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Chaos Erupts Among a Crowd near the Iconic Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Sign 🥊Fight

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u/Natas47 Aug 13 '22

Cop a gun. You don’t know when you will get treated like the old guy in the end by a fucking pos giant dude thinking he’ hard.


u/Old-Departure-2698 Aug 13 '22

That way you can guarantee someone dies! It also statistically increases the chances for everyone in your household to die of a gun related injury! Yaaaay!


u/Natas47 Aug 13 '22

So you rather get ur head stomped on so you can die a day or two later in the hospital on life support all cuz you were trying to get a picture at the vegas sign with your fam and a bunch of people decide to jump your whole family. Yet you wanted no way of protecting your family.


u/Old-Departure-2698 Aug 13 '22

Yeah my bad you're right dude would've been able to clean noscope 360 Rambo Wick him cause he had done an ocular patdown and assessed the threat and was ready for the kill as all good guys with a gun do. Guns solve all problems and you can be an omnipotent protector of your family if only you had a gun, good lessons.


u/CharacterBrief9121 Aug 13 '22

If that old man had a gun someone would have picked it up off of him when he got knocked out.


u/how_do_i_name Aug 13 '22

"Just die" - Old Departure 2698