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r/ModerationMediation 4h ago

Advice Banned for alleged incivility.


I am seeking to be unbanned, and unmuted from the sub Childfree.

What Happened: The thread was about “Cedars-Sinai offering permanent contraception to Adults who choose not to have children”.

Link to original comment -


A member, not the OP made a statement that “It's good that this says "people with uteruses" !”

Since my reply isn’t shown in the link I have included it below.

My reply was a question asking “How is that good, and why only women?”

I was given a permanent ban with no warning or explanation. I did see a post that came afterwards for breaking rule 4 on Civility though not a breakdown on specifically what the issue was.

When I questioned the ban via mod mail. The mod in question seemed quite angry about it and in their words “my MENS RIGHTS shit” and "cis men do not get pregnant" This language appears to me to break their own rule 4 on civility and rule 12 on Misandry as I didn't bring up the issue of straight/trans, they did and was muted.

Mod mail conversation -1: https://imgur.com/rERcG30 -2: https://imgur.com/a/RzCeUfb

The article in question didn’t address the issue of male sterilization but "Adults" and since this is a childfree sub with a healthy mix of men/women vs TwoX or a LGBT sub the question seemed legitimate. Questioning another poster about their comment seemed on topic to me.

I do think in-retrospect the comment could've been worded differently but a removal and warning would've been warranted first.

Hopefully I have this formatted correctly. Thanks

r/ModerationMediation 5d ago

Advice 28 day mute for double checking on the rules before posting.


I am seeking: The path forward (if any) to promoting my YouTube series for writers on r/Screenwriting. "There is none" is totally acceptable. But it would be nice to be unmuted, and clear up the misunderstanding. Which is all I think this is. Undoubtably partly my fault.

What happened: Still pretty green so some of this is on me. Trying to get some eyes on my YouTube series about how actors perform a script. Made for writers. Insight into the process of dealing with text. The series does include an open submission process. I asked via modmail if I could post asking for submissions. I see in the rules self promotion needs approval. The mod says this is cattle calling. Yep. My bad. I was in my perspective, not theirs. I saw it as a no-cost resource (a free actor performance), but it is asking for material.

I sent a reply taking their perspective, to show I get it, and to clear up my intention. I ask if there's a way to do this that doesn't run afoul of the rules intent. And, if not, can I promote the channel without the call for submissions. I say it's totally understandable to still say no. No response, but I get that it's volunteer work, and try to be patient. After 5 days, I think maybe this got lost in the shuffle.

So I send another message on modmail. Again, might be my bad, and should have waited longer. This time I give the pitch without a call for submission.

I get a reply claiming I'd made an another account. I hadn't. I was told I was calling for submissions. I wasn't. Then I got what seemed to me a weirdly aggressive paragraph where I was told what I was doing had no value, and given a chiding about the hyperbolic use of the word "tragic". Enforced with a 28 day mute. No lie, I was a bit butthurt. But giving them the benefit of the doubt: if they thought I'd created a new account that is a red flag I'm not being above board.

I did describe what I was doing that includes the phrasing "I'm trying to give writers a chance to hear their work". Which, trying to steal man here, could be interpreted as a call for submissions. But I think only if you'd seen my first message. I would've been more than willing (and say so) to cut the language had I been given the opportunity to do so. I feel like I was being transparent, but I must've missed something.

Mod Mail Messages

r/ModerationMediation 8d ago

Advice Banned for doxxing, when I didn't doxx anyone.


I am seeking: To be unbanned from /publicfreakout

What happened: a viral video was being discussed here: https://np.reddit.com/r/PublicFreakout/comments/10b5xec/white_student_of_university_of_south_carolina

In the video, the girl states that she went to USC. This is a lie though. The girl was identified on Twitter, and her real school was identified. I posted that the girl was lying, that she didn't go to USC, but instead went to a technical college in her state. I did not name the girl or her school/college, only that she was lying about where she went, and that she actually went to a technical college and not USC as she claimed. That narrows the selection down to over 16 schools/colleges all over the state and almost 100k students. My post is here: https://np.reddit.com/r/PublicFreakout/comments/10b5xec/white_student_of_university_of_south_carolina/j48g3x0/

Limiting a selection to almost 100k geographically located anywhere in South Carolina should not be considered doxxing, when much more specific bits of information that could be used to doxx someone are posted as a manner of course to reddit in general and that subreddit in particular - in fact, the name of the post references the specific school that she was beloved to have gone to which is way more specific than what I posted. If my post counts as doxxing, then so does every comment where someone states that they recognize a specific location, store, street, or corner, in any video or photo that someone posts.

r/ModerationMediation 11d ago

Permabanned with no explanation, no response to modmail, muted after a month


I am seeking: To be unbanned from r/Gamingcirclejerk, to better understand the reasoning behind my ban.

What happened: For a bit of background, I'm a long-time lurker on r/Gamingcirclejerk, really like the sub and the community. I posted there briefly around Elden Ring's release without any issues, then stopped posting for quite some time.

About 2 months ago, I decided to engage with the sub a bit more. I posted a thread and about 9-10 comments in other threads, all of them mostly circlejerky or just positive discussion. About the only comment that I could think of that could possibly be interpreted as rule-breaking is a tiny rant on Jim Sterling and misery porn content, here is the np link to it as requested.

To the best of my knowledge none of my comments were removed or even particularly downvoted. Most of them are upvoted and the comment above is sitting at only one downvote. After around a week or so of nothing happening, I suddenly receive a Reddit message stating I was permanently banned.

As can be seen in the screenshot, I responded to it politely, inquiring about the reason behind the ban, waited around 3 or 4 days, sent another message and, seeing no response, shelved the issue for a month out of courtesy, because I know the moderators were dealing with a huge wave of trolls thanks to the HP game controversy. I sent another inquiry yesterday, basically just asking the moderation team to look at the messages, which earned me 28 days of mute.

r/ModerationMediation 20d ago

Unexplained Ban and then muted without an explanation on the ban


What I’m looking for: An explanation why I was banned so I can avoid the behavior in the future and some way to appeal the ban.

What happened: I was in the middle of a discussion on r/news following the recent shooting by the elementary school student who shot the teacher. Obviously the Second Amendment is a contentious issue and instead of making jokes I had actually started having a rather civil discussion with someone about differing viewpoints but also potential solutions. I can provide proof of this in the third screenshot where the person I was talking to even edited their comment to say how this was a reasonable discussion and I replied that I appreciated the edit. Shortly thereafter I received a permanent ban from r/news and when asking for an explanation I received no response. I also, maybe mistakenly, sent a separate message instead of the reply to the ban message. I was then told to stop spamming and muted still with not explanation on the ban.

For a subreddit with 25m people this is rather unprofessional to not even offer an explanation, especially when I usually try my best to be civil even with different views.

Mod messages here

Full context of the conversation is here since all my comments were deleted during the ban. (Also in the first comment I forgot the word “parent” it was edited but unddit doesn’t seem to have picked it up.)

r/ModerationMediation 20d ago

Advice Banned for commenting on a meta post in a sub - I was banned but my “offense” was never listed in the sun rules



I am seeking: To file an appeal for r/depression and r/suicidewatch so that I can get a clear and concise response to my appeal regardless if it’s a “yes” or “no” (hopefully yes). I’ve gotten no responses to any of my mod mails at ALL.

What happened: someone on r/depression made a meta post about how folk who have depression and mental illnesses could be have their mental health negatively impacted if they’re shadowbanned without reason. I commented on said post and agreed specifying IF and ONLY IF that was happening that it was “sick” and that the mods should do something about it IF it was happening. I read the sub rules again to double check I wasn’t breaking any rules and I didn’t. Some time later the post got removed and I got a message stating I was permanently banned from both r/depression and r/suicidewatch. It was never my intention to be hostile with any mods or users so I was confused at this. I tried reaching out to the mods explaining I didn’t realize saying depressed folk shouldn’t be shadowbanned was against the rules as this wasn’t listed on the subreddit. No response even after a couple follow up messages. Some of the contents of my messages were regrettable in hindsight bc it was a lot of me saying that I was terrible, I should kill myself, etc. I’ve linked to screenshots on Imgur below for context of the conversation.

https://imgur.com/a/2Qej7Cf PMs with mod

https://imgur.com/a/r63FoNP my comment that got me banned where I said folk with depression shouldn’t be shadowbanned that it isn’t fair to them and that I hope they get the help they deserve.

r/ModerationMediation 23d ago

Advice Permabanned without explanation.


I am seeking: To be unbanned from r/Gamingcirclejerk. I also would like to understand why I got banned since I didnt get an explanation.

What happened: I saw this post in another sub and I started to read what happened, then I jokingly wrote a comment saying on the original post in r/Gamingcirclejerk "I'm here before this sub is locked.", the evidence is here also here because unddit show's it's deleted before archival.

Then a few hours later I got a message saying I was permabanned from the sub without an explanation, I procceded to answer to them saying " Really Perma banned because of the comment " I'm here before this sub gets locked". How childish and power hungry. "

After that I got another message saying I was muted from comunnication for 28 days, here is the evidence.

And that's all of it, thanks in advance.

r/ModerationMediation 27d ago

Advice Banned for breaking a rule


Happy New Year!

I am seeking: To be unbanned

What happened: I was banned a couple days ago from r/WritingPrompts for breaking their rule against no ai generated content. I'm guilty of this; I simply did not know this was a rule. I have sent a message to the moderators expressing my regret and fully accepting that this is of my own doing by not carefully reading the rules. Not sure if it matters since I admit my guilt, here is the post of the ai-generated content I submitted.

I have since read the rules for the subreddit and I noticed that while they do say no ai generated content, it only mens banning for plagiarism. I'm not sure if that technicality will help my case as I also admit that I simply had overlooked this part of the rule.

r/ModerationMediation 28d ago

Advice Banned from a sub after posting about Hogwarts Legacy and unsure why.


I am seeking: Just to understand why I was banned.

What happened: I posted in this thread about J.K. Rowling and the upcoming Hogwarts Legacy game after it hit r/all. The topic and content is fairly divisive and I hope that will not color people’s opinions on this case. From what I understand, on that subreddit /uj denotes serious intent. I went into that thread and participated seriously and honestly. I am in fact in support of boycotting the game due to Rowling being a terf. Rowling’s even posted something like this on Twitter just a few days ago. Most of the thread has since been nuked so I’m not sure if I can post my comments here anymore.

After my participation in the thread, I came back to find that I had been permanently banned from the sub and was muted for three days. I PM’ed the mod who had made the thread asking about my ban, which I now know to be a mistake, and was blocked by them. I then waited out the three days of mute and sent a modmail asking for some kind of explanation behind the banned. I received no reply and was immediately muted again, this time for 28 days. I’m more confused than anything to be honest. Was the thread actually a troll thread falsely presented as a serious one? Was I banned mistakenly? Did I actually say something against their rules? I have no idea, and am just curious as to what happened.

Ban message and thread

Initial mute message

Private message I sent to the mod

Posts I made in the thread via my profile.

Additional Posts

r/ModerationMediation Dec 23 '22

Meta Happy Holidays!


Sincerely hope everyone has a happy holiday season (or few days if you don't celebrate this time of year).

Don't expect us to do anything significant between now and sometimes the US Morning of the 27th. :)

r/ModerationMediation Dec 13 '22

Advice Muted by mod after I appealed a warning. Later temporarily banned without explanation.


I am seeking: To be unbanned by r/gameverifying. I also would like an explanation as to why I was banned.

I’m really frustrated by how this has been handled and would like some transparency from the moderators.

What happened: I have been subscribed to r/gameverifying since it was started as a spinoff from r/gamecollecting in 2019. The primary purpose of the sub is to provide verification on the authenticity of retro games. Yesterday, I posted a comment noting my thoughts on the authenticity of a Japanese copy of Pokemon Emerald. My comment was flagged by their auto-mod for containing misinformation and upheld by a moderator this morning.

NP link to deleted comment: https://np.reddit.com/r/gameverifying/comments/zk9dtw/_/izyv8m6/?context=1

Imgur screenshot of the comment: https://imgur.com/a/l243tPx

Warnings are permanently tracked and indicated on your flair. Two warnings is a temp ban and three is a perma-ban.

I appealed my warning via modmail with a well-thought out reasoning as to why my warning should be removed and why I didn’t believe it should be categorized as misinformation. The mod responding was pretty condescending to me - saying that I obviously hadn’t been in the sub for long since I didn’t know that number imprints weren’t an accurate method for verification. I responded that I had been a member since 2019 and that I was aware of the potential for fake imprints, but that I had not seen a counterfeit imprint that matched the quality of an original. Not to mention the fact that I use PCB verifications as my primary means of verification anyways and that was noted in my initial comment.

My appeal Part 1: https://imgur.com/Jm8E7vc Part 2: https://imgur.com/ueqAI6W

I was truly being genuine when I requested that they send me an example because I had seen only one that was somewhat close (a fake Metroid that was still sloppy compared to an authentic imprint) and another that wasn’t close at all (bootleg Pokemon game that one of the mods imprinted).

I was muted without further explanation.

I made one additional comment on another post of the subreddit later on in the day (literally just saying whether an SP and game was authentic or not) and was banned 30 minutes later. My new comment was not deleted or flaired as misleading and I can’t even request why I was banned since I’m still muted.

My additional comment after being muted: https://np.reddit.com/r/gameverifying/comments/zl1655/_/j036djc/?context=1

Notification of temporary ban: https://imgur.com/ykLG1zo

r/ModerationMediation Dec 12 '22

Advice Banned for unknow reason, I can't find the comment that they says is responsible for my ban


Ps : The moderation of r/ModerationMediation told me to put the entire conversation if I don't know the original comment for my ban.

I am seeking: To be unban and be able to crosspost. I want to know why I can't crosspost r/quebec2 in r/quebec when other quebec subreddits can freely. I am not advertizing.

What happened: They told me it was because another account was similar than mine. Also a mod told me I'm problematic but never told me the reason of it. So I don't know what hurt them.

I did not do anything wrong, I think they are banning me for being one of the mods of r/quebec2 but I'm not sure since they don't says anything about it.

Modmail screenshots (in french):


r/ModerationMediation Nov 28 '22

Advice Banned for not giving enough details in a question, then reported for harrassment


I am seeking:

- To understand: why I was banned? was what I did really harassment? in a nutshell, what did I do wrong?

- To know if there's something I can do to defend myself for the harassment report

What happened:

I posted a message in r/bricolage to ask a question about a start capacitor I had just installed in my cloth dryer. This is a French DIY subreddit dedicated to help people trying to tinker, repair, etc. This was my first time on this subreddit and I explained so in my post, also apologizing in advance if was not at the right place for my question.

I got directly banned for violating the 1st rule of the subreddit.

When I answered that I thought that I had followed the rule, the mod told me it was because I "did not give enough details" in my request, specifically, I did not mention the constructor of the dryer, which I did not deem relevant to the question.

I replied to tell him just that, telling him to re-read the message. I also asked if I had not used the correct flair. And I finished by saying I found the perma ban completely disproportionate compared to the "offense".

To that, he replied: "It is true that I did not read all your poopposting, I had my index finger itching above the BAN button." (translated from french)

That made me snap but I still answered politely that he seemed to be the kind of person to feel all powerfull and abuse power when given a little and that I had forgotten that people immature like that existed too. I ended by saying I was going to look somewhere else since he was not willing to help.

Initial post (NP)

Modmail1 modmail2 (the last message of 1st capture and first message of 2nd capture are the same in order to prove there are no other omitted messages in-between).

I'm pasting at the bottom of the mail the whole conversation for those who'd like to google translate it.

Afterwards, I filed a subreddit appeal ban to r/reddit.com, without much hope though, and I got the expected answer that they couldn't interfere and I had to appeal to the mod of subreddit.

Later in the day I got a notification telling me I had been reported by that mod for harassment. I don't know if it's linked to my appeal or my last message though (probably the latter, or both?)

Warning for Harrassment

Now I know that my last message to him was maybe too much, though I stayed polite all along, but what do you answer to a message like the one I quoted?

So now here I am, quite upset and not knowing what to do.

Thanks in advance for the help or advice you can give


Submission rule 1:

Les demandes d'aide doivent être postées en tant que self(text) en y joignant l'URL de la photo. Expliquer la difficulté rencontrée avec précision. L'option "rajouter une légende à la photo" est activée dans le sub.

Me, answering to the ban notice:

je ne comprends pas la raison de ce ban. En quoi mon message viole-t-il la règle n°1 ? Mon texte est écrit (je suppose que c'est ce que veut dire "self(text)"), poli et pose une vraie question qui ne nécessite pas de photo.
J'aimerais bien une explication pour mieux comprendre ce qu'il se passe.

Mod answer:

La R1 "Expliquer la difficulté rencontrée avec précision." demande à l'auteur de fournir le maximum d'informations possible, vous n'avez même pas indiqué la marque de l'appareil.
Bonne journée.


Je n'ai pas indiqué de marque de l'appareil parce que ça n'apporte rien comme information pour répondre à la question. Qui n'est d'ailleurs pas un problème mais bien une question, sur un composant de remplacement, donc pas d'origine, si vous prenez la peine de lire mon message correctement.
Peut être que je n'ai pas utilisé le bon tag, j'aurais peut-être pu utiliser "électrique" ou "aidez-moi", mais j'ai bien précisé que je n'étais pas certain de moi. Même sans ça, un ban permanent pour ça c'est carrément disproportionné.


C'est bien vrai que je n'ai pas lu de tout votre cacapostage, j'avais l'index qui me démangeait au-dessus du bouton BAN.


Je vois, vous êtes le genre de personne à se sentir tout puissant parce que vous avez des connaissances que d'autres n'ont pas et avez un peu de pouvoir sur les autres. Je pensais qu'en général les utilisateurs sur Reddit étaient plutôt indulgents mais j'oubliais qu'il y a toujours des personnes immatures comme vous.
J'irai chercher de l'aide ailleurs vu que vous n'êtes pas enclin à aider.

r/ModerationMediation Nov 22 '22

Meta US Thanksgiving this week!


Most of the mods are US, so expect us to be very very slow . . .

r/ModerationMediation Nov 17 '22

Advice Banned for having an unpopular point of view


I am seeking:

A pathway to becoming unbanned. I, of course, do want to understand why I was banned so I don't do it again.

What happened:

There was a post in r/news last week about Biden administration closing down applications for the student debt relief program. A few people disagreed with the administration's decision to stop accepting applications and my position was that they legally couldn't because the program was ruled unlawful and until the decision was overturned the program was dead.

From there the discussion devolved into me being called a shill, a Trump lover, accusing me of being happy of the ruling (my wife and I have over $50k in student debt), people running through my comment history, personal attacks, all sorts of weird stuff that I wasn't particularly interested in engaging with. It's reddit, I have thick skin. I was really just in the here-and-now with the whole thing, with what happened to Roe v Wade it's like nothing surprises me anymore and nothing is ever guaranteed. I just want to get through my day and prepare for tomorrow as best I can.

I even had to de-escalate with one guy telling him something like "hey, we're just talking with each other like we're friends" and it was like he snapped out of a trance realizing that there wasn't actually a heated debate being had, it was so bizarre.

Next thing I know I'm permabanned from r/news and the entire discussion is deleted. No explanation given.

This is by far the most unusual experience I've had in my 12 years on Reddit. I got downvoted to absolute Hell in the thread which is fine, stuff like that doesn't really bother me at all. I have no doubt that I got mass reported, as well.

Sure, I can have a snarky sense of humor, but I wasn't doing that in that thread. I find personal insults extremely unproductive so I avoid things like that as best I can. I am of the belief that even people with polar opposite views have more in common than they do in difference so personal attacks are the antithesis of that point of view. As far as I can tell I was banned for being downvoted and reported too much and the mods just didn't want to deal with it anymore -- which is fine, cool, I'm not trying to cause any problems, but wouldn't a temp mute solve that? I'm so confused.

r/ModerationMediation Nov 15 '22

Advice Shadow banned for low quality posting


What I am seeking:

  • To be un-shadow banned
  • To understand if I'm actually doing something wrong in order to be able to post again without getting banned again.
    If any action is needed from my part I would thank specific instructions.

If need any other info, let me know.

What happened:

My version of the story: At first they just removed some posts and I just thought "I suppose I missed something", but as they kept removing posts I asked the mods what's happening, the only thing I got was a guy laughing of me and mocking some comments he disliked, not giving an actual reason, I let him be.
As it continued I made "slight" comments to let the mod know I'm aware he's targeting me personally, it got me banned for a week.
Then after making a normal post (and getting deleted) he gave the reason of the post not having "enough effort", which makes no sense since there are shitpost that isn't getting removed (I consider my post average quality), they said they don't compare, so I asked again a little more agressively (not attacking) how am I supposed to know what is enough quality for him, that got me muted for a month and shadow - banned from there to this day.
After the month passed I asked him to know why a post got removed (one from the shadowban), after two days there's no response, and I know for sure he wont answer anytime soon, if ever.

Modmail: From things I know I did wrong to things I think I didn't, just in case I miss something and to avoid giving a wrong perception (like selected ignored comments)
Full Modmail (Imgur)

Posts of interest: Content is a imgur video of the images/videos inside
compilation_of_my_6_favorite_odyssey_bugs | | | Content
Comment deleted (promoting cheating) "Solo" is the offline mode of the game.
remember_to_do_exercise_before_leaving_the_station | | | Content
dart_activates_targoid_site_and_now_theres_a | | | Content (image)

Example of usual shitpost on the sub (Torgoid) not mine

Example of a post that doesn't even have anything sub-related (just the word limpet, game object) also not mine

Post that got un-deleted after 2 weeks

Shadowban section:
why_does_my_srv_always_explode_when_i_launch_it second attempt

Content (all 4 posts)

r/ModerationMediation Nov 14 '22

Unbanned Banned for insulting a commenter's understanding of a word, followed the sub's appeal process with an apology and explanation of why I understand better now, moderator not lifting ban until I agree with their philosophical belief


I am seeking: To be unbanned from the subreddit.

What happened: I was the OP on a post about my Catholic deconstruction journey and frustrations it has been causing me. I posted this to a sub where many people would relate to that journey. A commenter (who also happens to be a moderator of that sub) asked me whether I understand that any belief not based on evidence is unethical. (Link). We then debated back and forth about that statement. I will admit I got heated, but I was only trying to attack their argument and not them as a person. The commenter later accused me of solipsism, but did not say which part of my comment was solipsism. I did not see where I committed the fallacy and responded by saying that I don't think they know what that word means. A couple minutes later, I was permanently banned from the sub with my last comment being linked in the ban message.

(Links with modmail screenshots provided at the end.)

In the modmail, no explanation other than the link to that last comment was provided, even though I asked for more. I followed the appeals process according to the rules of the sub. I thought about my comment, now understood where I committed solipsism, and therefore should not have insulted the commenter by saying they don't know what the word means (FWIW, and I stated this in the appeal, I wasn't knowingly committing solipsism). After sending this apology, the moderator asked me whether I understand that all beliefs without evidence are unethical. When I asked why that question is relevant to the ban (since it's not against a sub rule to not share the same belief as the moderators), I was then told I needed to read 2 philosophical works linked to me to understand why "lying is bad." At this point, I stopped responding since I believe the question is flawed. Of course I believe lying is bad (and I don’t appreciate the tone the mod used there, especially given how I was banned for being insulting). Where I disagree with the moderator is whether or not *ALL* beliefs without evidence are unethical. First I believe that statement is too general and absolute to say that about literally *all* beliefs (which includes beliefs unrelated to religion). Second, as I explained in my comments on the thread, I believe it is how one uses a specific belief to justify subsequent actions that an be unethical. The belief itself is not inherently unethical. While the moderator and I may disagree on this, it is not against any sub rule to have my belief. And I'm afraid that saying this in the modmail will only cause my appeal to be denied.

I have already understood and apologized for my last comment being insulting, which is what resulted in the ban. I do not think it is appropriate to require me to agree with the moderator's beliefs in order to have the ban lifted. In fact, many theists participate and debate on this subreddit every day and that is perfectly allowed in the sub. I do understand that a majority of the sub may share that belief, and thus I will not post about it or try to defend my belief since that would be trolling or proselytizing. I am also happy to delete my previous comments that would be trolling and/or proselytizing (it was not my intention to do that; I was ignorant at the time). I will say all of that in my reply to the mod, but it sounds like they want me to agree with their belief just out of principle in order to be unbanned.

And while I don't know which moderator I am speaking with in the modmail, they are using the exact same language, word for word, as the moderator I was originally commenting with. If I am speaking with that moderator in modmail, it seems like an inappropriate conflict of interest for that moderator to be in charge of my ban since they were the one originally in the debate with me.

Modmail screenshots:





UPDATE: I was successful in getting my ban overturned! Many thanks to the commenters below who helped me understand why mods go about the appeals process in a certain way. While I still disagree about some philosophical beliefs as the mods of that sub, and I stated this in my rebuttal to them, I understand why they had to ensure I understood the rules of their sub and what content is and isn’t tolerated in it. In discussions in the modmail, the language they used was rather vague and made it confusing about what they wanted from me. But I think they didn’t care that I had their beliefs, just that I understand their beliefs and agree not to spread antagonist beliefs in their sub. That’s totally fair of them. I wish they explained that a little clearer so I wouldn’t have gotten so worked up over a misunderstanding of their intent. But I get why they have to let users think through these things themselves.

r/ModerationMediation Nov 12 '22

Advice Banned for no given reason. Asked why. Nothing. Asked days later. Nothing. Asked weeks later. "Grow up." Muted.


I am seeking: to be unbanned, ideally, but literally any explanation would be an improvement.

What happened: The title is the whole story. Out of the blue, "you've been permanently banned." Zero information provided. Expressed genuine confusion in reply. Offered a few guesses because there's nothing else to go on. Two days, nothing. Asked again. Two weeks, nothing. Asked again, informal but not insulting. Finally got a response: "Grow up." Whole reply, verbatim. Thanks.

Only prior mod-mail interaction with /r/News in the last three years was reporting an exceedingly racist commenter. This was not recent.

The two comments referenced in my first reply:

"American nuclear secrets were betrayed by keeping them in some guy's pool house. Iranian nuclear secrets were betrayed because people wouldn't wear the right hats. This is the dumbest timeline."

"How many Germans voted for Nazis? Do we not get to say X% of that country endorsed a fucking terrible ideology? Calling people assholes for being bigots isn't double-secret-reverse-bigotry. It's judging them on the content of their character."

Apparently both comments have been removed.

The other-subs thing has happened multiple times, in other subreddits. Every other time, the mods acknowledge that yelling at a group, a decade ago, was not "participation" in that group.

Or it could be completely unrelated. I was told nothing but "grow up."

r/ModerationMediation Nov 07 '22

Advice Banned for another subreddit (only follow/engage with rollerblading subreddits)


Ban thread: https://imgur.com/a/ZfTZn8U

I am seeking: To be un-banned from r/rollerblading

What Happened: I received a ban notification unexpectedly with no explanation other than I had participated in a subreddit that encouraged harassment of r/rollerblading mods and brigading against that subreddit. I asked to get additional information and what the issue could be, but got not response. I only follow and participate in rollerblading-related subreddits, so I'm really confused about the situation and the lack of any communication from the mod team in r/rollerblading. The rollerblading community is really small (relatively speaking) and the subreddit is one of the few places to ask and answer questions about gear, techniques, and other things related to the various versions of the sport. I do everything I can to be helpful and support others in addition to asking my own questions, and would never support the harassment of the sub. I don't know what I did to merit a ban, and am really confused. I'd like to keep participating in the sub to both ask and answer questions and share small victories, since it's hard to find people in real life who skate without something like this to make connections.

r/ModerationMediation Oct 26 '22

Advice Banned for being War crime apologist and Doxing


I am Seeking : I want to be unbanned from r/Quebec and be able to participate in regional subreddit where I live. And better understand my Doxing life ban from the subreddit. I kind of understand how me pointing out that the English where brutal after the battle of Quebec and that its a sad reality could of been interpreted by someone as being heartless. But I am definitely not an genocide apologist. I have ancestors that lived through these times also, I understand that it was a shitty period for many of our French Canadien ancestors.

What Happened : In a discussion talking about Red coats burning villages after the fall of Quebec in the battle of Quebec I was pointing out that not all homes where burned and that they mainly targeted soldier's and insurgent homes. I added that is sucked, and that the red coats where brutal in those days, but that they where not lining up French colonists at the time in order to kill them. But Like I said, I could understand how someone could see this as a heartless statement, but I did not apologize or celebrate a genocide, especially not one directed at my ancestors. This gave me a 30 day Ban.

When I attempted to contact the mods about this misunderstanding I was basically told "We are tired of all your crap" and blocked from answering the ban thread. I should specify that I am the french Canadian that is also a proud Quebecer (my home province for the last 20 years) and also a Proud Canadien, and if you are even mildy aware of some Canadian politics, some people that wish for the province of Quebec to separate, are not big fans of proud Canadiens that take the time to try and defend Canadien ideals and articles in this subreddit that is a regional provincial subreddit in its core and not an actual political separatist subreddit. People from all religions, ethnicities and languages live in Quebec, not just French separatists. I feel this is important context in my situation.

Screen shot of my first ban where I asked for an explanation of where I did war crime apologies

Its in French but im basically told that "they've heard enough of me and what I have to says" to witch I asked if the real reason was that and not being a war crime apologist. And they just mute me after that.

I then went to my personal account on Facebook and wrote a "public" post asking if any of my friends knew any mods on r/Quebec because I would of liked to speak to one and better explain and defend the fact that I am not a genocide apologist. Its not a nice thing to be accused of.

Not even 5 minutes after posting this on my personally Facebook account I came back to reddit latter in the day to find that by ban had changed from 30 days to Permanent. And this is the part that really grinds my gears since I get a permanent ban for Doxing by someone who clearly has access to my personal Facebook account. (I have a very public Facebook account)

screen shot of my permanent Ban for Doxing. I did not wish any harm to now one in my Facebook post, just if anyone knew a Mod to help me clear this all up.

I then had a friend who is a long term member of that community contact a mod for me and vouch for me. Explaining to them that I would never Doxx anyone. He was told that the ban would be lifted in 30 days. So I assumed at that point that the Doxing was removed and I didn't want to bother with this situation longer so I would just accept the 30 day ban for War crime apologist, even though I did not agree with it, but clearly I was not going to break through to the mods on this, considering my experiences when attempting to contact them.


One last screen shot, this is me contacting the mods again since I was still banned. To which I was simply told to come here to r/moderationMeditation

So here I am! :)


r/ModerationMediation Oct 20 '22

Advice Banned over defending blockchain tech, instant 28 day mute on both appeals/requests for clarification over 4 months.


I am seeking:

To be unbanned and treated like a human being

What happened:

Banned ~4 months ago for [dug the thread up] talking about technical/social merits of blockchains.

Last thread in /r/anarchism:

Modmail screenshots:

r/ModerationMediation Oct 17 '22

Advice I was banned for supposed racism/Internet trolling


I am seeking: to let the mods know i didn't mean to be racist and hopefully get unbanned

What happened:

On r/xmen i made meme about storm after seein fan-casting of the entire X-Men being black, saying stuff like "The look so much better now" they are fixed now" "the metaphor work much better now" so i made a joke about them making Storm white while they are at it. Some called it racist, so i made a follow up post about how it could be, and the mods permanently ban whit a note

i tried to message them explaning my what was my intension whit that meme

they ignored me so i tried to message them

and they replied whit this

r/ModerationMediation Oct 15 '22

Advice Permanently Banned and Muted for a comment that wasn't even in the sub I was banned from


What I am seeking: An explanation for why I was banned, and to be unbanned from r/TheSimpsons.

What happened: I recieved a message out of the blue that I was permanently banned from posting in r/TheSimpsons. However I was banned for a comment that wasn't made in the Simpsons subreddit but in the r/Passive_Income subreddit. Here is a link to the exchange between the mods and me:


I pointed out that the comment I am allegedly being banned for was not a comment I made in the subreddit, but rather in an entirely different one altogether. There response was to reply "don't be toxic all over reddit" and to mute me for 28 days.

Here is by the way the comment they banned me for: https://np.reddit.com/r/passive_income/comments/y16pn1/comment/isa1qqs/?utm_source=reddit&utm_medium=web2x&context=3

r/ModerationMediation Oct 13 '22

Advice Automod banned for commenting in another subreddit


I am seeking: Some kind of explanation/justification and hopefully unbanned from /r/JusticeServed

What happened:

While commenting on a post in /r/Conservative about Alex Jones finally getting owned for being a terrible person, I received an automod message saying:

You have been banned due to participating in a subreddit that celebrates and/or glorifies biological terrorism.


Which is a little shocking to me. I haven't been paying much attention to subs lately and didn't realize this was a thing in /r/Conservative even though I know they have a pretty bad reputation. If this is the reason for my ban, I'd like to appeal as I'm not a very frequent user of that sub and will happily just not go there.

I'm not sure if the person I was conversing with on the sub is a mod of the one I got banned or if it was just a coincidence because I'd posted a few comments in that thread, since I did also get a false RedditCares suicide hotline report at the same time from what I assume is the same person.

Here's a link to the conversation for context. Let me know if it doesn't work and I can screenshot instead. https://np.reddit.com/r/Conservative/comments/y2dtbz/alex_jones_ordered_to_pay_nearly_1_billion_to/is3cxha/?context=3

Thanks in advance.

r/ModerationMediation Oct 10 '22

Advice I got banned from a subreddit. And I did ban evasion. Is it too late to appeal?


I am seeking:

I am seeking to be unbanned from a subreddit I was banned from.

What happened:

I got banned from /r/nba because I was being a Novelty account. I kept making the same comments over and over again. Some people would say I was a bot. I would say, "I'm not a bot." I don't blame them for banning me because they gave me so many chances. The reason I kept saying I wasn't a bot is because I thought it was funny. I thought it was funny that others thought I was a bot too. I should have stopped acting like a bot. I wish I could take it back. Here is a a picture of my ban:


I tried to tell the moderators that I wouldn't do it again. But they wouldn't believe me. They muted me for 28 days. It's almost been 28 days. I got impatient and panicked. I used multiple accounts to get around the ban. I even pretended to be someone else. They knew it was me. I got suspended for ban evasion for 7 days. Here are some examples of my comments:




Is it too late to appeal?