscriber count rising and the number of awards they are distributing to their shills is a dead giveaway. Fortunately, our Diamantenhände are hardened against such efforts.

Despite all their efforts, GME finished up week-over-week, and I am incredibly excited for how this week is going to play out. The substantial rise of BBBY last week is likely to have increased the pressure on the SHFs, though their efforts may be in suppressing that momentum over GME. The DTCC continues to push the narrative that GameStop filled out the form for a forward split, though international market regulators are strongly pushing back on that narrative. As we wait for the DTCC to correct the mistake, or the SEC to step in and actually enforce something, I wonder if the SHFs will be able to avoid margin calls. Maybe we'll get a hint from the German Markets?

I am traveling this week and do not know if I'll be able to reliably post. While many days I should be able, I will try to arrange coverage for days when I will not. Thank you for understanding!

Today is Monday, August 15th, and you know what that means! Join other apes around the world to watch infrequent updates from the German markets!

🚀 Buckle Up! 🚀

  • ⬜ 100 minutes in: $40.46 / 39,34 € (volume: 9555)
  • ⬜ 95 minutes in: $40.46 / 39,34 € (volume: 9542)
  • ⬜ 90 minutes in: $40.46 / 39,34 € (volume: 9366)
  • 🟥 85 minutes in: $40.46 / 39,34 € (volume: 9234)
  • 🟥 80 minutes in: $40.53 / 39,41 € (volume: 9234)
  • 🟥 75 minutes in: $40.60 / 39,48 € (volume: 7192)
  • 🟩 70 minutes in: $40.64 / 39,51 € (volume: 6980)
  • 🟥 65 minutes in: $40.18 / 39,06 € (volume: 6339)
  • 🟥 60 minutes in: $40.18 / 39,07 € (volume: 5625)
  • ⬜ 55 minutes in: $40.19 / 39,07 € (volume: 5574)
  • 🟥 50 minutes in: $40.19 / 39,07 € (volume: 5490)
  • 🟥 45 minutes in: $40.19 / 39,08 € (volume: 5483)
  • 🟥 40 minutes in: $40.20 / 39,09 € (volume: 5335)
  • 🟩 35 minutes in: $40.20 / 39,09 € (volume: 5244)
  • 🟥 30 minutes in: $40.19 / 39,08 € (volume: 5206)
  • 🟩 25 minutes in: $40.19 / 39,08 € (volume: 5002)
  • 🟥 20 minutes in: $40.17 / 39,06 € (volume: 4977)
  • 🟥 15 minutes in: $40.32 / 39,20 € (volume: 4036)
  • 🟥 10 minutes in: $40.46 / 39,34 € (volume: 2308)
  • 🟩 5 minutes in: $40.47 / 39,35 € (volume: 2240)
  • 🟥 0 minutes in: $40.46 / 39,34 € (volume: 1340)
  • 🟩 US close price: $40.74 / 39,61 € ($40.50 / 39,38 € after-hours)

FAQ: I'm capturing current price and volume data from German exchanges and converting to USD. Today's euro -> USD conversion ratio is 1.0285. I programmed a tool that assists me in fetching this data and updating the post. If you'd like to check current prices directly, you can check Lang & Schwarz or TradeGate

Diamantenhände isn't simply a thread on Superstonk, it's a community that gathers daily to represent the many corners of this world who love this stock. Many thanks to the originator of the series, DerGurkenraspler, who we wish well. We all love seeing the energy that people represent their varied homelands. Show your flags, share some culture, and unite around GME!

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🗣 Discussion / Question Be careful today. Very SUS accounts trying to paint a picture of manipulation by retail investors.


There are tons of no avatar accounts. Obviously purchased accounts with enough Karma etc. US guys that have been around for a while have seen it time and time again. Whenever they get desperate they start to play dirty. We need to show the new guys how to spot and avoid these shills.

Over using the word ape. Using phrases like "The plan is working" Being extremely specific in their comments almost as if their trying to paint a picture that can be used in court. Kinda like a really bad undercover cop trying to buy some drugs. Very SUS. It's not just on this sub it's on a few of the others.

Tons of stuff like this. "Hello fellow apes! I think that the plan is going well DRS is definitely the way that we control the price and destroy the brokers."

I think the shills are trying to make DRS look like a coordinated effort to attack brokers. We can't let them.

If you guys see something like this do not engage them. Do not reply at all. Simply report the comment for going against SuperStonk rules under No market manipulation and move on.

There is no coordinated plan. I don't want to "bring down the brokers" I don't care about the brokers because I don't utilize them. I DRS to protect my investment because I have no faith in the current system Because the companies that are supposed to work for me and protect me work against me.

We are all individual investors and we all want to protect our individual investments. We all found our way here by means of our own individual journey.

Stay vigilant and report the obvious shills.

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🤔 Speculation / Opinion Want to lock the float? This is not how you do it.


It’s been over a year since we began learning about DRS. According to the most recent estimates, this community has directly registered an estimated 70 MILLION shares which is absolutely incredible to say the least.

How did we manage to have 180,000 people do something they had never heard of before? Knowledge. DD. Education. AMAs. Meaningful discussions. Providing information and encouraging those to still do their own research and make the financial decision that they felt was best for their own investment.

180,000 people opened ComputerShare accounts. Some decided to DRS 100%, some decided to DRS 50%, some decided to DRS a few shares, and others decided to continue holding in brokerages. No matter what percentage someone decided to DRS or not DRS, that was their financial decision to make.

Personally, I first opened my account at ComputerShare last September. I didn’t transfer shares there, but I directly bought 3 shares because I was skeptical (but still wanted a few there to be safe). Since I first opened my account, I’ve initiated several transfers and DRS’d a large portion of my investment. I didn’t do it because of pressure, guilt, or being shamed; I did it because the more I learned, the more I wanted my shares held in my own name.

Maybe those that didn’t DRS 100% or at all didn’t want to take a tax hit with their IRA. Maybe they are in a 401K. Maybe they didn’t want to have to sell their shares. Maybe they are still on the fence and doing more research. Maybe they want to stay diversified. Maybe they even really like their broker. Whatever the reason may be, it’s their own.

The division needs to stop. Someone buying and holding GME is not the enemy. Someone buying and holding GME is not a problem. Someone doing their own research and making their own financial decision is not insert any derogatory word.

If you’re passionate about DRS, if you want to lock the float, then contribute in a meaningful way. Share education, share knowledge, answer questions in the DRS Megathread, be supportive. That’s how we’ve gotten this far. That's how there are an estimated 70 million shares directly registered.

There’s enough we are up against in this saga, we don’t need to add those holding GME to the list. This community is for every individual GME investor. There’s no right or wrong way to hodl the stock; how someone chooses to manage their investment is and will always be their own choice. Nothing on this sub is financial advice.

Bullying, shaming, and insulting someone does nothing but probably ensure that they are completely turned off to the idea of DRSing and participating in this community. That’s not the way... but you know what is? Sharing knowledge. Showing compassion. Being kind. Offering support. Engaging civilly.

That’s how we win this.

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📳Social Media Be like Pulte

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💻 Computershare Smooth ape who has been averaging up and now in DRS!

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💻 Computershare +432 banana’s for Griffins tailpipe

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💻 Computershare +19 for my favorite bot !

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📳Social Media LC on Twitter

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🗣 Discussion / Question Why not?

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💻 Computershare DRS Refresh

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💻 Computershare I just like the stock 🇳🇿🦍🚀🚀🚀🌕

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💻 Computershare Computershare example on how it executes same day. I sold my Walmart shares

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💻 Computershare UPDATE: My 5,000 shares that were cancelled with no explanation from Fidelity to Computershare have finally made their way home!!! It appears that the second time was the charm. I am still awaiting a phone call with an explanation and will follow up again tomorrow with Fidelity.

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r/Superstonk 7h ago

💻 Computershare Left some shares in Wealthsimple to DRS after the splivvydend, am now 100% DRS’d now, huzzah!

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💻 Computershare +23 more safely tucked away

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💻 Computershare Lurker Finally Posting DRS Shares To Feed the Bot!

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💻 Computershare XXX holder in CS now and XXXX in my 401k. +8 FEED THE BOT!!!

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💻 Computershare 5 to the bot, now they are settled the rest will follow!

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📚 Possible DD TIL that the Panic of 1901, the 1st stock market crash of the 20th century and 1st ever on the NYSE, was effectively caused by a short squeeze (Northern Pacific).


TIL: Not only was Northern Pacific's 1901 short squeeze one of the most famous short squeezes, but it also in part caused the stock market crash of 1901 called the Panic of 1901.

For the culture: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dk8RVuGx7AE

I'll keep this short, as I'm actually gearing up to head to work rn. Wish I had more time to flesh this out but may do so afterwards...


Reading up on a post by u/isitrandomorfate, they jumped into a clip by Warren Buffett speaking about the interesting case of when 2 ppl or groups own more than 50% of a company. The clip itself is interesting to watch (https://youtu.be/GVtaKKn43M8?t=385), and it mentions a company that I had never heard of: Northern Pacific.

Lots of great apes before me have delved into the idea of Northern Pacific, including u/Hughdanforth (https://www.reddit.com/r/Superstonk/comments/nadwdl/1901_short_squeeze/), u/dannyfnkay (https://www.reddit.com/r/Superstonk/comments/wg5j5a/the_biggest_short_squeeze_of_the_last_century_the/), and u/therealjugger: https://www.reddit.com/r/Superstonk/comments/qm7qhs/history_has_shown_the_moass_will_be_ignited_by_a/


TheRealJugger's post was probably the most famous of the topic, going into the history of famous short squeezes including VW, but also Northern Pacific:

1901 Northern Pacific Squeeze

A slugfest between two titans, James Hill/J.P. Morgan and Steve Harriman, in one of the last great railroad wars of America. In 1901, Union Pacific was in a shitty position, mired in bankruptcy, and not enough profit to meet its obligations. However, Steve Harriman believed that if Union Pacific could acquire railroad lines in Chicago(Burlington & Quincy Railroad) the railroad would become extremely profitable and powerful. However, James Hill and the Northern Pacific Railroad, with support from J.P. Morgan, thought the Chicago railroads would bring massive profit also. In the ensuing negotiations for Burlington. The owner of Burlington went with the Northern Pacific offer. This royally pissed of Harriman and theoretically, Hill/Morgan only owned 23% of Northern Pacific. So, Harriman became Chad Harriman and began buying Northern Pacific shares on the open market secretly to wrestle control from Hill/Morgan and utilize the Chicago railroads.


Pause, this was a 155 million dollar market in 1901 dollars(5,002,123,529 in today's dollars). Fucking huge market. So pretty much if Jeff Bezos began buying all Gamestop common shares on the open market because he believed the NFT marketplace for games would be huge.

Well, Morgan and friends didn't realize that Harriman did such a big dick wreckless move until Harriman almost owned the entire float. That's when the price started rising as the bidding war began between the two parties. As they bid up the stock, a flurry of short-sellers entered the equation.

Now *enter a classic story about there being a massive amount of shares sold short well past the float. Moreover, the float was being eaten away by Harriman and Hill/Morgan. When the shorts finally discovered what the two parties were doing there was massive panic to close short positions.

"Northern Pacific Corner Exposed"

Well, the price went to 200, 400, 600, 800, even to an eventual top of 1,000 USD a share(32,271.76 after inflation). This literally fucking imploded the stock market and eventually the shorts were let off the hook and allowed to close at 150 USD.


Key Takeaways:

-Harriman's unexpected tactic caught the short-sellers as well as J.P. Morgan by surprise which culminated in its ignition

-The float was locked down by both parties, while there were a lot more shares short than the ever-shrinking float

Though among the other apes that went into this, included u/whosstupidnow...I highly recommend their 3-part series on the NP squeeze that barely got any eyes on it!

230 upvotes only!

Their TLDR of the entire saga throughout is super helpful:


All shares were purchased at market price. The large buy volume caused the run up.

The railroad tycoons were diamond handing their shares.

It wasn't until all the shares were unavailable when the banks had a problem with exercising options contracts.

Shares were locked up in a trust, the same as what we are doing with Computershare.

The Non-investing public was not affected.

No bank went bankrupt.

Shorts were fuk'd on the way up longs that bought at the top were fuk'd on the way down because deals were made to drop the price.

Long before Jordan Belfort, David Lamar was a con man known as the "Wolf of Wallstreet"

Trains had electric motors in the year 1900 to get through a train tunnel.

A steam engine train has three times the pulling power of a diesel engine train.

The biggest takeaway regardless is that just like VW, even though you had parties that were interested in having the price drive up, they eventually settled on a truce.

I decided to look into this more however, and found that it coincided with an event. Let's let Wiki tell the story:


The Panic of 1901 was the first stock market crash on the New York Stock Exchange, caused in part by struggles between E. H. Harriman, Jacob Schiff, and J. P. Morgan/James J. Hill for the financial control of the Northern Pacific Railway. The stock cornering was orchestrated by James Stillman and William Rockefeller's First National City Bank financed with Standard Oil money. After reaching a compromise, the moguls formed the Northern Securities Company. As a result of the panic, thousands of small investors were ruined...

One of the causes of this stock market crash was Harriman's effort to gain control of Northern Pacific by buying up its stock. The panic began when the market crashed during the afternoon of May 8.

Investors did not see it coming, but by 1:00 pm, the decline in the market was beginning to show. First came the gradual decline in Burlington stock. It had been high all morning, but suddenly a sharp weakness came about. Prices of stocks such as St. Paul, Missouri Pacific, and Union Pacific began to fall. Soon enough, the whole market was drowning. Investors who had once held on tightly to their stocks were selling out of panic.

Others caught on and an overwhelming cry of "Sell! Sell! Sell!" was heard throughout the floor of the New York Stock Exchange.[4] During the selling, a rumor spread among traders that Arthur Housman, broker for J.P. Morgan, had died. Housman, the head of A.A. Housman & Company, was brought to the floor of the New York Stock Exchange to assure traders that J.P. Morgan was still doing business.

Wait...May 8th? Why does that date seem familiar?


"On Tuesday, May 7, Northern Pacific shares were bid up to $150. Short sellers in the stock started feeling the pressure. They could dump other holdings to cover their losses or close out their short positions at a big loss.

By Wednesday afternoon [May 8th], the decision was made for them. The market was off by 20 points. Yet, Northern Pacific stock rose to $200.

The squeeze was on."

That's right motherfuckers. The 1st market crash of the 20th century, early bookend to the 1999 dotcom crash, was caused by a literal short squeeze. Something that you can put 2 + 2 together but even sources like Wikipedia NEVER mention.

This quote sets the tone:

That night, brokers crowded into the Waldorf hotel and filled the air with tobacco smoke and rumor… Broker Bernard Baruch observed the scene: “One look inside the Waldorf that night was enough to bring home the truth of how little we differ from animals after all.

From a palace the Waldorf had been transformed into the den of frightened men at bay.”


I remember first learning about short squeezes through this saga and thinking they were like rare events. They are not quite grains of sand, but like supernovas in the universe, there are more there than you can count.

TIL: Not only was Northern Pacific's 1901 short squeeze one of the most famous short squeezes, but it also in part caused the stock market crash of 1901 called the Panic of 1901.

EDIT 1: While I'm here as it came up in the comments, might as well (not relevant but "while we're here")...

Wanted to get eyes on an earlier post on a different topic as thought some of you might find interesting too given all the back office issues with DRS:



Great Moments in Back-Office Fuckery History: YSK that the 3 biggest "rogue traders" of all time were all ex-back office employees for their banks (UBS, Societe Generale, Barings)


  • Of the 3 biggest "rogue traders" of all time, all 3 (Kweku Adoboli of UBS, Jerome Kerviel of Societe Generale, and Nick Leeson of Barings Bank) were ex-back office employees for their banks.
  • While they weren't largely dealing with stock splits/dividends, these "rogue traders" used their previous work in the back office to conduct their trades that either DID or nearly wiped out their banks. Because of this, I would be unsurprised if we get some eventual story/excuse of a "rogue trader" or "back-office employee" causing all the German fuckery as GME's stock split/dividend continues with its problems.

And as always


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📳Social Media Susanne Trimbath on Twitter

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💻 Computershare 5 scout shares for the bot. My wife "Why are we getting mail from GameStop Corporate now?" Me "Because we are entering the purple part of the chart now!"

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🤔 Speculation / Opinion HALT! Stop ✋ Right There...


Hey guys,

It’s fuckin late on the east coast, but I can’t sleep. I want to talk about HALTS...

Yes, halts. Something that happens to our beloved GME from time to time....

Now I’m not mathematical wizard here, but I do notice some things...

This last Monday when we got halted, was the first time they “crashed” it as soon as it came back, but could not even break it down to where we were in the red for the day.

Let’s flash back and be like “oh well randomtaskstonks tell us about the last halt.”

Well I gladly will... March 29th, basically at the exact same time (6 or 7 minutes into trading) GME got halted. When it came back from $200 down to $167 immediately after the halt.

Well “I don’t understand what your getting at randomtaskstonks...”

Neither do I. But let me elaborate for you...

Everytime GME gets halted, I feel it’s because we are extremely close to mooning... Some how these Ass Clowns 🤡 aka hedgies, find ways to halt the stonk and then proceed to fill the order book with a bunch of crap-o-la. Well it seems like the crap-o-la they really were able to throw in Jan 21, March 21, June 21 and November 21, isnt hitting the fan as much and is making much smaller dents.

This last halt they created couldn’t even bring the price down to a negative for the day....

I’m excited when I see halts because the highs are getting lower and the lows are getting higher on these halts.

Please let’s get an ape with some fucking wrinkles (here’s looking at you criand) to actually put into real logic and make some sweet sweet DD on what I’m talking about.

I am by far and away not the smartest ape of the bunch nor do I think I ever will be. But if one of you HALT and follow what I just said and really look into these “fake halts” and short attacks on the unhalting u might see what I see and cannot explain.

With that being said, I hope you halted and thanks for coming to my Ted talk.

Edit - yes I know how a halt works. I’m just stating that every halt has come with a downtick, a huge downtick and every halt since Jan 21 the downtick has become smaller and smaller and smaller.

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💻 Computershare TrueStonks DRS +2000 LFG! I put my money where my mouth is.

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r/Superstonk 8h ago

💻 Computershare Beep Boop +12 for today!! more coming in soooooon 🦍

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