r/PublicFreakout Sep 24 '22

Iranians carrying a wounded protestor back to safety as they fight off IRGC thugs with bricks and stones

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u/illzkla Sep 24 '22

Looks like lots of people trying to do their part


u/DeathByCheeseWheele Sep 25 '22

Why don't they make pipe bombs easy to make. The ingredients for black powder might be harder to come by. But ANFU is relatively easy to make with just ammonium nitrate and a oil based fuel. ammonium nitrate being commonly used in agriculture as a fertilizer.


u/Reddit_is_my_city Sep 25 '22

Because that gives the riot police an excuse to fire at them you big ugly blockhead


u/LouisSaintJust1789 Sep 25 '22

The riot police have already murdered 100 people…


u/Derpaye Sep 25 '22

They need to fight back violently 🫤


u/Echidna-Own Sep 25 '22

And they murder 1000s more, if protestors use those measures. That's how they get perceived as terrorists.


u/Significant-Leg-2294 Sep 25 '22

The power of the stone