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Kentucky’s Republican Attorney General Daniel Cameron is drowned out by people chanting “Breonna Taylor” at a rally for his campaign

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u/Psychological-Air642 Aug 13 '22

What does he have to do with it?


u/mielita Aug 13 '22

The was the AG responsible for getting an indictment on the officers who murdered Breonna Taylor and who shot her boyfriend. An indictment is basically when the prosecutor, the dude above, presents a case to a grand jury to bring charges against someone, there is no defense of their actions presented (because that comes after, during a trial) just a presentation on what laws were violated. I'm this case the cops broke the law several times including filing false police reports, not identifying themselves, etc. It's a joke that prosecutors can get an indictment on anyone cuz it's so easy. However, he did not do that, he like other prosecutors who don't want to charge police go for a charge that they can't prove without a doubt, thus throwing their case away by not getting any indictments. This week the DOJ announced indictments on the police officers, those are federal charges. The feds have been doing the jobs of state AGs in these high profile cases by actually charging people with things that fall under their jurisdiction, since they can't bring murder charges since that's the state's purview