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Berat, Albania New Year 1998 post-civil war ( 90% of population was armed by stealing military artillery) Loose Fit 🤔

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u/CookiesByChoice Jun 30 '22 edited Jun 30 '22

This isn't even Albania. This is in Latakia, Syria.


Here's a higher quality video

Post from 5 years ago: https://www.reddit.com/r/syriancivilwar/comments/5lf7lj/new_year_celebration_in_latakia_2017/


u/_Barringtonsteezy Jul 01 '22

Thanks for the context.

Also fuck op who is most likely a bot, 1 month account posting old repost


u/swedeofsteel Jul 01 '22

I hate repost bots, but for some reason I never thought about who would gain from a repost bot before I read your comment. What I do like about them though, is when I see interesting things that I've missed.


u/PinkFloydPanzer Jul 01 '22

Astroturfing campaign trying to make an account look valid before they astroturf


u/pattykakes887 Jul 01 '22

A lot of times they build up karma and then sell the account to someone with an agenda be it shilling a product or supporting some sort of political agenda. I see a ton of bots talking about the Ukrainian war. They’ll have lots of posts from around their account creation date oftentimes in a smaller sub and then they go quiet for a few months (I’d imagine while the account is on the market for sale) and then all of the sudden the account is posting multiple times per hour about how Russia are actually the good guys or some other sort of synthetic talking point. Pretty insidious but I think what’s more gross is that Reddit doesn’t seem to care too much because they get their active users numbers up with these sorts of accounts.

TLDR: fuck you spez for putting your company’s valuation ahead of truth and decency.


u/swedeofsteel Jul 01 '22

Ok that goes deeper than what I thought, but it makes sense and is very bad.



How much do accounts sell for?


u/pattykakes887 Jul 03 '22

Couldn’t tell you but I’m sure there’s articles out there somewhere about it


u/pietava Jul 01 '22

Thanks. Regardless of the location, those bullets will have to come back down some time. Fooking madness, it's a lil bit like Russian roulette, but you do it to someone else. 👍


u/camdoodlebop Jul 01 '22

but i thought bullets disappeared in the sky /s


u/BohemondIV Jul 01 '22

Good sleuthing.


u/a_generic_meme Jul 01 '22

Seriously. This is so clearly not from 1997 - barring all the small details it's not even in 4:3. Classic post-communist 90s Albanians and their 2017 cell phone cameras


u/camdoodlebop Jul 01 '22

i was gonna say the footage doesn’t look 90s


u/Scary_Flamingo_5792 Jun 30 '22

What’s with the sudden Albanian Civil War footage?


u/Nardi777 Jun 30 '22

Nothing just a reminder for old times


u/LobbingLawBombs Jul 01 '22

This is Syrian, ya doofus.


u/DownWithHiob Jun 30 '22 edited Jun 30 '22

Can you call the Albanian civil war really a civil war? The whole country got scammed out of their money in a poncy scheme, went insane and then public order broke down, and you had gangs of teenagers and criminals with no ideology battling for controls over cities. No fight along ethnicital lines or religion, just pure anarchy. After half a year of anarchy, the UN send a peacekeeping force and everyone just kind of went home. A few months later the peacekeeping mission left the country. Probably one of the most efficient and successful peacekeeping missions ever.


u/Kriztauf Jul 01 '22

What? This sounds insane. Is there any documentaries or sources you'd recommend?


u/FutureFriendly8738 Jul 01 '22

True it was a very efficient peacekeeping mission but it’s so easy to judge when you’re an outside viewer. As an Albanian I lived through this myself, my first cousin got kidnapped, I’ve had relatives die during this time of Albanias history. There were months where we had to rely on each other’s kindness for food and at night time my father would wake me up and cover me under the bed because there would be bullets being fired from who knows where landing on the house. Unless you’ve lived it you wouldn’t know.

Anyways, SLAVA UKRAINI 🇦🇱🇺🇦


u/Nardi777 Jun 30 '22

You can call this a civil war because of big gangs war with each other and very few of them are taking revenge even today . To notice different gangs were supported and influenced by different political parties and this was the most f*cked up thing .


u/darkchalice Jun 30 '22

Every texan creaming their pants watching this.


u/drewroddy Jun 30 '22

Texan here, can confirm, had to change pants


u/Beznia Jul 01 '22 edited Jul 01 '22


u/tristist Jun 30 '22

Gravity still applies to bullets… someone got a lead shower somewhere because of this


u/Fart_Huffer_ Jun 30 '22

Fuck everyone on the outskirts of the city.


u/farewelltokings2 Jun 30 '22

To anyone reading: Never fire guns into the air, or at all for a celebration, ever. It is extremely dangerous and kills people every year.

But if you ignore this advice and find yourself being a piece of shit about to fire a gun into the air, at least do it straight up to minimize the velocity at which the bullet returns to Earth.


u/Iheartinetprivacy Jul 01 '22

Can't tell if you're smart for saying this or really smart for saying this... should umm, the person also not move for a while after shooting straight up?


u/Nardi777 Jun 30 '22

Or shoot firearms at not urbanised are like desert, sea etc…


u/Vadge-Badger Jun 30 '22

Don't fire a gun without knowing where the bullet could end up.


u/[deleted] Jul 02 '22

Brb gonna go fire into a treeline randomly


u/leofntes Jun 30 '22

If there was a plane crossing over there could have been taken down?


u/Nardi777 Jun 30 '22

Within 2,700 meters altitude with AKM bullets probably yes .


u/shotz317 Jun 30 '22

Lead goes up, lead comes down,


u/europorn Jul 02 '22

Can't explain that!


u/sneaky-pizza Jun 30 '22

What's funny is that this is the desired policy outcome of the current GOP in the USA.


u/dn00 Jul 01 '22

They should just go join the taliban, isis or al qaeda. They can do that and oppress women everyday.


u/tangoindia1 Jun 30 '22

Civil war was not what happened in Albania. Chaos and the fall of the government and also civil unrest here including destruction of everything, but there was not such thing as civil war.


u/padlox2 Jun 30 '22



u/Far-Entrance-1377 Jun 30 '22

Let's party like 1998


u/Silencedewgood Jul 01 '22

Looks like Oakland on 4th of July…


u/EarlOfMarr Jul 01 '22

Fuck I thought this was east side Indianapolis


u/TinyBad5456 Jul 01 '22

Bro a man just had a aa gun in his yard 🤣💀


u/Lucky-luciano36 Jun 30 '22

Syria 2016 new year


u/BillazeitfaGates Jul 01 '22

That’s bad ass


u/ItGoesx6 Jun 30 '22

“What is your stance on gun ownership?” “Finders keepers”


u/MR_GALAXYY Jul 01 '22

warzone rebirth map lobby


u/Spirited-Usual-3023 Jul 01 '22

Wait? This is not fireworks?


u/ryraps5892 Jul 01 '22

I’d be staying outta any high areas like that first and foremost lol


u/quality_hentai Jul 01 '22

A country somewhere just got eradicated


u/Regalia_BanshEe Jul 01 '22

Happy fourth of July to you too


u/clandestineVexation Jul 01 '22

r/crazyfuckingvideos this is not a public freakout.


u/Real_Albatross9902 Jul 01 '22

Business is good for weapons of war and destruction.


u/alluptheass Jul 01 '22

How the mods determine "loose fit" feels pretty loose. Like, an entire city full of people firing their weapons indiscriminately is a "loose fit" for a public freakout, but cop tells other cop citizen isn't trespassing is a perfectly legit "public freakout"?


u/LuangPrabangisinLaos Jul 01 '22

Remnds me of Baghdad.


u/bloodyuk Jul 01 '22

Bird hell.


u/Beautiful_Pain_5091 Jul 05 '22 edited Jul 05 '22

This isn’t Berat. Definitely not the city of a 1000 windows.

Edit: I used to live in Albania and have been to Berat A LOT.

Anyone who says it wasn’t a civil war, your opinion doesn’t matter. In Albania, there is a reason why it’s taught and viewed as a civil war. Greed and massive corruption fueled the instability that fueled the horrors that the mafias inflicted. Who are you to try and dictate a country’s history…when there is a good 99% chance that you’ve never been to Albania.

You don’t even realize the horrors that were inflicted in the civil war. Families smuggling their kids into the city in the dead of night, people murdered, cities and houses being burned to the ground. Although the pyramid scheme was the catalyst for it, it happened not long after communism fell where the country was practically held hostage by the armed mafias that formed before and after the armories were raided.


u/Burek-trafficker Jul 06 '22

Ti qifsha robt shkerdhat muti, i ben reklam negative Shqiprise me video te Sirise….karma whoreeee


u/lem753 Jun 30 '22

So impossibly based