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S04E01 - The Hellfire Club

S04E02 - Vecna's Curse

S04E03 - The Monster and the Superhero

S04E04 - Dear Billy

S04E05 - The Nina Project

S04E06 - The Dive

S04E07 - The Massacre At Hawkins Lab

S04E08 - Papa

S04E09 - The Piggyback

Season 4 Vol 2. Discussion

Part 2 Avatars

Reddit is back with four more Stranger Things Avatars to celebrate Part 2 of Season 4!

In addition to the Demogorgon, Eleven, Hopper, or Scoops Ahoy Steve, you can now update your avatar to Eddie, Lucas, Max or Vecna! Or you can try mixing and matching them :D

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Discussion Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 2 Series Discussion


In this thread you can discuss the entirety of season 4 Volume 2 without spoilers code. If you haven't seen the entire season yet stay away!!!

What did you like about it?

What didn't you like?

Favorite character this season?

What do you want from season 5?

Part 2 Avatars

Reddit is back with four more Stranger Things Avatars to celebrate Part 2 of Season 4!

In addition to the Demogorgon, Eleven, Hopper, or Scoops Ahoy Steve, you can now update your avatar to Eddie, Lucas, Max or Vecna! Or you can try mixing and matching them :D

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How would these two interact if they had met properly?

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Make a comment that will make the sub react or respond like this:

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how would've these 2 heroes interact if they met?

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Stranger Things Season 4 Bloopers | Netflix

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My top 3 favourite romances. What yours?

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stranger things bloopers

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SPOILERS I always wondered what he was thinking about during that scene.

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Which crack ships (joke ships) are your favorites?

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If you didn't watch the show, this looks like a dad and his son giving him an "I hate you dad" stare

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Went to the Stranger Things Cafe in Tokyo

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Why did you like and/or why do you like season 1?


I saw season 1 a few years ago. Wasn't really my thing. But I'd be really interested to know why other people like it, so I can gain a better understanding of the show.
(I tried to find a video-essay on youtube about why the first season is awesome, but didn't know where to even start looking, so I thought I'd try my luck here.)

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Why the Pinto have a next generation airbag sticker?

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Is there enough support and demand for a current generation 4k stranger things game ? I would love to build some support for this. A game that would have to have multiple playable character where you would simply play through the stranger things series and already have the voices for each character.

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SPOILERS Are vecna and the mind flayer two entities or one and the same?


I literally can’t tell, the show makes it seem like vecna created the mind flayer tho… but elevens wording of “it’s always been you” makes me think that they’re both the same. Am I dumb??

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SPOILERS Is episode 4 irrelevant ? [spoilers]


Ive seen a couple people saying that Max dying in the last episode makes her beating Vecna in episode 4 irrelevant , like her losing to Vecna now defeats the purpose of everything she did in episode 4

But i would argue that without episode 4 , you dont get the ending that you got in the finale , so saying that it makes episode 4 irrelevant is kind of a dumb argument

Do you agree with me ? Or do yoy agree that episode 4 became irrelevant by the finale ending ? Im genuinely curious to hear other people 's thoughts

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An attempt

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I tried to draw Eddie

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Vecna wanted Will the entire time


i always found it shocking that Will survived in the upside down FOR A WEEK in s1 they had the air in the upside down as toxic they peter scrapped that idea but it was canon whilst Will was in there. i was also confused as to how he survived but Barb didn’t. as we see barb gets brought into the upside down where she was last seen in the real hawkins. in steve’s pool. and if you remember Will locked himself in his garden shed if barb can’t get out of a pool without dying how the hell did Will get out of a garden shed with a demogorgon right behind him. and finally why the hell was the demogorgon in the road when Will wasn’t cut. it is explicitly mentioned that blood attracts the demogorgon so why the hell was it in the road. Vecna wanted Will and he wanted him alive from the first episode.

(i’m rewatching s1 and my brain started talking to me so i posted it)

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I'm a huge Stranger things fan. In the 80's, dad would put on the 60's Batman for me and I fell in love with Batman. I've been wanting a Batman tattoo forever. Seeing Eddie's sweet 'ol tatties inspired me to get that Batman tattoo w/some Eddie flair. Bonus pic: me in 89 wearing my Batman Chucks.

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Stranger Things Experience London


Went to this today. Had an excellent time. Non-spoilery thoughts below:

  • Not the easiest of places to find from the Tube at Brent Cross, which is on the second least enjoyable Tube line due to how warm the underground sections get.
  • It is running until 11 December. 62.30 for adults, which is pricey, but we are dealing with 10% inflation right now. Very busy in general - you're split into two groups to send you through identical experiences.
  • Lot of families present. There is nothing particularly scary, but if you have to bail for whatever reason, they will help you out.
  • Most people came without costumes - I went for something vaguely 80s in my wardrobe. Quite a few Hellfire Club T-shirts, a few Maxes (in S3 and S4 guises) and even one Mike.
  • There are lockers present for you to leave your bag - they also do a "wanding" at the entrance.
  • It's rather like a theme park ride - you are hearded through the various bits by live-action actors and pre-recorded bits, the latter featuring the Party.
  • Sets are highly detailed, but you don't really have time to appreciate them.
  • There is a 3D glasses bit.
  • The experience is wheelchair friendly.
  • Brits are not known for being high-energy in anything that doesn't involve footy and my group was rather subdued.
  • The actors are very good - one handled with aplomb a remark by two people that they watched 'Stranger Things' by asking what strange things they watched.
  • Food afterwards is pricey - seven and a half quid for a scoop of ice cream and a can of Tango. However, the arcade games are free, the queues for the photo opp were generally short and the staff were friendly.

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My parents have been arguing with me about stranger things for the last hour.


They say its for children and a waste of money whenever I come home with new stranger things merchandise. They tell me I need a new hobby then "stupid" tv shows. How would someone respond to them and show them the beauty of this show!?

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What job do you think Joyce and the other adults would excel in?


I’ve made these kinds of posts for the kids and teens but never for the adults. Joyce obviously most likely doesn’t actually want to be a struggling single mom, we never see her w a job that she seems to enjoy. I think that nursing could work for her, but I’m actually not so sure.

We already know that Karen didn’t end up where she desired to (ended up a housewife due to societal expectations) and so I’m curious about her to.

I’m inclined to guess that Hopper is comfortable w being a police officer and that Ted is comfortable enough with his job.