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Kentucky’s Republican Attorney General Daniel Cameron is drowned out by people chanting “Breonna Taylor” at a rally for his campaign

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u/Glockspeiser Aug 13 '22

Yeah California is in great shape these days.


u/AdDifficult7229 Aug 14 '22

I know, it’s so bad. Every kid even gets a free school lunch now, too. The absolute HORROR!


u/Cthulubuttplug777 Aug 14 '22

And every family can get a homeless person for a pet!!!! Since y’all hold the record for the largest homeless population. Take your head outta your ass bro, I know you can’t see where you steering that high horse.


u/WildYams Aug 14 '22

y’all hold the record for the largest homeless population.

California has the largest population, period. By a significant margin. It's inevitable that they're going to have the most of everything. They also have one of the best climates for people who live without shelter, as it rarely gets too hot or too cold. If you think there's homeless people in California because Republicans aren't running it, then explain why just the general population in deeply red states is in such poor shape. You've just been watching too much Fox News, who's show you the few, small areas where homeless congregate, and you end up thinking that's what everywhere looks like, when in reality it's a very small percentage.