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Chaos Erupts Among a Crowd near the Iconic Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Sign 🥊Fight

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u/MudstuffinsT2 Aug 13 '22

That damned system made that guy choose to sucker punch multiple people


u/owwwwwo Aug 13 '22

I'm not excusing this POS. Just saying, the shitty system that doesn't have things like health coverage for people, and lunches for kids in school will long term produce more and more shitty humans.


u/MudstuffinsT2 Aug 13 '22

When you produce a child it's your responsibility to raise, feed, and nurture it. If you HAVE to rely on the government to feed your child you have absolutely failed at being a parent on every level.

Narcissistic and selfish parents who refuse to sacrifice for their children is an epidemic and is the primary common denominator in creating shitty humans.


u/owwwwwo Aug 13 '22

That's not how humans operate. And punishing kids for having shitty parents only makes for shittier future parents.

Every nation on Earth besides the US has Healthcare and basic needs for their populace. There is no argument for keeping public health in private hands. It costs more to our country, it has worse outcomes, and doesn't cover everybody.

This has nothing to do with "lazy people", and everything to do with greedy people buying our politicians to have for-profit everything.

And I'd love to hear an argument on why kids shouldn't be fed at school. Go at it, tiger.


u/MudstuffinsT2 Aug 13 '22

I want you to explain to me how someone can be a good parent but also not take care of their child's basic needs


u/owwwwwo Aug 13 '22

Re read what I wrote.

That's not at all what I said.

The community has a responsibility to step in and care for children where their parents fail.


u/MudstuffinsT2 Aug 13 '22

Fair enough, I don't disagree with your last sentence. My argument is that "it's the system" crowd refuse to acknowledge the initial failing of the individuals in the first place. "It's the system" is a cheap copout to hold individuals responsible for their crimes and personal failings. The man in the video didn't sucker punch an elderly person because of the failings of a system, he did it because he's a piece of shit who chose to possibly murder someone.


u/ytsirhc Aug 14 '22

both things can be true


u/Send_Derps Aug 14 '22

"It takes a village."