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A man wastes several days trying to prove to internet strangers that he is strong, and believes that a stranger would fly to Ohio to fight him in a park. Non-Public



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u/[deleted] Jun 19 '16

Oh, wow. This is a pretty good freakout, and even better if you dig into the context a bit. The video above is a glimpse into some kind of internet feud between the poster and the guy in the video (whom we'll call Rubber Lips, or RL). The origins are unclear, but Poster has uploaded several videos of RL executing feats of strength, including some very strange bent-over kettle bell twisty-press things. I am very leary of exercises that load the spine unevenly. Every video has multiple threatening comments from RL. For example, here is a bizarre and surreal rant in which he somehow manages to reference Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton:

"You are just a bitch, that's why you got called one. What is so embarrassing about me being strong as fuck? Hahaha you think being strong doesn't keep grown men alive, or do anything that would piss you off because you're a weak bitch? Yeah, you look stupid by not showing respect, because most guys aren't anything like that. You're just a shallow bitch like Donald Trump. Hillary is not even as big of a bitch as Donald. Trust me...because I never lied about ANYTING on any post, because grown men don't do that shit."

To anyone who has been around the Internet for a while, this is obviously reminiscent of the classic internet tough guy copypasta. But this is better. This is a real life Internet Tough Guy, ranting into his phone in a public place at an unseen stranger. What a weird and zeitgesity artifact this is. Do you think we could come up with a name for this subgenre of freakout? Real-life public responses to trolling? This is one of my favorite types of freakout because it just evokes so much pathos. Also, it is refreshing to watch any expression of pure, genuine emotion, especially when that emotion is blind seething rage. Saturated with TV and movies, our brains have become used to watching the imitation of emotions, so much so that it is strangely surprising and fascinating to watch the real thing. I am reminded of a similar video in which a very fat, short-haired woman rants about trolls from some video game, daring them to come fight her. She even demonstrates her bat-swinging abilities on a wooden post, and talks about the tae kwon do lessons she's taking. (If anyone can link that video, I'd appreciate it. I've been looking for it for a long time!)

For all the anger expressed in videos like these, they are truly desperate cries for human interaction. It's unlikely that a man so angered by the teasing of anonymous strangers has a firm sense of self, or network of loving and supportive relationships. (But who knows?) The impression that I get about RubberLips and TaeKwonDo are that they are very lonely and very angry. Their psychological projections are clear as day. RubberLips is weirdly and obsessively preoccupied with asserting his status as a "grown man." Such a case study. Top quality freakout. Thanks OP!


u/[deleted] Jun 19 '16

Is this the video you're looking for?


u/[deleted] Jun 19 '16

That's the one! So much pain in those eyes! Like watching Jesus on the cross, at the moment he took on a universe of suffering. Gaze upon it and weep for the world.


u/schadenfreudemaster Jun 20 '16

I love how you psychoanalyzed these guys.


u/[deleted] Jun 20 '16

Class of 2016


u/Needlecrash Jun 20 '16 edited Jun 20 '16

He? That's a female, filmed in West Virginia.


u/[deleted] Jun 23 '16

Probably just forgot to put the s. He said that she was a female multiple times before.


u/brillke Jun 20 '16

I thought it was a she?


u/[deleted] Jun 23 '16

Its likely the he probably just forgot to put the s. He said that she was a female multiple times before that comment.


u/WooPeedOnMyRug1 Jun 20 '16

Ya, he'd die one time for us, but never again.


u/Versaiteis Jun 19 '16

"I bet you can't even breathe outside of your office"

Bitch you can't even breathe outside of your car!


u/[deleted] Jun 19 '16

This video is fake, that's actually comedian Patton Oswald.


u/LOhateVE Jun 20 '16

I like how he/she rants about the other person being a fat motherfucker who can probably not breath outside of their office... they then proceed to take a break to catch their breath.


u/[deleted] Jun 26 '16

yeah but that guy is a five, six hundred pound mother fucker. I mean at least the girl has some self control.


u/Hannibal_Khan Jun 19 '16 edited Jun 20 '16

this is amazing. The juggaloes in my town live in a trailer park as well. Such strange creatures and we still understand so little about them.


u/[deleted] Jun 20 '16

How can they afford it?


u/here-to-jerk-off Jun 19 '16

wow, I thought those were just man boobs, but they are woman boobs.


u/plutomutt Jun 19 '16

Sword or sheath??????


u/steel-toad-boots Jun 19 '16

Uughhhhh that was hard to watch


u/[deleted] Jun 19 '16

Is she out of breath from just talking? LOL WTF?


u/extracanadian Jun 20 '16

She is almost a perfect sphere.


u/AKATheHeadbandThingy Jun 20 '16

oh damn that is so sad. if you ever get to the point that you are trying to intimidate people via video displays of your martial arts prowess uploaded to youtube, something has gone terribly wrong.


u/sectorsight Jun 20 '16

The jack handle is no solid steel.


u/mouserat31 Jun 20 '16

Wow that's good


u/wishIknewwho Jun 20 '16

5 minutes well spent, somehow. ...incredible. This specific kind of freak out deserves its own sub.


u/rabidmoon Jun 20 '16

Oh this video was even better. Thank you!


u/Yo_Soy_Crunk Jun 20 '16

He looks like a chocolate M&M.


u/zouppp Jun 20 '16

deep breath after every sentence, goddamn


u/McSteezeMuffin Jun 23 '16

wait!! that sounds exactly the same woman from the duke nukem ventrilo harrassment!!