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Instead of going dark on June 12th and only June 12th, why not just go dark/boycott for longer or until reddit backpedals? One day isn't going to change anything.


**OK it's 12-14, but I stand by my basic question/point.

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Is it weird if I BBQ alone at a park in the middle of the night?


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Why did humans evolve to have seperate blood types + do other animals have different blood types within their species too?


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Why men love boobs so much?


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How can I politely inform a 15-year-old girl that while I appreciate her interest, I am considerably older by a decade, making it clear that a romantic relationship between us is simply not possible?


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Unanswered What should I say when approached by homeless individuals?


Reflecting on a recent encounter with homeless individuals asking for money. It's a complex situation that tugs at my heartstrings. While I empathise with their struggles, I grapple with the dilemma of providing financial support.

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How many times should you forgive a person who cheats on you?


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If you find yourself falling out of an airplane while flying without a parachute, what is the best strategy to maximize the chance of survival?


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Unanswered Why are female homosexuals referred to as lesbians, instead of simply gay like males?


I understand that it's in reference to Sappho of Lesbos. But why, in modern times refer to them as lesbians still?

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Is rude to ask my girlfriend to go to the gym with me? We are both Chubby, I find her really gorgeous but at the gym alone I get very bored and would love her company, but I'm afraid she might misunderstand my intentions


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Are you supposed to tell the truth to your attorney?


I feel like this is a really stupid question! If you are being prosecuted with criminal charges, are you supposed to be honest with your defense attorney? Let’s assume you are guilty. Are you supposed to tell the attorney, so they can defend you to the best of their ability? Or do you lie to the attorney, consistent with (probably) whatever stupid story you tried to sell the police?

Not at all relevant in my life; just something I’ve always wondered. (I’m in the US.)

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Can I legally have my body left to decompose in a forest when I die?


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If working out makes our brain “feels good”, why is it so hard to convince it to do it?


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Why are boomers so hated?


What makes them such a hated generation especially by teenagers? The whole "ok boomer" trend was popular and I wonder how it started.

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What would happen if everyone went dark during the protest for third-party apps?


I know that a lot of subreddits will go dark for 48 hrs in protest of the 3rd party apps being screwed over the new api. But would it make a difference if we, as Reddit users choose not to use Reddit at all during this time?

A world-wide user preference to not use Reddit. Would we be helping?

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Why can't astronauts move through the air in 0 gravity by pushing the air back like swimming?


f you do a swimming motion in 0 gravity in an environment with air, why doesn't it move you? aren't you displacing the air particles which should move your forwards likein a pool with water?

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Am I doing martial arts with the wrong motives if I do them just to do cool movements?


I'm doing karate. Honestly it's just because it looks cool to me. It feels cool to wear a gi.

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Do you think if you looked different you would have a different personality?


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Why won't people admit they are vain as easily as admitting they are lazy/horny/greedy?


Maybe I'm just being too cynical or maybe I just don't see it enough or maybe it's actually self-confidence & not vanity.

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Are immigrants treated differently in the US based on where they're from?


We're not talking about illegal immigrants, is someone who came from Europe for example treated differently than someone from Mexico/South America?

Just curious

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If Trump is put in prison and wins in 2024, can he just pardon himself when he's inaugurated?


Would that be the most likely outcome if he's put in prison and then wins the next election while he's in prison? Would he be inaugurated in prison and then immediately pardon himself and be released? (I'm from Northern Ireland, so I apologise to any Americans, no matter your political persuasion, to whom this is probably very obvious, and has probably already been discussed ad nauseam 😅)

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Are cops allowed to just drive 75 mph in a 50 mph zone with no flashing lights or anything?


Every single morning... I usually try to stay around the speed limit and every morning I'm passed by cop or two who seems to be going awful fast, and sometimes they'll like aggressively pull right up behind me in the right lane and like.. pass me really aggressively and will pull back in front of me but like really close. I posted dash cam footage on our town page and people like screamed at me so I took it down.

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Unanswered Stole a cheap item by accident at Target


I live in a city 8.5 miles away from this Target location. I don’t have a car, so I biked like 45 minutes with luggage meeting with someone. After that, I was tired as hell, bought some junk food, drinks, etc. Was just real tired and dreading the bike ride back at like 9PM in the dark, and didn’t realize I forgot to scan something while sitting in the parking lot eating my shit. Was like “its dirt cheap Target won’t care” and went back home on my 1 hour bike commute to sleep. On retrospect I shouldve paid for it but I wasnt thinking straight because I was tired

Item was like $10. I never shop at Target ever but I’m aware of their loss prevention. Feel sick to my stomach and I’m an anxiety ridden, broke, college student afraid of theft charges, but at the same time I really don’t want to go back to the Target and waste 2 hours going back and forth to pay for a $10 thing and announce to them I stole

Don’t know what to do, up at 2 AM night before an exam because of this lmaooo. I think this is the first time in my life I’ve stolen something ever and I feel horrible. Like my brain is imagining how much a theft charge would fuck my life over

Need some reassurance they wont care or someone to tell me to do the due diligence and spend 2 hours biking back there

What should I do…