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Iranian Hijab Protests 2022: “You guys can’t take me, I won’t come. I abide by the hijab. I’m only here because you guys killed Mahsa”

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u/WildFurball2118 Sep 25 '22

I'm glad they stand up because they know what the authority did was unacceptable.


u/HoboBaggins24 Sep 25 '22

I still can’t understand the women who want to be oppressed by being completely covered with a abayat 😔


u/TheNewGirl_ Sep 25 '22

Some people want to wear a hijab because its part of their culture - but that by itself is not the problem

its making it mandatory for everyone is the problem

Idk whats so hard about that , the oppressive part is forcing people who dont want to wear it to put it on

Choice should be the default when it comes to what you are putting on your body - no one should say YOU MUST ALWAYS or YOU CAN NEVER wear a certain piece of cloth on your head

either way is oppressive because it removes agency from the individual to choose for themselves


u/Binkybunnies1 Sep 25 '22

In a nutshell! Thank you.


u/stanknotes Sep 25 '22

Exactly. If you WANT to wear it, go ahead. No one cares. Its imposing it on everyone else that is the problem.


u/emotional_skyscraper Sep 25 '22

It's not oppression if you want to wear something. It's oppression when you're forced to.


u/1rbryantjr1 Sep 25 '22

Shocking that strangers have no problem putting their hands on people. What gives them the right??


u/[deleted] Sep 25 '22

An imaginary friend in the sky


u/Sea_breeze_80 Sep 25 '22

Stay strong ladies


u/DankBudsStankNugs Sep 26 '22

Fuck these backwards ass fucks, and their barbaric pedophile god.


u/Gizmochappa Sep 25 '22

Not all cultures are equal, some are garbage