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Feedback New Lethal Equipment - "Throwing Star"

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Feedback Can we remove player collision on Shipment please


Like seriously it's so fucking annoying to play Shipment only to spawn inside a container and get blocked by some dickhead camping at the entrance or to be running around and get stuck on another player and either get knocked off course or stop because it

All small maps at the very least should have it turned off to help with frustration while playing the game

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Feedback Why put Rocket Launchers in the game if they're going to be this ineffective against killstreaks?

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(Peashooter Anti-Aircrafts)

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Feedback make all playlists permanent for paying customers!!!


Just one gamer dads opinion here,

when I pay $100 for a goddam video game, I should NOT have to wait for my favorite game modes to come back off and on. I love Plunder and get so pissed when we have to wait for it to come back on a bullshit playlist. Also, there should be Plunder solo, duos, trios and quads from day 1. Make the people playing the free version that don't buy the game wait for random playlists, not us.


that's my take on this playlist garbage.

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Feedback I'm a man with a dream (i wish you could have the option to keep the front sight post with optics on ARs)

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Feedback Can we have the fire rate actually show the gun’s rounds per minute? A grey bar means fuck all

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Feedback These dont even sound like the classic guns

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The only one that just barely sounds “classic” is the mp5.

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Feedback Firing range is awful


Why the fuck does the firing range suck so much. I can even get over the fact that the gun smoke is just insane, but we don’t get targets to test bullet sprays? i’m out here using the door so i can figure out these patterns, then I gotta reset every two sprays because the doors full. The mannequins absolutely fucking suck, they take took long to reset and the movement takes like 4 attempts to proc. Please Infinity Ward, I know you guys don’t listen to anything the players say, but please fix the range if you’re not gonna fix anything else, it would be easy

r/ModernWarfareII 25d ago

Feedback Kastov 762 is now worthless thanks to Pointless damage nerfs


I mean the previous nerfs were pretty sad but wasn't too bad... but now the weapon is worse version of 74u and would honestly use KASTOV 74U (has same damage but +50 rpm and faster overall handling better recoil and 45 round magazine) thanks to this joke of a patch.

consistent 3 shot damage out put for 28 meters (in exchange for slow fire rate and aim down sight speed with bit of recoil) was the whole point of this weapon and honestly that is the only thing it has over other boring ass 5.56 mm brainless laser pointers and it's 5.45 mm Brothers and not like kastov 762 was breaking the game to the point of making it unplayable like mw1 AS VAL or something. it was fun weapon to run around but no you incompetent w4nkers at balacing department who only look at KASTOV 762 IS SO OP youtube click baits had to nerf it. Thanks for nothing go suck a 7.62x39

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Feedback PLEASE, Stop giving us longshot and kills from behind challenges


I like challenges, but these are the two worst and most annoying

Longshots are destroy multiplayer because everybody camping and you can't move

And peoples equip riotshield so kills from behind even more annoying

r/ModernWarfareII May 04 '23

Feedback Dear, whoever is in charge.... Why is this not a thing yet? Is it because you're afraid you'll slaughter it, like you did to Erin Jager?

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Seriously, give us a REASONABLY PRICED bundle with John Wick, a John Wick style execution, and a corresponding assault rifle, shotgun, and pistol combo. Leave out all that sticker and charm garbage and give us what we want. As long as you don't make him look like a fat lard, like you did with the Attack on Titan bundle, I promise this one will sell.

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Feedback Season 3 brought more problems than ever, yet no one at Infinity Ward is addressing it.


Pretty much what the title says. I’ve had so much fun with the game because the gunplay and movement is honestly excellent.

The issues lie with the fact that the servers are constantly crashing, the game is constantly crashing, the de-sync is constantly an issue, and hit reg is getting worse. Why can’t we just have some answers? I didn’t care for Cold War nor Vanguard but it seems those devs listened and took feedback; so why has Infinity Ward done nothing to address the issues for almost a year? Every update they fix a few problems but then break 20 other things that weren’t broken before.

I typically wouldn’t post about issues if the game got better over time instead of worse; especially since this is a premium title with a battlepass and rather egregious microtransactions (seriously, taking prestige calling cards and making a still of them a loading screen, really? For $20?).

The fact that they’re treating this like CoD Mobile but without the constant content drops feels insulting and its making it hard to come back after so many hours in this game. I can say I got my moneys worth from it, but it sucks to see a franchise thats honestly such stupid fun with a group of friends die because of greed and a studio who doesn’t want to communicate and listen to the people who’ve been supporting the titles since 2003 or later.

r/ModernWarfareII May 05 '23

Feedback Why are skins so expensive


I would totally buy a skin if it was < 4$, but around 20$ is way to much, I feel activision greed is making them lose money.

A gun vault/variant would be purchase by me if it was 4$

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Feedback We were on such a big lead when a player was kicked due to inactivity. It doesn't make any sense to cancel the match due to uneven teams when the match was half done.

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r/ModernWarfareII Apr 22 '23

Feedback This double battle pass rate needs to be the standard battle pass rate. If I buy the BP I should have a chance of completing it without needing to spend all my free time in the game. That’s why I’m not buying the BP until and if I get all the tokens necessary.

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r/ModernWarfareII Apr 20 '23

Feedback Fix Your Report System. We Shouldn't Be Guilty Until Proven Innocent.


EDIT: I'm going to mention this edit here instead of at the bottom as it seems the feedback flag has been changed to "Discussion". So I shall provide feedback and suggestions at the top, original post below will be left alone.

Currently the report system is being used as a sword instead of a shield, allowing upset players to mass report others, causing them to get muted or shadowbanned unjustly. Perhaps some of the following could be applied to the overall report system to get it more in-line with what it was meant for.

  • Make it so players cannot be reported for offensive voice or text chat if they have not used the related comms in the match you are trying to report them in.
  • Introduce a punishment for players that abuse the report system.
  • Do NOT force players who are under account review to only match with others in review, unless provided some decent form of compensation for their game time lost.
  • Reduce harshness of automated punishments until a review is properly conducted.

Original post below

For those unaware, it is possible for other players to mass report you even if you haven't done a single thing. Even if you never use voice chat or text chat, if you annoy the wrong group of people they can get you temporarily muted from mass reporting.

Even worse, if you are mass reported for cheating, you get shadowbanned. This shadowban is your account being under review and can be seen on Activision's ban appeal webpage. Technically, you can still play the game, but good luck actually finding a match.

So, Activision and IW, fix how you receive and handle reports. It's supposed to be a report system, not a democracy. Enough "votes" shouldn't impact players. Mute and ban players when it is proven they have done something wrong.

P.S. Players in Hardcore playlists, y'all are reporting goblins. "I can't see killcam, so if someone is doing well I'm just going to report for cheats." You are also part of the problem.

r/ModernWarfareII May 04 '23

Feedback Where is the Nebula barrel?

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r/ModernWarfareII 25d ago

Feedback Australian invasion servers have been stuck on Sa'id for a month. Infinity Ward still hasn't acknowledged there's an issue.

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r/ModernWarfareII 7d ago I'll Drink to That

Feedback Why is there such a lack of PvE modes? They would be easy to add.


IW spent all this time advertising the enhanced AI, but all we have is a few Spec Ops missions and raids. While they aren’t terrible, they’re very limited in that they’re basically the same experience every time.

Why don’t we have a survival mode with the DMZ AI? It would mix perfectly with the class system in spec ops. Why don’t we have a PvE DMZ mode with separate progression? Neither of those would be very hard to make. The maps are done. The AI are done. The multiplayer maps have AI pathfinding because you can play them with bots in private match.

Hell, give us multiplayer VS bots with camo progression and challenges disabled. I’d gladly play it just to play the game and grind the battlepass. Or at least battle pass progression in private match. That would be little more than a playlist update.

Most of my problems with this game come from other players. Mostly from the matchmaking system. And the fact that PvP is the focus for every mode and facet of the game except a measly Spec Ops offering is honestly just sad.

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Feedback Ranked is bugged cant move my aim and cant select class

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and its 3 fps. LOST 60 SR AMAZING !

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Feedback The Kill Indicator Change is Terrible and Detrimental to Gameplay Legibility

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Feedback I think the server room in Building 21 would make a cool multiplayer map.

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Feedback What genius dev decided to bind TWO OPTIONS TO THE SAME BUTTON

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I literally can't mute people unless I mute the entire lobby now. It says press x to mute but it also ON THE SAME SCREEN says press x to open the lobby chat menu. It doesn't mute them when I press x it's literally impossible now it just opens the voice chat menu EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

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Feedback Bring back regular Gunfight and 10v10


Noone wants these other modes. And I bet the majority people prefer the pace of 10v10 compared to dry 6v6.

I was in to this game again when they were in rotation. I've stopped playing again now

r/ModernWarfareII May 03 '23

Feedback They should add bullseye targets to the shooting range. So we can properly see recoil patterns

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