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I apologize


In setting the sub to 18+ I disabled videos, which is the only way our sub works. I apologize to anyone who couldn’t post. Feel free to smack me up side the head.

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An unexpected Visitor

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This is the way how I fighting back to them


I am fighting to the corrupting dirty red eyes jealous lying evil people and government inside those trash. Here all only for the people who is honest kind good and not been manipulated by those lying dirty action to damage my business my life and government those trash mountain rat robber have know nothing but just only know calculating by money sitting there waiting people bring they anything and money If no so that what is the and why the wars exist happen etc. they are evil lying and say people lying. They use violence is legal. People violence is evil. You there have know nothing and say the things such easily saying people are have they own self left, kind you wouldn’t damage or disturb will respect others left like that. but you are not. You are have know nothing and also just heard something others say something than follow what they say you even not get any proof and just immediately follow what they saying to let your eye and point mind to the person or things that what they say. You even have doubts thinking back way where those they say come from Who is have those things question beginning from. Only just follow what they say and trust them go to attack person. And you still think you are right and you smart know the things the truth. Like you those how could you say you have your own left and not disturb, is respect others. You say like you those isn’t been easy manipulative by them too? Me these are not for you kind the people. Ok. You not like please don’t open it and read see it.

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End of time


Utmost of my abilities , do the good things , only for good people , change my DNA,improve my DNA, change my families. (But there I have no intent to change the world change the others, how they are going ,the people they doing, that only themselves matter life, I know there so many bad lying fake face in the world, that why the world no good. but not mine and I don’t care. I am always will be choosing good people only and Separate bad people: Gimmicks ,Shortcuts ,back dog door ,jump position, three hand, testing, trapping , always thought self smart , the other is idiots, Can not accept self been insulting charging or over pay, even one time it can’t be, immediately become against,no chance for the other, but they don’t mind themselves testing trapping lying insulting the others,do those all the time and all ways be first one . stealing, robbing, forcing, threaten, intimidate , blarney,rhetoric,face smile. impose upon bully cheating those who are kind honest weak timid single and fear flatter those who are severe power rich ….etc ,remove all of them out from my life and no accept all of them. But there always have chances for them, for all the people, just by the time to time pass been.

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Livin his best life

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Some say she's still crankin'

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Gonna Carry That Weight

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Just A Methhead Freakout that made me giggle at the end

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WTF Presents: Hey! No Joinder Here Buddy! Joinder Free Zone! (WTF is Joinder?) Just The Good Stuff!

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Fuck it. Say yes to crystal meth.


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Looking for a video that was on this sub


About a year ago I watched a video on this sub of a guy coming out of his house to film this woman sitting in his drive way. She’s on flakka or something and has bashed most of her teeth out. She says some crazy shit comparing Trump to George Washington. The actually is trying to help her but she’s too far gone... Anyway, I can’t find it anymore so if you can help me out, I’d appreciate it. Freak on y’all.

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Bling Bling is at it again

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/r/publictweakout hit 10k subscribers yesterday

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Bling Bling keeps a crack pipe in his colla

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Felt the initial post and subsequent replies by OP warrant the Public Tweakout label

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Bitch, im a cow?

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I guess tough guys do cry


I had to go to the store yesterday to pick up a couple of items and figured it would be a quick trip in and out. That didn't happen. Let me tell you why. But first the cast:

me, tweaker dude, security guard, cashier and 2 police men

I have an anxiety disorder that makes it hard for me to be in large crowds. It also affects me if someone touches me without me knowing before hand. I only needed 2 things so I didn't grab a basket or cart. Out of the corner of my eye I can see this tweaker stealing things and shoving them in his jacket. He saw that I could see what he was doing and must have thought coming up to me to threaten me not to say anything was a good idea. before I had a chance to walk away he grabbed my jacket and yanked me backward.

This is the part when I went from another customer to full defense mode. Instead of pulling back away from him I fell back and elbowed him right in the face. As he was falling I made sure to fall with him and land as hard as I could on top of him. A security guard was already keeping an eye on him because of how sketchy he was and saw the whole thing. He came over and helped me stand up and as he did tweaker ran for the door.

I'm not sure who but someone had locked the door and tweaker dude couldn't get away. The security guard and I walked to the front of the store and there was the tweaker sitting on the floor crying like a baby. He even was saying something like, " I'm so sorry mommy." No one touched him or spoke to him. He just sat there crying.

Not long after the police came and the door got unlocked and they came in. One officer went to talk to the security guard and the other went over to the tweaker. I didn't hear what was said between the police and security but the cop started talking quietly to tweaker dude to try to calm him down. It only took a few minutes and the crying stopped. The cop then asked what all he stole and to put it on the floor beside him. I don't know how he fit it all but there were d.v.d.'s, food, sun glasses, a couple hats and candy in his pockets. then he stripped every piece of clothes off he was wearing.

"I stole these too. Mine were dirty and I threw them in the garbage in the men's room." tweaker said to the cop. They just led him away without a stich on to the car outside. I was standing there mouth wide open wondering if what I just saw was real. After that I went to the cashier to pay he said, " The manager said not to charge you for that because you had to deal with that. sorry. the manager would be here himself but he is outside."

I'm not one to look a gift horse in the mouth and took my free things. They came to a grand total of less than $7 if I had to pay. lol. I thanked him and went on my way. As I was walking by the police car I saw the manager giving the stolen clothes back to the tweaker so he at least had clothes to wear.

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This used to be a decent subreddit, why have you abandoned it?

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Just another manic meth day..

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Fighting someone who isn't there

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This guy in Chicago arguing with nobody

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“Lean Back”


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Is it too early for the Christmas tweakouts?

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Store clerk is tweaking at work

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